Map for Random Dungeons

Brand New Technology!

Old Man Krodigy says: Listen 'ere youngens...back'en my day we didn't have no fancy schmancy computer gizmo mapping systems. We used PAPER, *wheez* and PENCILS! Fer those of you who don't know how to use 'em it's real easy and... *cough* *hack* *cough*

Cool features!

Sure... Pens and Paper are great for mapping super huge random dungeons, but just look at the amazing possibilities that you can achieve with this amazing new technology!

  • Draw Pictures
  • Write a Story
  • Get the special Eraser Attachment (Works just like your undo button!)
  • Take it anywhere, It is portable! You can even take it on a plane!
  • Compression is built into the recycle bin! (Just crumple up your paper before throwing it away)
  • Use a Pencil Sharpener to increase the resolution!
  • Write letters to your friends and family!

Important: Pencils/Pens/Markers and other writing devices may not be compatible with your monitor. Do not draw your map directly on your screen.