Dec 31, 2006
Happy New Year!

What an amazing year! To those of you in time zones ahead of us... please post a cheer and let us know the "Y2K" did not get you*! As hour by hour we join you in 2007 this is a great time to look back and smile over the creation of our game and awesome community. Above all else today, I would like to thank you for making this such a great year. We have grown**, experienced*** and overcome**** so much that it is hard to express how much I sincerely appreciate your being a part of this amazing thing we are creating. Tonight, you will be in our wishes as we raise and toast***** our tasty glasses of non-alcoholic beverage. Happy New Year's everyone!

* You know it is still out there... waiting.... plotting and scheming its vile Y2K-ee-ness!
** 3.5 million free accounts in total <jaw drops>
*** Actually, a lot of experience -- I like farming the wars
**** Have we ever gotten to 4 stars before? Lets go for 5!
***** Does anyone else think it is weird that they would call it toasting? I mean.. I like toast... I REALLY like toast. But toast is warm, crunchy, and sometimes a bit chewy (if it has melted raisins... Mmmmmm raisins) but drinks are often.. um... not? Unless you count the rainbow drinks from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant which typically layers green grass jelly, beans, crushed ice, and um... funny thing, I have no idea what else is in there. I highly suggest trying one if you never have.... and be certain to make a toast if you do!

Looking back*
If we were one of those "normal" sites we would probably talk about all the things we accomplished this year. Fortunately we will not have anything to do with that sort of stuff. But if we did we might mention things like... hmmm... lets, adding over 40 unique monsters, 70 quests, reaching 645 unique items in the database, creating Oaklore, Amityvale, Aeris Battlespire, wars and our first seasonal events. All while simultaneously creating all new (and fixing a lot of) core functionality including stats, pvp, weapon specials, pets, bringing NPCs into battle with you, scripted cutscenes, helms, capes, chain quests, random quests, scaling monsters for wars, the ability to set your starting town, save your weapon configuration, wierd things like the cordemi codex, stackable items, the item merger, a completely redone battle system. To which we all say, have fun tonight Cysero and Zhoom, you earned it! We have also amassed a stockpile of never before seen art for monsters and NPCS that is stacked so high that if we never drew another line we would be set for YEARS. Giant hulking magma creatures, brave and fierce knights, attractive and deadly femme fatales, and adorable pets that would even give Rainbow bright nightmares** will be battling on your screen soon. Oishii, Thyton, J6 and Arklen --- thank you for putting all of your creativity and skill into DragonFable! Your art and animation is what brings our world to life***. A huge thank you to the brave moderators of our forums who keep this show running 24/7. Also, great appreciation for Safiria, Nythera and our many non-online-named (actually we should run a contest for naming some of them next year) team members. Helmets off to you!

* If you looked back in a 4th dimensional dungeon you would see yourself looking back
If you say it the other way it is not as cool "Giant hulking femme fatales, adorable knights..." See?
*** "AE - we bring good things to life!".... huh? What do you mean that jingle has already been taken? How about "Zorbak... we bring back bad things to life!"...?

Finally, we have set the stage for an epic story line that will unravel over the next year. I can promise that 2007 will bring new adventures, classes, towns, quests and more of everything you love about DragonFable now, and things that you did not know you would be getting. I should also warn those of you with those shiny amulets to be careful -- when you do ascend to becoming a DragonLord, do not let that power consume you as it will so many of the villains in our game. Power corrupts, and absolute power.... is sorta fun. With that, please be very safe and have a great time this New Years!

Thank you again and Battle on into 2007!

Ding! (Artix leveled up in RL again)
Thank you! I cannot believe you guys remembered. *smiles warmly* Happy Birthday to you too! Galanoth sent me this animation today.

