Train Your Dragon

In a fantasy world populated by monsters of all shapes and sizes (from teeny to titan!), a lone hero travels the land defeating nefarious foes, gathering ginormous amounts of gold and searching for fabled weapons to wield. That hero is YOU! And with you through it all is your dragon companion, destined to do great things with you and for all the peoples of Lore! But before you can become the savior of the world on your titan-sized dragon, you have to TRAIN it, and this is how you begin!

Find an Egg

Find your dragon egg
  1. Head to Oaklore Keep and talk to Captain Rolith to save the Priestess and her very special Black Dragon Box.
  2. Talk to Robina the Hood, who has a task for you to complete in order to regain the Black Dragon Box from the Sneevil she captured in her trap.
  3. After a VERY unexpected mishap, hunt down the Egg in the Sneevil Dumpsite, battling living garbage and voracious vultragons along the way.
  4. Take every egg that could possibly contain your baby dragon to Warlic, the Blue Mage.
  5. Locate Warlic's spellbook and retrieve the ingredients he needs in order to cast the spell that will help you.
  6. After summoning a VERY cute otherworldly assistant to help you determine which egg contains your baby dragon, the only thing left to do is... HATCH IT!

Hatch Your Egg

Hatch dragon egg

You did it! You are now in possession of your dragon egg. Try everything you can think of (including saucy puppet shows) to help your dragon baby greet the world.

Train Your Dragon

Train your dragon
  • Visit Lady Celestia- the Priestess you met earlier- in Sunbreeze Grove in order to name, elementalize, customize the appearance of and train your new best friend.
  • Feed your baby dragon and train it. (By feeding it, you give it stat points which will help it help you in battle!)

Titanize Your Dragon

Titanize your dragon

Before you can take on monsters that tower above you, you'll need to summon your dragon in its adult form. Once you've done that, you can train your titan dragon in 14 new skills, which will allow it to wield greater damage than ever before seen on Lore!

As Lady Celestia says, together with your dragon, it has been foretold that you'll do great and wonderous things. Take the first steps towards realizing your destiny by training your dragon and setting off on a quest to save the world! Along the way, you'll battle everything from ChaosWeavers to gigantic malevolent braken... and beyond!

Baby dragon vs your opponents!

Watch as your baby dragon immolates your opponents!

Baby dragon de-buffs your opponents

Your baby dragon can use it's magic to de-buff your opponents!

Battle titan-sized monsters

Take on titan-sized monsters like this entire transformed city!

Dragon dealing massive amounts of damage!

Do hundreds and sometimes THOUSANDS of points of damage!

You and your dragon save the world

Save the world from the monsters that would destroy it!

Log in now to find, hatch, and train your dragon companion into the savior of the world it is destined to be now in DragonFable!

train your dragon