April 27, 2007
Just released! Special Cutscene and new quest!
Speak with Ash and witness the darkness that approaches first hand. Then go on a quest to learn more about this evil figure and earn one of our newest wind weapons!

King Alteon was right to be worried!
It has been long since thought that the White Dragon Box would be delivered into the hands of the good King Alteon who would fullfill the ancient prophecy and save the world from darkness. <Glances at the screenshot> *Gulps* Hope there is a Plan B...

April 26, 2007
Hiya Heroes,

Artix and Oishii are busy working on one of those secret projects that I mentioned earlier SO I get to do the design notes again!

I don't know about you guys but it's been a fun week for us. Monday, we got the first semi-working dragon riding character class up and Artix and I got to fly around a flying quest that I slapped together.

Unfortunately I forgot to change our classes back to normal. The dragon riding Artix and I went live yesterday and found ourselves in the arena riding teeny tiny little dragons. Oops.

Needless to say, that the dragon hungry DF fans all went partially insane and the server which supports our forums melted into a unattractive pile of fused wires and silicon. There was a period of time, no less than an hour, where I and several of the Mods and AKs went 'round trying to kill all the "DRAGONS ARE OUT OMG!!!!11!one!!1!two" threads as fast as they spawned.

I was telling a friend about this event and I compared it to working in a pet store. Suddenly your shipment of 5000 yellow budgies (canaries) bursts open and you have to run around catching 5000 yellow budgies (canaries) with your bare hands before the cats and snakes eat them. I thought it was fun!

As soon as I am done writing this I will get back to work on tomorrow's release which (if all goes according to plan) will contain, Ash, Twilly, Sepulcher, Drakath, The White Dragon Box, More information on your own dragon, several new WIND weapons for free and DA players, AND a Dracolitch big enough to eat the worlds largest sheep without even chewing. If it still ate things. Which it doesn't. The Dracolich, not the sheep. I'm sure the worlds largest sheep eats quite a lot.

Paddle On!


April 25, 2007
See no Ebil, Speak no Ebil, Hear no Ebil!
Once upon a time in a old watch tower lived a old knight and his magical Mr. T Chia-pet sword. His late years were flaunted by his scruffy white beard. The battle worn armor he had worn in countless adventures rested peacefully on the fire place mantle as spiders and rust went about making it their happy homes. From his rocking chair he gazed through the window and up into the sky.... and what he saw dropped his jaw as he fell out of the chair backwards in a cloud of dust. He rose and rushed to the window. Muscles bulged underneath his wrinkled hands as his fingers clenched together into fists. Through clenched teeth he exhaled, "Impossible....".

See no Ebil

Production continues....
Two events will forever change the world DragonFable in the very near future. As usual, we are building stuff under the spell of haste and alacrity while reading your posts for inspiration and direction. I am very happy with the direction things have recently taken.... this is going to be epic. If you have any comments on what is most important in customizability for your Dragons... today is the day to say it!

April 24, 2007
No Cavities! Aliens! ...and Twilly's missing ear-chunk!
Boy, this would have been a good post had I not just been distracted by as shiny object. Oooh, sparkly! - Artix

Geologists like Stone Dragons!
Artix, Cysero, zhoom and Ghost are all hard at work on the DragonLord stuff (and it looks awesome). It brings to question, what kinds of things do DragonLords do? So far the only one we've met who is even close to a DragonLord is the evil DragonMaster FrostScythe. Frostscythe definitely has some uber powers (frozen arrows of pain = ouchies) but are they product of his interaction with his army of frost dragons (i.e. does the dragon make the DragonLord?) or maybe Frostscythe choose the ice realm and so the frost dragons were drawn to him? What does that mean as far as the egg you choose? As you dragon grows what kinds of skills will you gain? If your egg hatches a stone dragon (*cough* the best kind (;0 ) will all your attacks be stone-based? Lots of things to think about as you wait and watch patiently over your dragon eggs in the cave.


April 23, 2007
How's it shakin' Heroes?