Dec 30, 2006
Stonehold Casino

Actually, Stonehold Casino is a pretty neat idea. What type of games do you think we should have? I like games, but please note that I am very opposed to gambling -- does that include games of skill though? I never minded those games where you used the BB guns to shoot the star out of a white card in order to win the next child who passed by a brand new stuffed animal. Which reminds me of a really embarrassing story when I was playing skee-ball at a Dave and Busters back in California. I had won a really large amount of tickets. A young boy pointed at the stack of tickets and said "WOW! How'd you get all them?". I smiled and handed them to him, said something silly. He cheered as he ran off to show his mother. tick.... tick... BAM! That is when the girl I was with hit me. Unbeknownst to me, her friend had her younger brother with her -- and she yelled at me for not giving the tickets to him instead. *gulp* It is amazing how much additional skee-ball playing it took to be forgiven *smiles*.

Wow! It is really neat watching the Artix vs. Undead video, and both AQ/DF on a real TV. I am pretty far from finishing the videos, but my tests looked pretty sharp. It will, however, be pretty funny to be walking down an isle at CES and see... PS3, Wii, and XBOX 360 crazy hi-definition graphics and then.... BAM! (No, hopefully no girls will hit me) AdventureQuest and DragonFable 2D web browser graphics! At least we will stand out!

Dec 29, 2006
Defender Shop Items

The newest rank of Defender Shop items was added today. Also, the Frostvale giftboxes will be opening up at 12pm Noon EST on Monday, Jan 1st.

Fans of Fans... and Fans too!
I was completely amazed at how many of you have read Tales of Deltora. This past weekend was the first time I had heard of it, and now that I know there are more.... *plots trip back to the bookstore*. It would be pretty funny if we spoofed it and put a "Dream Fannypack" in DF -- completely unrelated to the main plot of course, but you could collect various ridiculous objects to stuff inside it and once completed you would probably destroy the world by complete accident.... I love my job. But back to DragonFable. I said the story was similar (so was the story of Lord of the Rings) but the plot will be drastically different. In fact, you still do not know if DragonFable will have a happy or a sad ending. I might just have it in me to do the most unthinkable and (more realistically) absurd ending you have ever experienced.

If any of you had the opportunity to play Elvenworlds, which was an amazing text based web RPG in the style of Legend of the Red Dragon, you will really like what I am about to say next. But first, a brief history of the game. It was amazing! It was created when web games did not exist at all... it had a plot which progressed with each level and tons of original features which included mini games such as fishing contests and... well, lets just say it was the final piece of inspiration that led me to making AdventureQuest. I spent hours talking with the creator of Elvenworlds on the phone yesterday. It is a great honor, and one of the highlights of this games history to announce that he will be coming to help work on DragonFable and other AE projects. Now, if you were one of the lucky people who played Elvenworlds and were captivated by all of the amazing things that happened in it.... please remember to resume breathing... *checks watch* now.

If you had not heard already, AdventureQuest and DragonFable will be at CES - the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I am still working on the videos for the screens at our booth. I will get you more information as we get closer to the.... um, wait, the show is in a week!

Dec 28, 2006
Lord of the Rings ... hmmm... StarWars ...hmmm... DragonFable?
Behold a whirlpool of culinary devistation! Do not get fresh with me, because I can see right through you Sarran Wrath! Now that his army of Tin is Foiled and his super fast Warlock (known as the Zip Lock) has been put on ice (in the freezer) you can rest assured that your holiday leftovers will be safe from harm until the day you return to reclaim them. Now... where's tupper? -- The end. (Yes, this was a completely unrelated food container joke which has nothing to do with todays post)

Why does it seem that all of the major epic fantasy stories/movies/tales have the exact same story? Unite the Kingdom against a greater evil! (... and along the way be sure to save a Princess and turn convert at least one bad guy over to the good side). One of the books I read during my research was called Tales of Deltora. I picked it up because the cover art looked amazingly DragonFable style. I could not put it down.... it was an extraordinary fairy tale that I finished in less than a day*. I hope that when I am married and have children** that I can read this to him/her/them. I read it eagerly all the way through until the climatic ending.... and as I put it down I started to panic -- THEY HAD THE SAME STORY THAT WE DO! Then I realized, everyone does. There only seems to be one major epic story.... the entire world is about to experience some giant catastrophe, and it is up to a small band of people to save the day. From movies about meteors crashing into the earth to very realistic movies about the world at war, the theme of story is very simliar. Friendships are made and alliances are forged by people who historically did not get along. Massive challenges are overcome and ... well, after thinking about this long and hard... That is when I finally realized that story and plot are different. The story is what and the plot is how. The stories of all of these movies and books may be the same, but the plots are all very different. It is the plot which makes us love the characters and sit on the edge of our seat wondering what is going to happen next. The plot is the series of seemingly unrelated events that suddenly come together in that breath taking "Oooooohhhh....."***.

