Oct 31, 2006
Happy Mogloween!
AdVentureQuest is officially 4 years old! *Raises mug of haste* Join us in a cheerful toast to four years of adventure and looking forward to a life-time more. Happening now in AQ is Mogloween! Be sure to go to a few houses for caaaaaandy before the event ends! Over the next year we are going to see a lot of things happen in the two games... player housing, guilds, guild wars, adventuring with your friend's characters, new monsters to battle with never before seen breath taking artwork and animation, new classes and items with incredible special abilities! Do not forget new animated shorts, minigames, and I was not supposed to mention this yet, but we are working currently on some multiplayer functionality. Thank you for being a part of it! *Raises the mug higher then drinks*

Stat Trainer Update: Zhoom fixed it all already - uploaded! We have temporarily removed the Stat Trainer to fix several known issues (that sounds so formal). If you had stat boosting items equipped when using the trainer it mistakenly added those stats causing you end up with negative stat points (not good for players). We are also fixing the bug which causes Mages to do "Melee" damage instead of "Magic". Both of these bugs will be fixed by the end of tomorrow. Also, please note that stats will become more valuable to your character (they will effect more things) as the game grows. We recommend investing in STR (Strength) if you use melee weapons and INT (Intelligence) if you rely on spells and skills.

Use the stat trainer to increase your stats to get bonuses. In the future, new classes will get additional bonuses depending on stats. For now, just have fun with it :-)

STR - Increases Max Melee Damage
- Increases Max Magic Damage, and Mana (MP).
- Increases Max Ranged Damage, and will increase Defense soon.
- Makes you more handsome or... um.. pretty. Also animals will like you more.
- Increases your Max Health (HP)
Helps many things in mysterious ways.

What is Luck?
Oh, luck? Luck is what causes a fly to land on the nose of an evenly matched opponent during a daring move. Luck is what pushes you over the edge when you are just sooooooooo close to doing something but would otherwise fail. Luck is that thing that makes the difference between hitting or missing when you roll a 89.9 and needed a 90. Luck... yes... that is what luck is (Or at least, will be once we finish adding it to all of the rolls).

Oct 30, 2006
The GM Gathering!
Today begins of a series of secret meetings (well, they would have been secret had I not just posted about it on the Design Notes). Captain Rhubarb just arrived in Florida, and tomorrow, Galanoth will be joining the rest of us (Zhoom, Cysero, Safiria, Thyton, Nythera and myself). The 4th birthday of AdventureQuest is the time were we celebrate and also plan for the next year! The amazing launch of the animated short video has me so happy/crazy/jumpy that Cysero had to scrape me off the ceiling with a spatula this morning. I have not seen Galanoth since his trip to Disney last year... yeah, we had a rough time explaining all of the beheaded Dragon statues in the Animal Kingdom section.... it is going to be great to see him again. This week is going to be a lot of fun! Forum tread topic: "If Galanoth were to go to..." (Insert silly places, movies, etc that feature Dragons and how Galanoth would conduct himself properly there)

New Stuff!
We are getting ready to release the stat trainer later today. For some reason they keep recommending that we test more.... Something about having -100,000 gold after buying all their points (Minor details I say!) *looks innocent* The stat trainer is not a person (yet) but a new piece of functionality. Like all new things, it shall begin its existence in DragonFable ... as a BIG RED BUTTON! Spend massive amounts of gold to be even more... *blinks* more? *blinks* powerful! Also, the boss fight for the war will run until Wednesday morning.

P.S. Do I sound a little.... excited today? It is going to be a great week!

Oct 28, 2006
Day #2 of the Video Premiere
Thank you so much for everyone that has been watching the video and helping! Just look at the YouTube numbers to see our success so far! We are only half way through the weekend -- please send an email and nudge anyone you know to go watch it! Link them to https://video.battleon.com and ask them to join in on this legendary weekend!

Squishy Bugs of Terror! (Fixing!)
I was attending Necronomicon (Sci-Fi/Anime Convention) when we got the call that sneevils had snuck into the servers and released a fresh bag of juicy bugs. I headed back home where I met with Zhoom, Cysero, and Rivet to fix the issues.