Artix is at the dentist but decided to call and ask me to post something for you guys. It was really hard to understand him (his still had the spit vacuum in his mouth and refused to let them turn it off) so I'm not sure what he wanted me to tell you... instead I'll tell you this:

We are hard at work on Dragons. Baby Dragons (yes there will be a baby version, you expected them to hatch full grown?) will be slightly customizable (color, tail spikes... that sort of thing) and the FULL SIZED dragons even more-so.

We are hard at work on DragonLord armor. The art and skills are coming along but until you have dragons... no point in giving you the armor. You're called DragonLords...not DragonEggLords.

And yes, I'm aware that some of you are shouting "YES CYSERO (CRYSEO, CRSSYSO, KYSERO or however YOU say my name) YES! THERE IS A POINT TO GIVING US THE ARMOR NOW... WHICH IS THAT WE WANT IT NOW!" but to those people I say, Shhhh. Stop yelling, you'll break your Caps Lock. Then where would you be? You'd have to tape down the shift button. Yeesh.

We are also hard at work on more mini-games as well as quite a few secret projects that I can't tell you about but I can say that you should be excited about. You will have to take my word for that.

So what have we learned today?

1) Artix thinks that the spit vacuum is fun.
2) We work hard on a lot of things at once.
3) Abusing Caps Lock makes people cry.

Artix Entertainment; Putting the LOL back into lollygagging.


April 20, 2007
Friday Release!
It is a small release today, but we are working hard on the DragonLord stuff which is coming as soon as possible! We only had one terrible bug where if you accessed a book in the town hall library it caused the game to suddenly start showing all of the normally hidden off-screen graphical edges which looked BAD. As I write this the war is at 99% and I am heading home to get to the boss with you You beat them to fast! (Awww, save some undead for me next time) I am heading home to fight the boss!

  • Hydra Cave - DA only, accessable by Sir Pent on the bridge to Oaklore.
  • 15 New Weapons
  • Expanded Town Hall - with Mayor and the evil Laywer of Darkness
  • History Book - by Seahawk and Geopetal!

You know... it just does not have the same ring to it :-)
The war is at 93% Today is the day to finish it and bring sunshine back to Falconreach! While we continue working on the DragonLord class, quests, egg hatching, and all around general madness we have a small release today which includes the winner of last week's town vote -- the improved town hall! Town hall will be used for a great many things in the future... it will be where you eventually will go to complain about aligators in the sewers, vote, purchase land/houses/castles, form guilds, etc! The closer we get to finishing one thing the more I realize we need to do immediately after. At least we will never run out of things to make!

The forces of darkness have triggered a permanent Doom Weapon power increase.... it is almost as if the weapons are drawing in and charging up with

April 19th, 2007
My love, respect and appriciation for the AQ/DF Team
"I really need to pinch myself some mornings to believe this life is real. Today, as we are working on the DragonLord class, I took a moment to step back and appreciate the amazing people around me. They are indeed amazing. Every single person on our team is honest, friendly, loyal and real. I have had the honor of working beside powerful online visionaries like Galanoth, Warlic, Captain Rhubarb, Zhoom, Cysero, Safiria, Nythera, Oishii, Thyton, Arklen, Rolith, Miltonius, Geopetal and other great people side-by-side in person. I also get to work with online legends such as J6, Ghost, Falerin, Kalanyr, Hollow, Maxwell, smbDoll, Reens, Pae, and the incredible moderators on the forums. They all truly care about the games we are making for you and want you to enjoy them. The team puts their heart and soul into each release.... truth be told, many of you on the forums will never know the deep emotional impact your words have on us; good and bad. I look at the team and see creative geniuses fueled by a desire to continually make new and even better things every week. I guess what I am trying to say is... I am really grateful for getting to hang around you guys. Thank you." - Artix

April 18th, 2007
#7 in the entire World!
A BBC News article on the topic of Web counting tools showed the top 10 websites measured in time per visit. *rubs eyes and looks again* Yes, this is the top 10 web sites of ALL sites in the entire world. AdventureQuest made #7 with an average play time of 1h 35 minutes! (Screenshot) These numbers come from Nielsen / Netratings. Congratulations everyone -- I would say that is one for the photo albumn! (Holy chocolate fish beaks.... we beat Myspace AND the Cartoon Network!*)

* Followed be every single other site on the entire internet. We should all feel proud. Considering we are the ultimate underdog -- this is something really cool to be a part of!