In conclusion (and I realize this will be the first time you have heard of this problem) I am going to stop worrying about having a cliche overused story.... and instead let DragonFable play out with an insane twisty plot of DOOOOM. Be afraid, be very afraid!

* It must have had big words and pictures
Now there is a scary thought..... just watch, all the kids will turn out to be ShadowKnights.
*** Oh yes... there will be much Ooooohhhhing! (Ahem, please, this game is PG)

Character Backstory Posts!
I really enjoyed reading character back stories. In the future we will link topics like that to an official thread (I had to hunt a lot to find all of the backstory threads). I also saw this funny AQ/DF post . The memories......

Dec 27, 2006
Fairy Tails and Dark Rainy Knights
If an AquaKnight bashed you with his shield would it be a "Rain Check"? I am writing to you today from the secret underground AE headquarters where I am.... all alone. We are down to a Skeleton Crew this week, and being an undead slaying Paladin, I "accidentally" exorcised them. Which is good, I resolved to "exorcise" more in the New Year anyway! So, in planning for the flurry of work that shall begin on the first day of the New Year, I gave myself an assignment and completed it. In the past 5 days I have reviewed 4 books on writing/drawing comics, read 3 fairy tale books, researched 2 books on Dragons, and here is where I would normally say I read 1 manga of Death Note -- BUT INSTEAD... Cysero gave me The Death Note "Live Action" Movie DVD! Needless to say -- I am feeling very inspired, well educated and ready to slay some undead build some DragonFable! So until everyone returns next week, I thought we could have a little fun like the good old days...

... lets weave tales about our world and share stories with each other. Tell me about your character and how you came to Falconreach. Lets pretend Oaklore never happened. What is the real backstory to your character? What town did your character come from. Why did your character choose to be a warrior, rogue, or mage? What does your character dream of ultimately becoming... and more importantly... why? See you on the forums!

News Flash!
- DragonFable is playable on the Wii! Does this make us a console game now too!?
- DF received 4 and 1/2 stars in a singapore game review article!

Dec 22, 2006
Happy Holidays!
We made you a card! * We even got you a special frostvale wallpaper present.... (and one features Maya!) but in our age old Frostvale tradition** you must win a mini-game to unlock it. Ho ho ho! We sent the cards to you via email*** last night. We really hope you enjoyed this years Frostvale event. We believe it was the best war ending (and quest) in the game so far -- and we are all eager to make new quests in this style. From the entire team here at A.E. we hope you have a safe and great holiday season and a merry new year!

I would also like to make a special thank you to everyone who upgraded their account with a Dragon Amulet this year. You have gotten us to where we are today and we are very grateful.

* Hallmark would be so jealous!
** Um, this IS our first Frostvale together in DF, right?
*** We would have sent it through the postal mail, but we do not have any mailing addresses, and in the event that we did, the estimated $117,239.65 in postage might have been problematic. Besides, you cannot animated paper (yet) so our card is cooler!

The Gift Swap....
There goes our deposit.... most development teams swap gifts this time of year to show appreciation and friendship. I wonder how many others end in vehicle destruction derby, western style gun fights and that warm and fuzzy feeling you get with a red stocking hanging from the backup server with your name on it (Mine had manga in it!). Even Geopetal made a surprise visit and ninja's some photos with her cellphone camera. As proof... here is how you make a Paladin Holey!

The Slider Puzzle
There is a story behind the Slider Puzzle mini-game. (Yay! Story time!) Zhoom took an A.I. class last year and his first assignment was to write an algorithm to solve the classic slider puzzle. This is where Zhoom and I really show off how well we work together. He did a brute force solution (trying every possible combination). When I saw this I sat down and spent a few minutes with the puzzle and researched it a bit. In the end, I found a solution that solves the puzzle 100% of the time, every time, with the least number of moves possible. Then Zhoom wrote the process to make it work and walla... A+++ on the project. I made the version of the slider puzzle in the card to demonstrate with (because we did not have a real plastic slider puzzle when we were trying to figure it out). We did find have one weird observation.... if you randomly arrange the puzzle there is a chance that you can make it unsolvable.