  • Scaling Boss Monsters HP Bar Wackyness (Engine upgrade coming Monday )
  • DoomWood Quest (Fixed)
  • MoonGlow Merge, Error 500.85 (Fixed)
Oct 27, 2006        
Animated Short Film     DragonFable Updates

Watch it here!

Comments on the video
OMG! Thank you guys so much for your overwhelming support. We have gotten hundreds of encouraging letters. There is a rapidly growing thread on the forums and I think we broke the counter over at YouTube (It stopped counting after just 15 minutes) while our webpage with the video has been getting 10 to 15 thousand hits an hour. We have already gotten 11 honors including #1 Top Rated. This weekend is our only shot to do it right -- if you can post it anywhere or tell anyone (or even just watch it again and give it a five star rating) please do!

Preparing to release the premiere of the animated short!
I am nervous.... really nervous. So much hard work went into this and we are just 2 hours away. At the strike of noon...

If you want to see more, if you want something to "happen" and be a part of it .... Send this video to EVERYONE you can. Link it, email it, instant message it, give it 10+ star ratings, blog it, embed the video in your website, watch it multiple times on every computer you can to increase the view count and push us onto the homepage of the video sites. Ask other people in games if they have seen it -- if not share a link. For every major victory we have with the video we will celebrate inside DragonFable and AdventureQuest. Today is our chance.... I will be here watching with you at noon for the premiere... then furiously working with you to spread it!

Battle on!



Upgradeable Defenders Medals (Released!)
Cysero released the next round of upgraded Defender's shop rewards.Turn in your existing item and some medals to upgrade the item to the next rank! Each rank increases the stat bonuses and/or power of the item.

Stat Trainer in Testing
The new stat trainer is currently being tested and should be released on monday.

Pet Attack Order
To prevent an exploit the attack order of pets has been temporarily moved. (This was a lot better than disabling the ability to switch pets during battle!) Zhoom and I will be working on the combat system next week.

The Well!
This new quest which is based on an old design notes post will be released mid-next week.

Artix and "Placement Pad" Fixes
Artix's death animation is now working properly How could you let me die.....? We will be releasing and checking nearly EVERY dungeon in the game to fix the flying Paladin problem. Thank you to everyone who helped us track them all down on the forums! You rule!

Another Major Accomplishment!
Last night when we were at 99% in the war -- DragonFable tied the number of people online in AdventureQuest for the first time in history! Way to go guys!

Oct 26, 2006
WAR VICTORY! ... and the SHORT goes live tomorrow!
Congratulations on defeating over 15 million undead monsters! So much is happening! I am in a little bit of shock. Every year at the weekend of Mogloween (Halloween) I wish had done something BIG. This year.... we have something BIG! Tomorrow we release the premiere of our first animated short. I like calling it a short because it sets expectations right -- but it is really the pilot for what could be turned into something that gets aired up on TV! (Just imagine us making something that shows up on Adult Swim!) Ask someone on the forums to post screenshots of the original Inn and the first undead monsters we fought nearly 4 years ago.... then, tomorrow.... see how far we have come. Watch us unleash something that NO ONE would have dreamed we could make.

Oct 25, 2006
The video is done.... Friday, we release our first "short" Cartoon!!!
This is our first ever animated "short" and it is non-stop undead slaying action. It takes place DoomWood after the war that is happening right now. We have never released anything like this before and because you made it possible for me to create this, I am dedicating it to you. When it goes live we are going to put it on Google Video, [That other site which will get me banned on the forums for mentioning -- sorry Geopetal!] and here on the site for everyone to download. We want to show this to the entire world -- who knows, maybe if we get it in front of enough people and they like it, we will end up with our own TV Show! When it goes live, lets put it everywhere and show everyone!

Why is it called a "Short"?
I wanted to produce something like those short Starwars animations they had on the Cartoon Network right before they released Episode II. This animation is about 3 minutes long and almost entirely action.

