What a morning!

July 30th, 2008
Monkee Madness!

Just a quest note to let you guys know what we're workinng on for this weekend.

First off, Ikea's House Items shop will be opening in Dragevard, and at LEAST one of Galanoth's 3 random quests will appear. If we have enough time, I'd like to add some people aroudn town whom you can talk to.

People wandering around the streets is something that has been missing from most of the towns recently. I'd like Dragesvard to feel more like Oaklore keep than The Sandsea.

Some of Ikea's house items will be sold for gold and some for Dragon Coins, but all the types of items (Stuff, Rugs, Shrubs, Wall Items) will all be together in the same shop, so make sure that you read the descriptions before you pay for a giant Galanoth statue carved from ice for your living room.... because that will be for your lawn.

Does having a giant non-melting magical ice culpture on your lawn make more sense than having it in your living room? No, not really, but that's the way it is.

ALSO, the finale of the Pirate / Ninja Inn quest chain kicks off with a Monkee War!

The Monkees are sick and tired of being the ones to suffer through all of these pranks and they've decided to take it out on you. When you fight in the war you will be magically transformed into a Monkee (either Pirate or Ninja depending on which side you decide to fight for).

When the war ends it will be added to the quest chain as a 5 wave mini-war quest, but the FULL WAR will have special rare item drops that you won't be able to get after the war is over! You also help us make the war chest... whichever side wins the war... we will be making monkey themed weapons based around either Pirate Monkees or Ninja Monkees!

Remember, you won't be able to fight in this war unless you've played the entire quest chain up to that point, so if you have been slacking off, now is the time to catch up!


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July 25th, 2008
Olaf's Party!

If you haven't been to Dragesvard yet then you don't know about Olaf's party.

You should probably go check it out. I'll wait here.


You couldn't get in either? Yeah, I forgot to bring something too. Maybe next week. I ran all around Dragesvard and found a lot of notes on a lot of doors. I'm not sure what I'm missing but almost everyone is there!

There are a few people not at the party. Galanoth, of course. BorkBork in the weapon shop (three new weapons), Fenrir in the helm shop (five never-before-seem helms) and Brunhilda the Gryphonmaster seem to get out of work later than everyone else. Maybe I can hook up with them later after I pick up some buns for the sausages.

Galanoth is pulling double duty too. He's still hanging out in Falconreach looking for willing heroes as well as setting up shop in Dragesvard. That makes sense since I can get from one town to the other that fast too. That gryphon sure is fast!

We also have the next quest in the Pirate / Ninja Inn quest chain. I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be the last straw. I mean... we know what happens when you drop Water Breathing potions in the water.... we can breathe it. SO what happens when you drop an Air Breathing potion in a ninja inn? Hmmm?

I'm beginning to smell a monkee war! Or is that the pirate Inn that I'm smelling!

I gotta go to the grocery and pick up those sausage buns.

See you guys at Olaf's! Have a great weekend! Or else!


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July 24th, 2008

Dragesvard is a town built into a floating glacier that follows a tight tidal orbit. It flows into the path of mirgating seals, and various forms of arctic fish keeping fishing and seafarming market stalls full year-round. Because it's on the move and protected by an overhead sheath of ice, it's very well defended against the ice dragons who have been terrorizing the frozen northlands. They have destroyed almost every other human settlement.


This is where Galanoth, the Dragonslayer has decided to make his stand against these marauding monsters, and make the northlands once again safe for settlement.

It's up to you to find out why these ice dragons have decided to organize and attack human towns. Galanoth doesn't really care why they are attacking... he just wants to stop them.

Hopefully, Friday we will have a brand new town for you to walk around. It won't have any quests but it should have places to explore and people for you to talk to. Myabe a few shops where you can pick up some new weapons, items and maybe a house item shop hiding among the frozen streets. No promises.

This weekend we are also releasing the next quest in the Pirate / Ninja Inn quest chain... After the noxious clouds of monkey gas drove most of the business from the Pirate Innkeeper has decided that the gloves have come off. This week, it's No-More-Mister-Nice-Pirate!

You know, this kind of escelation can only end one way.... a monkey filled WAR!




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July 21st, 2008
Lore's Next Top Model Home!

Housing is here! But our next big question is... How have you decorated? Are you inspired by the chaotic styles of the mad weaponsmith? Do you like sedate, classy lines (the endtable with roses is so swanky!)? We'd like to see just what YOU have done with your house and all the items that are available for it!

Winners will be selected in the categories below. Your chosen character will receive a reward of DragonCoins. One grand prize winner will receive 2,000 DCs. As always we reserve the right to award additional prizes to those of you who go above and beyond, or just do something really, really cool-looking.

Contest runs from Monday, July 21, 2008 through Monday, July 28. Winners will be announced on Monday, August 4, 2008.
Contest closes at Noon server time, Monday, July 28.