Would you like to know the secret that will let you solve any slider puzzle 100% of the time? (It is a lot easier to show than explain)

  1. Move 1 to the first spot
  2. Move 2 to the second spot
  3. Now you use "the trick" to finish the row.... you need to make 3 & 4 move like a snake and slide into position. Here is how: Move 3 to the last spot in the row. Then move 4 right under it. Make the hole appear to the left of 3.... then slide 3 and 4 into place. (See what I mean.. it is a lot easier to show than to say). Mastering this trick of sliding the last two pieces into place of each row is pretty much the only secret.
  4. Repeat the steps above for the second row.
  5. Now, when you get to the last two rows, you switch strategies... never touch the rows you finished, they are considered "done". For these last two, you are going to use "The trick" again, but this time you are going to do it sideways. In our 4x4 puzzle you want to get 13 & 9 side by side and slide them together into the right hand side.
  6. Then do the same with 14 &10
  7. Now, you only have three left.... just rotate them until -- WIN!

Perhaps someone could make a little video of them playing the minigame and show off the trick!

P.S. The link to the wallpapers is not a spoiler. But for those of you who want a challenge -- go for it!

Frostvale Bug Fixes:

  • We finally figured out the problem that was causing black screens for some adventurers -- one of the buttons from Falconreach was being naughty (No presents for that button this year!)
  • Fixed the problem that stuck your character offscreen after beating Ice Master Yeti
  • Fixed King Alteon's crazy spazzy blinking face (We should have left that in as a "Feature"
  • The PvP crit bug has been fixed (opponents were doubling their crit each time)
  • You are no longer 6" tall in the King Alteon cutscene.
  • We have added new icons for necklace, mystery, and helm! (Now we just thave to use them)

Come back tomorrow and find out what happened at the A.E. Creative team gift swap..... nothing is ever normal around here. The bruises may heal, but the mental scars will last forver.... Geopetal was here, whatever you do -- do not ask her for pictures.

Dec 21, 2006
Frostvale Boss Quest has been unlocked!
After defeating Ice Master Yeti's forces you have arrived at his cave (The bug that was preventing you to enter the cave when clicking on the button has been fixed). Now, you must enter and do what you must to save the captured Moglins of Frostvale!

Dec 19, 2006
Merry "CRIT-mas" to you!
Look at your character screen, and no, that is not a mistake. Everyone now has a base 5% to crit (Critical hit for 2x damage) before adding your item and stat bonuses! This is cheer worthy! Would anyone like to celebrate by writing a song?

AI Boost of Doooooom!
Mages and Rogues got their long awaited AI boost in PvP. (Go Zhoom go! Go Zhoom go!) Apparently a few people were actually defeated dueling other player's characters and thought this was a bug *chuckles*. Let us know what you think on the forums. As an unrelated side note... Master Yeti's Frost lair is looking AMAZING.

The Pig says, "Moooo!"
I would like to give a special congratulations to Skarmory Steel for figuring out that our current game build 3.14g spells....... (if 3.14 is Pi) + (g) = Pig!

Dec 18, 2006
Sushi of Darkness
This past weekend I was leaving a sushi restraunt and saw a small wooden post on the ground with a red ribbon on it.


Alright, is it normal that my very first thought was, "Great! The pointed end of this wooden stake will come in handy if we are attacked by vampires!"