April 17th, 2007
Lets make a show!
I am a huge fan of anime and manga*. Before working on AdventureQuest, I was heavily inspired by DragonBall Z, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Big O, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakisho and all of the other great shows they played on the Adult Swim block of the Cartoon Network back then. I was really sad at first when they showed how badly Futurama and Family guy whooped their anime lineup in ratings which led to the birth of lower budget animated comedy like Aqua Teen hunger Force, Sea Lab, 12 oz. Mouse, Tom goes to the Mayor, etc. Now... I was sad that they stopped showing anime... but, lol, the new shows were so funny. It was like they had a contest running over there at Williams Street to see just how bad of a show they could put on the air. I still watch the shows and laugh. We even met the creators of the Venture Bros last year at DragonCon**. So when we initially got the feedback from you guys on the Artix vs the Undead video we had a meeting and threw around some ideas. It took nearly 6 mos to produce that animated short which means we would need some major outside help to create it. But the AdventureQuest intro movie (same length) only took 1 week to create. *inserts short pause* ONE WEEK!? The best way to proceed is obvious. We are going to take on two video projects. #1 We are going to build our own animated series in house. 15 minute episodes based on the side facing art that is in the existing game. In fact, Miltionius already sent Warlic and I version one the intro animation! Voice acting is going to be interesting! #2 We are going to continue seriously talking with other companies about pitching a high quality anime-style show to a major network. When the time comes, I am going to ask for your help to make it happen. In the mean time.... any good scene writers out there? Seriously, how about we truly build this show together. I have a lot of ideas***, but how would you like to get your name in the credits too? What if our in-house show was actually created by the players of DF and AQ. We could run a contests for the things like scenes, dialog, situations and while actually producing the animation takes a while.... the end result we be something truly unique to our community. Who knows maybe our show could end up taking up precious anime space on the Cartoon Network one day too!

* Um, Artix... I think we figured that one out.
** They were the first two guys to see the Artix vs The Undead Video (on my iPod)
*** Bad ones of course!

Zhoom and I decided that instead of using up an inventory spot, we are going to create a brand new table in the database just for your Dragons. It will be database-size efficient because only people who completed all of the quests and obtained their Dragon Eggs will just any space (i.e. real players) It also allows us to add extra fields for additional customization like names, armor, special skills, age, and more. Oishii is putting together all of the dragon art while I am working on Dragon skills. At 3:20 I am taking a break to head over to the martial arts school and meet with the young students that we are building the MA minigame with. We actually did a test shoot a few weeks ago and sent the photos over to Warlic who got a demo working with the actual students fighting an alien in a mortal kombat style game. I went over to the school with Nythera during easter week to show them.. but everyone was on break. So today is the first time they are going to see it. I cannot wait to see their reactions! I am getting really far off tanget here... but as you might have noticed Warlic is suddenly very active in our projects. He recently left the cell phone game company he was working with to join us in Florida -- first to help us get caught up with our mini-games, then he will be using his magic and wisdom to help finish our long overdue Mech game. Was I supposed to say that yet? WHOOPS!

P.S. Nexx - Cysero says thank you for the 5 gold.

April 16th, 2007
This Week's Projects
Whew, I just finished a bunch of top secret meetings (actually, they were!) this morning. *Looks around* WHAT!? Cysero is gone until Thursday? Nooooooooooooooooooooo! *cries* We wish him a good time on his trip, may he research and create many strange magical items while he is away. In the mean time we have quite a full project list. I will share with you everything we are currently working on. Lets see:

  • End of Undead War (Next)
  • Upgrade Town Hall (Artix: Friday)
  • This Friday's Event (Artix: Hmmm, not sure yet... any ideas?)
  • Legend of the Dragon Lord (All: Dragon Hatching.... lots of work in progress!)
    • Quests, Weapons, Pets , Monsters
    • Baby Dragons
    • Young Dragons
    • Full Size Dragons
    • DragonMaster & DragonLord Class Armors
    • Dragon Dueling Arena
  • Xan's Volcanic Fortress (All: Work in Progress)
  • Deady, Jimmy the Eye and Valencia minigames (Warlic: 2 should be released on Friday)
  • AQ/DF Comic, First 5 pages (Thyton: Will post teasers as they are finished)
  • AQ/DF 15 minute show (Miltionus: Intro should be viewble later this week)
  • New Minigame Site (Rolith: 2-4 weeks out)

The "Legend of the DragonLord" is our #1 priority in DF. It is a huge project (which you are really going to enjoy) and I will be talking about it pretty much every day until it is released. The first, and most important thing to note is that your Dragon's will be customizable. The color/design you have already chosen for the egg will have an effect on what type of Dragon you hatch. This, and other things can be changed through questing and skill choices. I am very eager to raise the level cap to 40 (or maybe 50) and add new high level zones and quests. So much to do! *Gets working*

April 15th, 2007
Edited Screenshot Contest Winners!
In between battling the forces of undead, check out the winners of the Edited Screenshot Contest! I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. Zhoom, Cysero, Geopetal and I were looking through all of the amazing entries and then suddenly Cysero turns bright red and start laughing so hard that 2 minutes later.... still laughing.... he actually had to wipe the tears out of his eyes. You guys are incredible. Just incredible. A new contest is starting soon!

April Friday the 13th, 2007
Super Special Unlucky Weekend Event!
"The undead are here! The undead are here! Take my character with you so we can slay some undead together! Sorry guys.... time for me to go play!" - Artix

P.S. There are four rare drop items in this war including a brand new spooky mask :-)

Guardian Trainer -- Just Released!
The Guardian Trainer was the winner of the first ever DragonFable Town Vote. Today, along with the Robina Exp increase I am very pleased to announce that the Guardian Armor is now levelable with 13 unlockable skills! We also had time to do a lot of much needed catch up work this week to prepare for the DragonLord Class. I wish we would have been able to release the full Guardian armor before we left Beta. Remember, ONLY AdventureQuest Guardians were allowed in the DragonFable Beta... and that is when this armor was created for them (and supposed to be finished). To the Guardians, please accept our sincere thanks. We hope you enjoy this armor and are eager to hear your feedback as it will greatly influence upcoming classes that will be available to DF players such as Ninja, Paladin, Necromancer, Pirate and of course... DragonLord! As Guardians you were supporting this new game when this game was just a few scribbles on a piece of paper* and for this I am grateful and happy to make good on my promise to you. Now, DragonFable is supported by those who wear a Dragon Amulet around their necks.... they will experience and get the amazing weapons, armors, pets and special features coming in DragonFable, and, like you, will find that special perks will await them in games yet to be created**.

* Actual Design Document
***coughs*DLX-3 DragonLord Assault Mech Chassis *coughs*

Town Vote Winner
Improvements to Town Hall! (100,000 gold). The next vote will be starting shortly. Forum Question: What would you like to see in Town hall?

Robina Area EXP Increase!
The quests and monsters in Robina's area have been upgraded with a 150% increase in experience. This should make going from 8 to 12 a lot easier... and for the next part of the Dragon Lord quests you will need it!

April 12th, 2007
Coffee Shop... of the Dead!
Yesterday I went on a secret quest. *puts finger over mouth* Shhh... I will not tell anyone about it if you do not. *Checks the Calendar to see tomorrow's date again* WOOOOHOOOOOO!

Guards Guarding the Guardian's Guardian Tower
Tomorrow we will be releasing the very first levelable class armor in DragonFable.... The Guardian Class! This is so exciting! To unlock each skill you will go on a different quest. It is different from how things were done in AdventureQuest as you will get a different objective each time. It might just be to read a book, or to collect a few items, or to defeat a difficult monster, or to do something wierd. For example, one of the quests is to obtain your Guardian Blade... which is required to use a few of the skills. I hope you like as much as we do (it is fun!)... and if you do, creating more classes should be fun and fast!

Forum Question: What class (After DragonLord of course!) would you like to see next?

P.S. I like how Geopetal writes in Purple and Cysero writes in Green.