How did you make it?
We stole an animator from the Cartoon Network (Seriously) and ran up a hefty phone bill with Galanoth, him, and myself -- not to mention a lot of long wait times uploading. Miltonius is a gifted animator and working with him on this project has been a blast. He was also the one who did the AdventureQuest intro video and the Amityvale intro scene.

Hey! I recognize that song.... that is from Undead Assault!
Alright, well the video has not been released at the time of this post, but when you DO SEE IT on Friday you will most likely recognize the song. It is called "Down and Out in the Fields of Agony" which was created by Warlic (and his first band) when we were in High School. It has a very special meaning to me.... and is an important part of our history and friendship.

OMG! Can we fight the boss from the"Short" in DragonFable?
Yes. Oh yes......

When is it being released again?
Friday when the clock strikes Noon! (Server time).

Oct 24, 2006
When the war is won.....
A new cutscene and boss monster (featuring "Extreme mode" for those of you waiting for a REAL challenge!) will be unlocked! The very first seasonal reward items will be in a special treasure chest! A new shop, the next part of DoomWood, and a new quest will be unlocked!

Undead slaying for pun and profit !
It has been great adventuring with you. Sorry there were a few more bugs! There seems to be three major ones:

  1. Flying Paladin
    (Sorta like that old TV show "The Flying Nun"... but more like"The Flying Pun")
    Looks like we have misplaced some spawn pads in the quests! Artix is added as the second guest which is layered in front. Some of the maps have the spawn points switched so when the map tries to place him in the back he is still floating on top. Makes me look like I am either flying or standing on your pet's head. Help list all the places this happens in the official Flying Paladin post. (Thanks Evil Elf!) Then Cysero will update/fix the quests.
  2. Death Animation
    The undead reach up to pull the Paladin down through the... OMG the transparency mask is missing! Haha... you can see his feet! J6 is fixing this one.
  3. Monsters refuse to attack him!
    Ok, this one is not actually a bug. Some monsters just like to eat players (NPCs taste funny). Typically "elite" monsters will choose their targets while standard monsters will just go for... you!

Oct 23, 2006
50% Bonus: Artix joins the battle!
Wooohooo! I get to come with you. Visit the graveyard in Amityvale to finally meet me in game. It is my sincere wish to completely imbalance the rate at which you defeat monsters.

P.S. I know the update went up at 52%, but there was another wheeeee* bug that needed fixed.
P.S.S. I can fly! (Eeep, looks like some of the NPC pads are z-ordered backwards. Will fix that ASAP!) Thank you for the picture Fraser.

* Game crashing, lag inducing, completely insane beyond words that would probably cause the world to end as we know it.

Oct 21, 2006
War Update: Large groups of monsters fleeing in terror?
We do not know why, but a huge section of the enemy forces has moved out of sight. Perhaps we scared them? Perhaps.... something worse? How many undead IS Artix slaying all alone in that graveyard? The war counter is now 27%.

19,000 players online -- almost there!
Three new level 1 experimental items have been added to the war. Also, we just sent out the email calling for reinforcements!

Oct 20, 2006
DoomWood Part 1: The Town of Amityvale: IS LIVE!
The battle for Amityvale has begun. Battle four completely new monsters (Destroying a Gargoyle looks awesome!) and see the only town (that has living people) in all of DoomWood. Beat them all and battle our newest boss!

Update: Poor Artix... he wants to fight the undead with you so badly, but he keeps crashing the game when we test taking him with us. I will be working on this through the weekend to fix it.

Happening right now in AdventureQuest, it is Mogloween! Naturally Mogloween is not happening in DragonFable yet... because you have not caused it to exist yet!

Oct 19, 2006
DoomWood Part 1 - Friday afternoon (Server Time)
Amityvale is a little town with a big problem. Constant attacks from creatures of darkness would make you wonder why anyone would choose to live here. No seriously.. why WOULD anyone live there? These people must be crazy! We are packing up to go to DoomWood tomorrow -- expect a reception worthy of the dark forest's reputation.