*nods* I thought it was perfectly fine too. You will be happy to know that this weekend was 100% Vampire and Ninja free (I was too busy fighting off the Ice Pirates of course)

Convention, and is the Yeti Ready Yetty?
It looks like I got snagged into an electronics and gaming convention in January. It is a big one too! They are going to stick me on some panels so that I can completely and utterly embarrass myself. I have a full page ad for their convention book due at 5pm *checks watch*, so while Cysero, Zhoom and Thyton work on the boss fight quest, I am going to rush to get that done.... I will be sure to add in some typos to make it authentic. Oh! Before I forget... this weekend, please do not let all of the Moglins die. It would be terrible if we had to wipe every mention of Frostvale from both AQ and DF and deny it ever existed because something happened in DF that caused it never to happen. (This game takes place 5 years before AdventureQuest starts) Of course, that would also mean you would not get your holiday uber weapons and an ongoing story line that will continue for years. *Smiles*

Dec 16/17, 2006
Bearded Dragon and Website sneak-peak
Pictures as promised! First... the Dragon with Zorbak. The other pictures that showed his entire body did not come out very well. He is a curious little fellow... and REALLY seems to like Safiria (Definately liked the warmth of her powercord in our artic-cold office) Second, I wanted to show you updated sneak peak of the Website update . If you looked closely you might have spotted a never before seen, fully colored, new NPC in there.... oh wait, make that two! Does anyone know who they are?

Dec 15, 2006
A Frostvale Tale has been released!
Everyone knows about the Frostval festival. For the past four years in AdventureQuest, Moglins have celebrated the end of the year by creating and wrapping gifts of magical items for all of the good (and a few evil, but morally redeemable) adventurers in the world…

P.S. Zhoom says he is sorry for breaking the game earlier -- things should be working properly now if you clear your cache.

Very soon* we will be releasing the Legend of Frostvale! Frostvale is a small town in the chilly mountains to the North. The Frost Moglins who live there lead a happy and simple life. Like all** moglins, they are famous for their healing magic. Warlic once suggested that it might be possible, with the Frost Moglin's help, to create weapons that could <gasps> heal! Meanwhile, an abominable snow monster known as Ice Master Yeti begins a devious plot.....

* At 5pm EST if there is a miracle... we are soooo far behind!
** Except Zorbak... something went terribly, terribly wrong with him.

Known Bugs
We added stun/sleep/distract resist functionality in the stealth patch so that we can add in gear that will give you % resistance to them. BUT... since everything has 0% resist to stun it should not have changed anything at all. We have gotten reports that some adventurers are having issues where their stuns are erroringly (I think I just made that word up) being resisted. We will have any issues with immobilization effects fixed with todays release.

Geopetal's Visit and the Bearded Dragon
We had a surprise visit from Geopetal on Wednesday! She was so cool. I hope we did not scare her away. She had another friend from her college with her so we were forced to keep up the illusion that we were merely a dentist office. I had Safiria (Vampire Queen) give Zhoom a root canal for authenticity. Today, we have a Bearded Dragon in the office. When I walked in, I thought it was an aligator that had somehow managed to sneak into our office and I could see Cysero sitting at the end of the hall.... my mind raced for about .5 seconds locating the nearest anti-alligator defensible object before I realized -- "OH, IT IS JUST A DRAGON." (Good thing Galanoth was not here). His name is Loui, and he is about a foot and a half long and begs to be part of a stop-action movie in which he plays Godzilla and devours my childhood action figures. He is so cuuuuute! I have picture of him on my desk but no one here has an input for compact flash cards.... so baring me getting distracted by shiny objects, or leaving my camera here, I will upload the pictures for you tomorrow.

Dec 14, 2006
When things get quiet on the design notes one of two things is happening.... either we are working REALLY hard, or I have become ill once again*. A few moments ago Zhoom rolled out a stealth upgrade to the game. The functionality is now in place that will allow your character to equip helms (soon you will be able to show/hide your cape and helm). We had to resize the head on every single frame of every female class model and edit every hair file.... we are SOOOO glad this is done now**. Cysero has the Moglin town of Frostvale built. It is going to be so neat to walk around the place that we have visited so many times in AQ. Too bad we already had a Frost Dragon boss..... hmmmm *looks around* who votes that Ice Master Yeti should be our villian in this first Frostvale adventure? (Maybe a little*** Zorbak on the side ^_^) See you on the forums.

P.S. Someone deserves a cookie! Close.... and soon, when it begins, and you discover more, and uncover the secrets, and unravel the mysteries, and when I learn to type the way William Shattner talks, we aim, to defy, your wildest expectations (unless you can outsmart of of course!)