April 11th, 2007
It seems another wave of undead is attacking the coffee shop… how very unlucky for them. They’ve begun to gather on the edges of town and they’re slowly conquering and taking over the necessities. Caffeine, exit routes, coffee, random weapon chests, cappuccino, biscotti, sugar…. er, wait… What do these undead want? Why do they always seem to gather on Fridays? Where’s my mocha?

As this new war looms on the horizon, and we get out our rabbit’s feet and twelve-leaf clovers, we would like you to reflect on the boss monsters seen in the past wars. So many new boss monsters have been introduced (and pwned) such as such as Lord Frydae, Krakhim, Bassault and the very ebil DoomKitten (to name only a few). Out of all the bosses that your adventurer has come across in the many wars, who was the most dangerous? Who do you want another crack at? Who do you still feel the need to prove yourself against in a fight?

Town Vote Update:
Work has progressed nicely on the Guardian Armor, we have a list of awesome skills and Cysero, zhoom and Ghost are all working feverishly to get the armor ready for release for you. (Ya’ll wanted that Guardian Attack Hamster, right?) I’ll be hard at work training those Boulder Elementals in Robina’s Zone (maybe a few others too) so they provide more experience in battle.

See you on the forums!


April 10th, 2007
New Forum Contest - Edited Screenshots
Just posted by Geopetal! Create your funny, clever, crazy, or dramatic edited screenshots and enter them in our first DragonFable edited screenshot contest. See the official post for rules. This is a short contest -- it ends Friday at noon!

Dragon Meeting....
Draggin on!

April 9th, 2007
Ketchup Week!
I feel like we are a little be-Heinz after rushing the last update. Sure, doing things fast is an important part of our Kraft, but there is always a rush to satisfy the Peoples Choice. (Now if I could just find a way to force Del Monte and Frenches into this post) So this week in DragonFable we are implementing the first player town vote (Guardian Trainer, and Robina EXP update) and if you look at the date for this Friday on your calendar.... *dances the happy Paladin undead-slayer dance* You should know what to expect! (If not, check the forums -- the elite players there know EVERYTHING) This and more coming this week! Oh, new forum contest starting tomorrow too!

But Artix............ MY DRAGON EGG!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow at the secret underground headquarters there will be a meeting. Everyone is required to wear giant black cloaks to conceal our identities and we can only meet under candlelight as we will release an EMP to destroy any electronic devices that may attempt to spy on what is being said. Such security! What topic would require such drastic measures you ask? Oh yes... it is as you assumed; Your Dragon! Guard your eggs closely my friends. I will share what I can with you soon....

*Thunder crackles in the distance*

P.S. Shhhhh - From Warlic
P.S.S. New Forum contest starts tomorrow!

April 6th, 2007
Dragon Egg Day
7:00pm Update - It has been released and we are crossing our fingers that you enjoy it! Once you have completed all of the steps you will have a very interesting decision to make. We encourage you to discuss it on the forums with your friends before making yoru final decision. There is a funny thing about the forums.... sometimes when you guys say things, it changes the reality of the game to just be that way!

4:00pm EST Update - We are getting close but are being pinned down by a few game breaking bugs. If this did not happen every Friday I would think something was wrong with the universe. While you wait to obtain your Dragon Egg you could use this time to arm yourself with an excellent water weapon -- you may need one!

Town Treasury Voting: Week 1
The voting for the previous week ended early, but today is decision day. Next week we will be releasing the Guardian Class Trainer and increasing monster experience in Robina's zone.

Friday's at the Underground Secret Lab
As I press the button on the chair which triggers the secret elevator that takes me and my hot mug'o'tea* down through the floor and deep into the underground complex where we conduct our world-changing plans to create peace, harmony and happiness for mankind through PG13'ish** anime style games, I often reflect on how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such great people like yourself, the players on the forums, the team, and my family which is why I would like to wish everyone a safe and fun weekend, Battle on! ***

"Oh no, I forgot the tea!"
*pushes button to go back up*

* Highly recommended by Lady Caelestia as a substitute for coffee on high stress days like... oh... let us say FRIDAYS OF DOOOOOM!
** Odessa is our youngest player at (less than) 1 week old.
*** Nice run-on!