Progressive Release
After we finished Oaklore I talked about a progressive release. This means that the zone will be released in linear pieces. Tomorrow afternoon (Server time) we will release the road to town, the town of amityvale, and the current threat!

To the.... Dentist!
Dr. Voltabolt is not my real life dentist (I think) but I have to go there in 15 minutes. Wish me luck. Buzzzzzzzzzzz! (Update: I survived.... barely....)

Oct 18, 2006
DoomWood Comic #3

Have a good idea for a DoomWood comic? You know where to post it!

P.S. The final version of the Artix vs the Undead video came in last night. We are planning to release it Friday the 27th along with the corresponding scene in DragonFable.
P.S.S. Woah... is it the 18th already?

Oct 17, 2006
DragonFable Combat System - Stats, Bugs and Balancing
Today we are continuing to work on DoomWood and the stat trainer. While we do this lets talk about stats. Your stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, Endurance and Luck) will modify your damage, chance to hit or be hit, and of course overall health/mana and ability to perform certain actions. For example, If you arm-wrestle someone, it will modify your roll by adding a strength bonus. If you tame animals or attempt to sway world leaders you can make your roll with a charisma bonus. Combat is a tricky situation. Many of our adventurers are already so overpowered it is insane. Stats will only boost you all even higher (especially if you are wise with your stat placement!). Therefore we are addressing and fixing the following issues.

  • Your default chance to crit (critical hit) is currently being overwritten when you switch from your default weapon. This is a bug that has existed since beta and will be fixed.
  • Some low level items have defensive stats (parry, dodge, block, defense - melee, ranged, magic) that are way too high for their level and are being corrected.
  • Items now have the capability of having stats added to them. Example: Ring of Strength +1 (This was the database change that took place for about 10 minutes yesterday)
  • Weapon specials and special effects require a complete class review / animation fix-- this is what is holding up new classes (including Guardian.). There are three types of weapon specials: OnTarget, OnAttack, and OnHit. Currently, most of the cool specials we prepared a month ago cause the character models to break crashing the game. OnAttack is completely unusable at this point.... and onAttack is the really cool AQ type specials where the weapon just makes things happen. We will solve this problem in November then finish Guardian and move forward with we can begin releasing new classes.
  • Friends, Guests, and Pets -- Zhoom fixed the bug that that caused switching pets in the middle of your Guest's turn to mess up the turn order. The code to bring a friend's character with you is pretty much done which raises an interesting topic. How do you think we should handle bringing your friends character(s) with you? Should you just be able to take them anywhere? Only special quests? Can you bring anyone, or only people your level and under? Share your thoughts on the forums.

Oct 16, 2006
Defender Shop is now open!
Our first round of items have been released. Thank you for the compliments on the Imp Pet, it was created by Miltonius. Everyone seems very happy. Especially since you can use your medals now or save them up to get better items after the next war. If we make the amulets upgradable (Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3) we can improve them each rank by adding stats, bonuses, and rarity. Alright.... back to work on DoomWood!

P.S. Corrections: 1.) We defeated 1 million WAVES (not monsters)! 2.) We hit 19.1K players online at the same time on Saturday! Thank you everyone!

High Score for Defender Medals
Good job guys, we will get you some items to spend your Medals on soon!

Character Level # of Medals
Paleen 26 1000
Eugeneszw 26 1000
Dinnimdraug 24 993
Ryan 26 758
Sid 24 600
El Sleepy 20 501
Sunblade 26 500
Double of Four 26 500
Lady Katrina 26 498
Lady Dawn 26 488
Havok 25 440
Belgarath 26 428
Stifler 21 427
Anaksunamun 18 425
DragonsHorde 17 417
J. Geist 22 408
Ben 23 400
Shadow 24 400
Master 21 393

Defender Shop opens tonight! (Server Time)
This new shop will be a persistant shop which offers rewards for participating in server-wide events. Expect new items (and upgradable items) to be added regularly. I like the idea of making some items upgradable as only those who participate over a long period of time would be able to get the ultimate form of the items. We are going to add some new stat boosting items -- this will give us something to look forward to for when Stats are released. Once we release the Dender's Shop we will be continuing to work on DoomWood, the Stat Trainer, and adding stat bonuses to items.