Funniest combination (bedroom)
Funniest combination (livingroom)
Funniest combination (outside/other)
Best combination (bedroom)
Best combination (livingroom)
Best combination (outside/other)
Note: Only two entries per person (must be in the same post and you must post your Character ID # to be eligible.


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July 18th, 2008
So spooky...

Have I ever mentioned how creepy the underground lab is at 3 AM? No? Well, it is. No, I'm not afraid of the dark! Pandora, my faithful (well...she's as faithul as a cat can be) pet, agrees!

Pandora(some of you have seen her while visiting my DF House (ID#35)) and I were about to finish up work (She likes to "help" by unplugging my network cables and disconnecting my mouse) when I realized some horrifiyng undead minions were trying to slowly roast me alive.

Or... That my air conditioning was on the fritz.

Either way, I blame the MechQuest Gremlins.

So, Packing up Pandora's commode,my laptop, and a few over-caffienated drinks, we made the great journey to the underground lab, where she's standing guard against undead minions(Good thing Daimyo is out of the office today) and I'm trying to get a bit more work done before I grab a few hours of sleep somewhere comfortable.

We are Live! But we have some bugs. As usual.

The funny thing is that the thing that we've been testing the longest (buying more house item slots), in testing for several days now) and we were very comfortable with... seems to be broken. Rolith is working on that now.

And apparently he fixed it. So we're good there. If you tried to buy space and thought you had your DC's taken from you.... you didn't. it only looked that way. If you log back in you will see that you've lost nothing! Smiley face!

You will notice that a dragonslayer named Galanoth has replaced Thyton in town. If you talk to him you will find that he is offering several weapons, helms, a cloak and a belt in exchange for proof of your adventures. This shop is a limited-time-only shop (at least a week, maybe more) and every single item is for ALL players!

Also released this week is the next chapter in the Pirate / Ninja Inn quest chain! If you are offended by farting... you might wanna skip it. Be sure to check out last weeks quest again. We forgot to add the end cutscene.... we fixed that too!

We have also added over 50 new house items, including 2 new catagories... Shrubs (for the front lawn) and Rugs (which are rugs).

These Items are:


Old Checkered Floor
Shiney Checkered Floor
Marble Tile

24 ALL NEW! Including functional Healing Pad and fuctional Slightly Broken Healing Pad (as seen in Valencia's area)

Celestia's tea party
Inn Table (with mugs)
Omelette Table (from the dragon egg chain)
Wasabi Table (showdown between King Burgers and Holy Wasabi!)

18 New Items Including...
Necro U. Hand Book (which plays Warcry Of The Paladin when clicked!)
Wall Vault (Which WILL SOON open your bank, right now... it's just pretty.)
Pictures of most of the DF Wallpapers
Poster of Sir Ver!
Doctor Voltabolt's Corkboard!

13 ALL NEW! Including Artix lawn statue of gold and silver that loads the Artix Guest, and an Outhouse that loads the Outhouse Prank quest from Oaklore!

So what is that... 64? Yeah. 64 new items! Some are gold, some are DC and some of the older items have been updated to do things that they didn't do last week! Have fun figuring those out.

Have a great weekend! Or Else!


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July 16th, 2008
A Little Help From My Friends

We've got a few new fun house items coming out this week (like the Oaklore and Lymcrest locations and a Framed Necro U Handbook that you can mount on your wall.... and if ya click on it, it plays Warcry Of The Paladin) , and some more planned. But what I really wanna know is...

...what do you guys want to see? As you can see, he11ix has gathered a
lot of great suggestions
and we'd like to know what the rest of you have in mind!

We've got 2 new item types coming this week: Rug Items and Shrubs (which are items that you can put on the 4 item spots in your front yard. Randor The Red suggested an outhouse. I like it!) so load us up on those!

Some of you have been wondering what Cysero's Left Sock will do for you. I have already dropped a hint on the forums. Some of you who were around when I had my little... accident... with the guardian tower. This is a nod to you veteran players! Things have changed a LOT in DF since then... thanks for sticking around!

We are also working on a pretty good sized shop for the Scavenger Hunt (more like a Farming Hunt, really) including at least one set of level 40 free weapons! These guys will be pretty nice in terms of power and stats since they will be for a limited time, and all of them will have new, never before-seen art!

Geo is back on the case and building the next Inn Quest! The Ninja Innkeeper was not amused by last week's prank and has decided to take the prank war to the next level! Make sure to check in at the Shadow of The Wind Inn on Friday to see what the next step is! (after we release....duh). See you there!



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July 14th, 2008
It's Not Much But It's Terrific


I gotta say, a lot of you guys did some stuff with the houses that we didn't think of. They look terrific. Some of them look really REALLY terrific!

In fact, starting NEXT Monday (not today) we will be running a Top Houses contest (Lore's Next Top Model....Home), with a grand prize of 2000 Dragon Coins! That's a full pouch guys, so make 'em pretty, funny, silly, eye catching... in short, make 'em terrific. Remember, doesn't start until NEXT Monday. Try and enter the contest before it exists and the world may end. You don't want that on your conscience.