April 5th, 2007
Nose to the grind-element-stone!
Tomorrow we will be releasing the last part of the Dragon Egg Saga! I wish we had another week to prepare this for you, we are skipping over a lot of things that I would have liked to have done first. That is ok, we will go back and add everything else in later. Wish us luck as we go into crunch time -- tomorrow, the Dragon Egg Saga will .... *KABOOOOOOOOOOM!*

Forum Question: What do Dragon Eggs Taste like?

Tomorrow.... find out why we asked (This is so insane)

In this week's newsletter we let slip who has the White Dragon Box (Whoops!)

April 4th, 2007
Dragon Egg Saga Part.... woah, the last part!?
The last part until you truly have the egg safely in your possession at least! Cysero is building the new stuff like crazy. Rumor has it, this part will even show you where Cysero lives. I nearly shot milk out my nose.

Ad-nihilation day!
See, I can sound enthusiastic even when doing something that makes my gut wrench! *wrenches* Today we are testing ads on the forums. I SHOULD be more positive about this. Yes, ads are one of the things that will keep us from ever having to put a server cap on DragonFable. Yes, ads help us set up a cluster just for the forums and media servers which takes the pressure off game clusters (Remember the DF bandwidth chart? But it does not change the fact that I hate ads. I never wanted to put ads on the site, and still do not. It is a necessary evil (and it is EVIL!) but the benefits outweigh the annoyance of having a little banner on the forums. We are going to release a new header for the forums to make it less irritating and intrusive. Oishii is designing it now for you. We will need your help however!

Help us with the Ads
Google Ads are wierd... we have limited control over what they show on the site past entering filters and then manually blocking bad ads. This is where we need your help. A special thread has been created on the forums for removing inappropriate ads. Once they go live, please help us by reporting inappropriate ads so that we can filter them out. Filters take up to 3 hours to go into effect.

Here are the guidelines we set:

The OK list

  • Games
  • Movies
  • Manga
  • Art / Creative / Etc
  • Cars / Trains / Planes
  • Phones, Gadgets, etc
  • Anything that would be OK to be on TV during the daytime

The BAD list

  • No Adult Stuff. Period.
  • No Dating Sites
  • I have no idea what we will see... nothing that we as a community believe interferes with our moral values. This is our home -- if they want to support us, we appreciate it. But they must adhere to the rules we set as a result of this test.

Remember: This IS a test... that is why we are doing it on the forums. We need your help to learn how to do this. Galanoth, Captain Rhubarb, Reens, Geopetal and the team will be closely watching things and making changes. Alright.... as soon as Oishii finishes the header, let us see what horrors we unleash. *gulps*

April 3rd , 2007
Hi ya’ll, geopetal here with today’s Design Notes. I stole Artix’s spot at the office (I just told him that undead were attacking the coffee shop. o; That should keep him busy for a while.)

The new damage values for staves and daggers have gone live. This means that rogue daggers should now be doing similar damage to warrior’s swords (and those pesky rogue skills that only did one-hit of damage before will now have the boosted damage). Mages shouldn’t notice too much of a difference but this will definitely be helpful when new classes and armor (like… oh… Guardian) are released and making sure everyone’s inventories work at full damage capacity.

A few fixes to pass along. The Mollo Tree quest should be working properly now for those of you wishing to help Sir Vey in Oaklore. A bunch of weapon description typos were fixed as well, so make sure to update the ‘Pedia entries. Oh, and Valencia has also decided that, since she is helping you for free, to switch to a more *ahem* appropriate damage.

See you on the forums!

April 2nd , 2007 - Mega News day!
Fan Art Contest!
Winner(s) will be announced later tonight! There was so much amazing art submitted... I cannot believe how talented and creative you guys are! The moderators sent the art folks a message, "Wow, I would not want to be you guys. Glad we are not judging this one!" After our first time through the folder.... they are so right. Why do you guys have to be so good!!!!