* I better not say which.... especially since it is both
** 10 Dragoncoins says we end up having to do it again before this time next year.
*** LOTS and LOTS and LOTS

Special Announcement
We have our first sponsor! - Gametap
After turning down over 100 advertisers we were finally offered an advertising opportunity from a company I actually like and respect. If you love old school console and early computer games, check out GameTap. They have hundreds of games available through their site (including some of my favorite: Golden Axe, Castlevania, Contra, Quest for Glory II*, not to mention RPG series such as Might and Magic, Ultima and Phantasy Star). I have no idea why their commercials on TV do not advertise all of their RPGs. If you go to GameTap through the link on our site and create a free trial, or subscribe to their service, you will be supporting DragonFable and keeping us "Server Cap Free".

* The Hero's Quest series was THE BEST! Especially the very first one. Of course, anyone who played Hero'sQuest and then played DragonFable would be quick to notice the simliarities.

Forum chat
Given that this is our very first advertiser, and they are not lame, I would like to propose the following discussion for the forums: Classic Games! Which system was your first? What were your favorite games? What were the best? If you link gametap in your post, be sure to use the official link -- I posted it below.

Dec 12, 2006
An evil castle, built upon a giant Dragon skeleton, slowly moves north against the blood red sky. Within, sitting grimly on black throne is without question the most dangerous human living... or perhaps not.... in this world. How he obtained this power is a mystery. How all of the other villians have come to fear him is not. Even now, as you read this, he is travling to distant places that you have not yet seen -- using his overwhelming power to bring even the most nefarious villians under his control. An unholy aliance of evil.....

Meanwhile, in the warm and sunny Kingdom of Swordhaven, the good and noble King Alteon has just received word of this new threat. "This is troubling, indeed.", he says in his famously calm and thoughtful voice. He knows in his heart that his Kindgom will soon be in danger. But he smiles, confidently knowing that he is a major character in a huge RPG. Which means... soon, he will have the honor of meeting the hero who will ultimately save his Kingdom and quite possibly... the world!

.... boy is he going to be surprised how things actually go.

This week we are going to release the first part of Frostvale! Starting this year, Frostvale will be a linear chain quest which will plan on extending each year. That means if you play the first part this year -- you will be ready to start on just the next stuff next year. However, new players will be able to play all the way from the beginning next year (sorta neat!)

Bad Math!
22,000 + 23,000 = 45,000! (Good thing Zhoom does all the math instead of me)

Dec 9, 2006
New Record! Wooooooohoooooooooo
23,000 simultaneous players on DragonFable! Congratulations everyone! (22K on AQ, which means 45 thousand people are playing our games at the moment this was posted.... lets take a moment to just say WOAH together.) Oh yes, you made the right choice, we are going somewhere.

Dec 8, 2006
Friday Release... RELEASED!
Relog into the game to get the newest version of the engine and be the first to....

  • Beat the 100 Room Fire Dungeon!
  • Get Capes and Wings
  • Get your PvP Rank!
  • Earn new PvP Reward from new Battlespire shop
  • New combatants added to the arena (Thank you Promoters!)

Yix's Old Man Krodgity impression....
Just made Zhoom and I laugh so hard that my lungs nearly stopped working. We need voice acting in DF!

Are you ready for the 100 Room Dungeon?
Even in ArchKnight I never dreamed of making a dungeon larger than 49 rooms. I am putting some things in it to help make rooms a little easier to remember. You are going to want a piece of paper and a pencil to beat this.... I thought I could just "wing" it but I made a wrong turn around one wrong set of corridors and *gulps* I became completely lost.

Cysero will be picking the name for the wings form the official Forum post soon and.... wish us luck, we are going for an early launch today! (Between noon and 3pm EST)

Dec 7*, 2006
Happy Birthday Pae!
If you would like to celebrate, get your Pae birthday party hat in game at Patch's barbershop.