What are your Favorite Movie Monsters?
Dracula...? The Mummy...? The Wolfman...?. Creature from the Black Lagoon....? What are your favorite movie monsters (old and new)?

Oct 15, 2006
Unbelievable.... an army of one million undead defeated within just 48 hours. The town is safe and you can feel things are starting to go back to normal. Monday night the Defender's shop will open where you can turn in the medals for new items!


  • Even though the war has ended, you can continue to hunt down packs of undead to earn more Defender's medals.
  • The War Treasure Chest can now be opened after defeating the boss monster. Currently it contains a collector's ring. Three new weapons will be added to the TreasureChest later tonight.
  • The Defender's Shop will open Monday night
  • All known bugs with the end of the war have been fixed. That is what you get for beating them so fast! But then again, if you has just waited 16 more hours the town would have been destroyed.
  • The new war reward weapons have been released. Three rare items can also still be found in by battling the waves.

Oct 14, 2006
The undead war rages on!
"Yesterday, the undead assaulted Falconreach. They came out of no-where! We were out numbered and overwhelmed. In desperation we sent letters calling for help.... and today, reinforcements are arriving and the battle is turning in our favor!" - Yulgar

War Update: Half a million undead monsters defeated! (50%)

Oct 13th, 2006
Friday the 13th!
The clock strikes noon..... things start getting a little.... strange.
The clock strikes three.... and the undead's wrath decends upon thee!
The clock strikes three and a half... and someone just found the 13th Sword. What other rare goodies can be found amongst the legeions of the dead. (*coughs* Yes LordKyel)
The clock strikes three and 3.9/6ths (it is a very accurate clock!) and the 13th Staff has been discovered!
The clock is preparing to strike 4.... and the 13th Dagger has finally been discovered!
The clock strikes 5.... you hear a dark and hollow roar in the distance! MORE UNDEAD start pouring in from Doomwood. To combat this increased evil we are sending a call out to all adventurers! The town needs defenders! Help now!
The clock strikes 5 and a half.... 15.6k adventurers are here to hold the town and more are on their way!
The clock strikes 6... in the distance you hear a definitive, "Meh heh heh heh"
The clock strikes 9.... 200,000 defeated undead monsters pave a path to Falconreach. The defenders are holding strong!
The clock strikes 10.... You spy the shadow of an HUGE -- no, ENORMOUS tree moving in the distance. ...and, are those wings? That is the biggest Deadwood I have ever seen!
The clock strikes Midnight! Now... the real battle begins!

Get more Inventory Space! (New!)
You can now use DragonCoins to increase the size of your backpack. Visit Cysero's shop to get more carrying room.

Oct 12,2006
Happy Birthday Cysero!
Happy brithday to our yogurt eating magical weapon smith! Him and the chicken that lives in his hair leveled up today and to celebrate.... we are going to release a quest today!

Sir Jing's Chest of WeaponsSir Jing's Weapon Chest
Sir Jing lost his enchanted... um.... (I cannot remember if it was a Sword, Dagger, or Staff....) to Storm Elementals! They took his magical energy weapon to the top of a mountain where they use its power to summon a never ending storm! Recovering a rare energy weapon such as this would almost ensure victory against the Hydra! (Coming tonight!)

Meanwhile.... in DoomWood
It is a beautiful and peaceful day in the little town of Amityvale. Elm road is full of happy villagers running to their homes in terror knowing that when the clock bell rings the sun will fall and the dead will rise from their graves to eat their brains (again)! This is just a normal day in Doomwood -- you get used to it. Well, at least some people do.... rumors are spreading that a stranger showed up in town with a little armored dog and has been staying out past curfew! If this stranger keeps breaking the rules (and skeletons) like this, our good and noble Count who keeps us safe from the undead (he is so good to us) might become upset!