ChickenCow Lords *Still Laughing*
Two games, two April Fools days pranks! We hope you enjoyed them. (Judging by the forums, the answer is... YES!) For the record, the ChickenCowReach release (even after having to get up at 6am) was my favorite moment in the games history so far. Not just because we covered the town with giant Chickencows and turned you into ChickenCowLords... but because.... *thinks* hmm, nope, that was it.

The Great ChickenCow Egg Hunt
Which hatched first, the ChickenCow or the Egg? This seems like the perfect week to be doing "Egg" stuff. So we hid ChickenCow armor as a rare drop item in several dungeons. That is all we can say -- work together on the forums to figure out where the armor drops! Alternatively you can obtain the armor through Cysero's shop for 45 DC. *Cluck, Cluck Moooooooo!*

More Egg Stuff... Dragonny Egg stuff!
Last week you obtained the Dragon Egg.... this week, you will do horribly embarassing and very memorable things to figure out which one it is! We have a lot to do this week getting ready -- wish us luck!

Town Voting
So many pages threads got added to the town voting that the mods had to lock the threads to save the poor database. It is clear that the Guardian Armor Trainer would have won on Friday when the voting was scheduled to end. We feel that we should do the Guardian armor upgrade AND do the second place vote for Robina's area exp increases (Level 5 to 12) which benefits a lot of adventurers. Here is where we could use your help.... Forums Question: Guardian Skills? We need 14 useful skills and a list of what you have to do to earn them! We should be able to release this on (hmmm, let us see) Friday the 13th.... Friday the 13th! UNDEAD! YES! YES! YES! *THANK YOU!*

Weapon Damage Doubling
Zhoom turned to me today and said, "Artix, we need to double dagger and staff damages." I gulped, smiled, and then said, "Oh boy". This is a result of the ChickenCow Armor and new horrifying things we learned. We have been back and forth through this for a long time (This all goes back to the duel wielding Rogues issue). So, sometime in the near future the damages of Daggers and Staffs will be doubled and roughly equal to the damage of Swords/Axes/Maces. Mages will get a damage bonus for using Staffs. Rogues will be able to do a single hit with a dagger with a single hit for bonus damage (110%) or duel wield (attack twice) for 55 to 60% dmg per hit. Warriors will get a bonus for using Swords, Axes, and Maces. You have to love it when we mess up and as a result have to make everyone do up to 10% more damage.

Other projects this month....
While the Dragon Egg Saga is our primary focus we have a lot of other things in development (moving at a mighty snails pace!). There is the the server re-arranging and new server cluster order (In progress), the Jimmy the Eye minigame which is 90% complete, the Voltaire "Deady" minigame which is 85% complete, the new DragonFable Website (60 or 99% complete.... depending on if you are someone from the business office asking me), the Final Puntasy Minigame (BEST MINIGAME EVER! ... 50%), The Martial Arts "Live Action" minigame (20%), an official AE minigames site is almost ready, a new AdventureQuest/DragonFable Comic is in the works, 2 AQ/DF collector art books are being created, and finally -- the super ultra mega top secret, PROMISE you will not tell anyone that we are even thinking about this, Mecha game engine has been created. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Then for DragonFable we have The dragon eggs hatching, Full size Dragons, Housing, the first round of new Classes, and an entire zone new zone coming out dedicated to Xan complete with a new mega all-server event.

Man... we are so bored. I wish we had something to do.

P.S. *Scratches sleep off the schedule*
P.S.S. In all honesty... thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this. We promise to do our best for you.

April 1st , 2007
There is no.... oh geez!
Dragons are old news, it is the time of the ChickenCow! Forget becoming a DragonLord... embrace your NEW destiny! ChickenCowLord! Want Milk AND Eggs? Discover the power of beef and poultry fused into a singular breakfast making beast. We are officially renaming the game to ChickenCowFable and will soon be selling the ChickenCowAmulet. Just consider the culinary potential!

P.S. Happy April Fools!
P.S.S. I woke up at 6 am to do this release... was the joke really on me?
P.S.S.S. Forum Quest: What sound *should* a Chickencow make!?
P.S.S.S.S. NOTE: This is a ChickenCow, we did NOT make a CowChicken... that is just WRONG!