100 Room Dungeon
Woah! So be it.... Jedi!

About the first 100 room dungeon: We have limited time to put it together for you (since it is due tomorrow and we are working on finishing PvP too) so here is what to expect. One floor.... 100 rooms.... no maps.... spread out monsters.... scaling (so everyone above level 5 can play -- including your rare item hunter characters), completely random.... an Ultra Rare Prize -- the first set of Wings ever added to DragonFable (Two versions, one normal, and one DA version that gives a +1% bonus to critical hit).

Now... we need a name for the Bat Wings. Something that symbolizes that they are indeed the original. Do you have a good name for the wings? See you on the forums!

* Curse you evil time travel fairy!

Dec 6, 2006
Friday's Release
All 20 PvP Ranks for the Duelist Arena will be available starting with Friday's release. We are also adding CAPES*! There will also be a new quest**.

* You could create a warrior in blue armor named Klark Cent and get a red cape.
** Yesterday's idea was a 100 room random dungeon! But everyone I picthed it to said that it would be to insanely big and that no one would want to play it :-( So we are apparently making a more reasonably sized adventure. *coughs* Unless everyone were to complain REALLY bad about how bad everyone wanted a bonus 100 room dungeon just to say they beat a 100 room dungeon *end cough* We could stick a prize in it to show off that you actually beat it.... like... oh... lets say..... *thinks* a place to trade your white Dragon Head in exchange for detachable bat wings? If it were me, I would put a post something on the forums saying "100 Room Dungeon Please!" or find one that already said it and /agree. If.... you were goign to do something like this -- be polite (or you will get me in trouble! When Cysero reads this he is going to keeeeeel me)

Dec 5, 2006
Cysero says, "Artix! Do not write that... do not write that... NO, seriously... do not write that!"


OK, but I think it is a REALLY GOOD IDEA* for Friday's release. Also, we will be launching PvP ranks, capes, and some new stuff! - Artix

* .... start running now.

Dec 4, 2006
Weakly Hurled News
When we say we are making headlines... we are, um... really making the headlines!

*Casts Cure*
I got ill again last Friday.... I blame the pesticides they sprayed here. It is nothing short of a miracle that the PvP grounds were released. That is why I would like to give a HUGE round of applause to Cysero, Zhoom, Arklen, J6, Oishii, Reens, Pae, Seahawk and Geopetal for their amazing work on making the PvP arena a success. Everyone put everything that had into it and the first part looks great. This week, we are going to flesh it out.

Here are our priorities (Not in order):

  • PVP (Ranks and rewards) ASAP!
  • Capes and Helms (Finish Class fixes)
  • Duelist Class
  • Cordemi Key
  • Sparkeling sand
  • Ice Dragon Head
  • Frostvale Quest and Event
  • Guardian Armor Class skills and level up
  • Outhouse quest
  • Hydra Cave quest
  • Continue Amityvale Quests
  • Warlic area story quests
  • Robina area story quests
  • Add Colored Cysero NPC to shop.

Dec 1, 2006
The Aeris Battlespire is LIVE!
It was decreed by the good King Alteon that, "No man shall raise a sword against his brother while on the soil of this Kingdom". So, I guess he had a good chuckle when he found out Lady Keelia, Grand Master Duelist , took her PvP arenas to the sky. Behold... the Aeris Battlespire, a collection of floating dueling grounds which are only accessable by Airship. Spectators come from all over the world to watch as the greatest champions prove their mettle in one on one (with pets!) combat. There is only one rule: Absolutely no killing arrowed!*

The arena has just opened and champions are coming from far and wide to practice for the contests to come! Win tournaments to earn trophies and save them up to earn a higher PvP rank next week!

* So even if you get pulled under the ground by undead... you are um... just knocked out. Really!

Rolling out the art and code now....
*Gulps* Build upgrade imminent!

Only 1 thing left to do!
In 27 parts..... erm, we are going to just release the core PvP stuff and work on the additional functionality for an early release next week.

Tick... Tock... Tick.. Tock....
OMG, just when you thought it could not get any worse... the bugs! *Hides* You have no idea the horrors that are taking place. The horrors!

Aeris Battlespire PvP Tournament launches today!
It is already 1pm and we are so far behind that I think I can see the back of my head from where I am sitting.... but today we will release the first part of our new PvP Duelist Arena