Oct 11,2006
Announcement: Inventory Space!
Soon, you will be able to use DragonCoins to increase the number of items you can hold in your backpack! Currently you can hold 20 items of any type. We are still testing to see how adding more bag slots effects character loading speed and the database size/strain. It seems likely that you will be able to use DragonCoins to unlock 10 more slots. (If it goes smoothly, we can always go higher)

Priority List

  • New Oaklore quests -- This week!
  • Doomwood - Next Week (Undead, Puns, and I can to meet you in game!) It will be a progressive release.
  • Bags Upgradable - ASAP
  • Stat Trainers - Next after bags!

Oct 9,2006
Alternate Reality Check!
Sunday morning we went to breakfast and they had a "Manager Position Available" sign posted. This BEGS to ask the question.... what if?

If Artix ran a Restaurant instead of a Game.....

  • Half the menu would be "Coming Soon"
  • New Foods, Silver-ware and Plates would be added weekly!
  • You would only have to pay a one time fee of $19.95 and eat for the rest of your life!
  • If the food does not kill you, the puns will!
  • There would be "Buffet Wars" which requires eaters to eat 500,000+ items of food then upon winning they get upgraded forks!
  • You could whistle to summon pets that would help eat more challenging foods!
  • You could buy "Z-coupons" or "Eat'n Coins" to get special deserts!
  • Food items would be named to either make fun of, or salute, food from other restaurants.... and most of them would be mispelled.
  • You would be able to eat sea food underwater for authenticity.
  • Bathrooms and Storage Closets would have a ridiculously high level requirement!
  • "Rare Foods" would be offered for a limited time creating an entire sub-culture of "Rare Food Eaters"
  • Releasing things with "Bugs" would be even worse....
  • Sometimes food would lag out causing you to have to relog in and eat it again.
  • But the good news is 99% of all problems can be solved by clearing your... belly?
  • We would make "Restaurant 2", but then rename it "CafeFable" and offer more room to walk around... BUT then we would spend 3 weeks compromising on where the hostess stands. (OMG, I nearly shot orange juice out of my nose after typing that last one)

Battle on!

Oct 7,2006
NEW RECORD! 15,000+ Players Online
Thank you so much! ... and congratulations too :-)

Oct 6,2006
The Oaklore Preview is live!
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! We got a lot up today! ... and there is still a lot more coming. Be sure to pay special attention to the Knight's names. I have been waiting years to put them into a game. What do you guys think about the art? I think the Keep looks AMAZING! Hats and helms off to Cysero, Zhoom, Oishii, Thyton, Miltonius, Arklen, and J6 for all of their hard work so far! We you take a look around and beat down that boss monster, we are going to get those new quests ready!

Oaklore Forest - Almost ready!
Whew... we have not worked so hard since the last time I promised an overwhelmingly large project -- estimating less than 1/4th the time needed to complete it. I would definitely like to launch future zones more progressively.

The Forest of Oaklore

Specifically, I mean create a starting town and then have an event... then unlock a quest.... then have another event... and unlock a new quest.... repeat. Events could be wars, item collection quests, PvP tournaments, you name it. In fact... you really should name it. Lets get an official thread of "Event Ideas" on the forums. An event must have three parts: 1.) Everyone must be able to contribute into it. 2.) It must last a certain amount of time -- and hour, a day, a week, etc. 3.) Finally, it must yield a reward. Here are some examples:

Sample Event "Types"

  • PvP Tournament
    Everyone enters a giant tournament and battles players roughly their level. Each round pits you against 4 to 6 opponents. If you emerge victorious, you get a Trophy Chip. You can have up to 500 chips max, and the following week after the event ends. That is when a special Trophy Coin shop will become available allowing you to buy special PvP items.
  • Guild-wide Monster Hunting contest
    This event obviously requires guilds to be implemented first -- but everything we are posting is for the future anyway! In this event specific types of monsters will be worth guild points. Lets use an example monster: Fire Elementals! For every Fire Elemental you defeat you earn a point for your guild. Once your guild earns enough points, you unlock a new, private quest or perhaps guild-wide reward for your guild.
  • Rare Item Hunters Weekly Event
    To satisfy even our most extreme rare-item collectors, we could hold an event each week where you need only stumble across a rare book drop from a dungeon (Every multi-item dungeon could have a .001% chance of dropping one of these books) to discover the secret location of that weeks rare item. I like this one.... *adds a place holder for this quest into the new Zone* To make it even better, if one person finds the book -- everyone in their guild could have access to the quest. If we do this of course, the quest will be SO TOUGH that you NEED to bring friends from your guild along to beat it. We could have two versions of the dungeon -- one for solo players that is a challenge and one for players in guilds that is tough for a group!

If you come up with some great ideas let us know! I love reading your posts on the forums. As of the time of this design notes update, we have less than 9 hours to release the test of this new zone. It is inevitably going to have bugs.... not all of the quests will be released yet.... and considering the road to Falconreach is still broken it is going to be a miracle if we release a pixel of this today. But we have done the impossible before -- cross your fingers for us!

Oct 4,2006
Working on the Boss fight today!
For a new player this should be great battle. Those of you who are insanely overpowered will probably be boasting in the frame of "how few rounds you slew the boss in". For a real challenge (and a level cap raise) look forward to Doomwood which should be out a week before Halloween. Originally the plan was to finish Oaklore, then update Warlic and Robina's zones and finally move on to Artix's zone... but since Mogloween (and Halloween) is approaching so quickly we are going to do things sdrawkcaB <--. Which means Doomwood will be done next and is probably going to have a few quests for all levels and a lot to do for level 15 to 29. If you would like to make some spooky suggestions for quest areas please post on the forums. The areas we are currently planning include...

Doomwood Areas

  • The Vampire Castle
  • Witch's Cauldron
  • The Well (7 days of adventure!)
  • Noisy Hill Graveyard
  • The Village
  • The Fog
  • The Secret Underground Laboratory (is it secret if I post it here)
  • The Crystal Clear Lake
  • The Haunted House on the Hill

Also, can someone make me an official "Artix's Calendar" which shows how the dead center middle of my week is roughly Friday at 5pm-ish? We are working fast but still have a lot of wood to chop to get this zone ready for launch. It is looking like Friday is going to be our big day! *Casts defensive shield and points to the post talking about Doomwood while we finish this one up*

Oct 2,2006
Ghosts, Goblins, and Cappachino -- It is that time of year again!
When I lived in the north you could watch the leaves change colors. Here, however, you can tell the time is coming when Starbucks puts out the pumpkin spice latte, the novelty shops start selling costumes, and the local amusement parks advertise their new haunted houses.... wooohooo, it is October! Which means AdventureQuest's birthday and DragonFable's first undead rampage is just around the corner -- but first, we are getting ready to launch a brand new zone....

It is known as the Oaklore Forest. (Sorta sounds like Folklore) Your character will begin his adventure in our world from a ledge that looks surprisingly like the character creation screen here. A Keep made around the trunk of a great oak tree will be your sanctuary from the creatures of the wilderness. Residing at this Keep you will find noble... well, sorta noble.... Knights who could use your help with a number of pressing issues. The worst of which being the impassable bridge to Falconreach -- which is guarded by a deadly sea serpent. We will be releasing the zone in two parts. The first will be the path to Falconreach which will feature the keep and scaling quests along the road to Falconreach that every can enjoy regardless of level. At the time of release, everyone's hometown will be set to "The Ledge". This release will allow you to set your own starting town (Well, there will only be two towns in the launch... but you can see how this will be handy moving forward as we release new towns). After the main release we will be adding in the rest of the surrounding quests. I want to tell you more, but they said I was not allowed to spoil anything for you. *bites tongue* When I started on DragonFable, I said it would be like mixing ArchKnight, AdventureQuest and a few other games into a bowl and mixing until it tastes right. This new zone is delicious! (and a great source of Calcium with Milk added.