This weekend we will be releasing some new terrific items, a great deal of which came from terrific player suggestions including Shrubs and other lawn decorations (like Lawn Sneevils... heh), some carpets, rugs, healing pads, broken healing pads, mysterious red stains that just won't wash out of the floorboards... adding some items to the gold and DC shops, and adding some terrific functionality to some of the existing items. We also plan on opening up the ability to purchase additional housing inventory slots. I don't know about you guys but I've already run out of space.

We are also trying something new.

We're going to try a kind of scavenger hunt. A new, terrific NPC will be replacing Thyton on Friday and this NPC will have a very interesting shop that will last for a limited amount of time. This shop will be filled with terrific weapons, items and maybe even a rare pet... ALL of these items will be available for EVERYONE (we haven't forgotten you, beloved free players, but Housing is a BIG project... excuse the mess)... but they will be merge shops. Maybe you need 10 Sandsea Treasures and 5 Defender Medals. Maybe you will need 15 Pouches of Sparkling Sand and 1 Unlucky Doom Essence. It will give you a terrific chance to run all over DragonFable and visit some of places that you haven't seen for a while!

I'd like to say that we will have the next Pirate/Ninja Inn quest, but Geo has been putting those terrific quests together and she's not feeling terrific today so might have to wait a week on the next chapter.

Ok...I have officially broken that word.



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July 11th, 2008
House Party!!!




Who wants to come over? I have some hand me down furniture but the new stuff should be arriving any minute now!

In Da House

We are running a bit behind schedule (which has me angry, I have ice cream waiting for me) but it will be very worth it. 100 items turned into 150 items(including my sock which will do some fun stuff in a later release, a snow globe that plays music and a few other neat surprises), several different floor types and locations like Falconreach, Osprey Cove, Shadow Of The Wind Village, The SandSea, Xan's Volcanic Zone and Doomwood!

Once we launch thos release, there will be a Houses button in Falconreach which will show you the different styles of houses and let you choose one of your own, go to your house or even visit a friend's house of you know their Character ID. The Item shops are in an easy-to-find location right next to your house and you can't beat free, instant delivery of any furniture that you order.

You will only have 20 house item inventory slots but you can sell anything that you buy for the normal buyback rate. Plus I think you don't even have 20 house item slots.

Here is how you work the houses:

Hit the MANAGE button. Little gold rings will appear. If you click on these rings, your inventory will open up. Just pick what you want to place there and hit EQUIP or REMOVE until you get the layout that you like! It's that simple!

In the future, you will be able to decorate your lawn, upgrade your house, we will be releasing a ton of new items... some of which will launch quests, play songs or do other interesting things. We are also planning a special closet that will hold every armor that you have unlocked, so you can equip any available class right from the comfort of your bedroom (or whatever room you put the closet in).

I'll let you guys know as soon as we are live!



Until then, we got it hard... 2nd floor living without a yard.
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July 10th, 2008
Home Sweet Home!

It's nice to have a place of your own.

Here I am, proud home owner, standing outside of my very first house!

mushaboom mushaboom

As you can see, I chose the Villager style home (one of 3 possible choices) and the Falconreach background (more of those to pick from too). This cozy little place has 3 warm, well lit rooms (they are well lit because I can add as many windows as i want, in 10 different styles!) which offer a Dragonlord a VERY customizable experience.

There are over 100 possible items with which you can decorate your new pad, from different styles of floors, columns (including my personal fav, the Xan fire column), to couches, chairs and stools, beds, tables and that's just the beginning.... have you ever wanted your own Reens' style alchemy lab in your house? How about your own Sword N' The Stone? How about your very own Saucy Puppet Show?

Want a place for your baby dragon to sleep? Place a comfy dragon nest at the foot of your bed or show him that you really care and spring for the regal DELUXE model! Every baby dragon needs a litter box! Cover the walls with model versions of the necro-staff, paladin sword, ninja weapon set, ranger gear or other class weapons! Show your addiction to PVP by sporting the battle flag from the battlespire... or a banner of the majestic chickencow!

You can see where I'm going with this.

If we have enough time, some of these items might have special effects... like refilling your potions or health, or launching a quest (Yes, you can buy a taime traveling phonebooth of your very own). Eventually we plan on adding TONS more functionality, like the ability to buy travel buttons to your favorite locations! Buy your own gryphon or magic portal! Set traps, so if someone is poking around in your house it will instantly cause a PVP battle with the house's owner! These are all big MAYBE ideas but we're full of them... some of them will work for SURE!

It's your personal space... go nuts!

This weekend we will also be launching the second of the Pirate/Ninja Inn battles. Mae Pi wants revenge on the ninja innkeeper, and he expects you to lend a hand!



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July 8th, 2008
So, it's a little after the 8th...

But who's counting? Anyways... The Necromancer class may have been a bit... overtweaked on monday. It's been buffed up a bit again.

Final now does a bit more damage, Summon has been boosted a bit, and lost a cooldown turn.

Don't say we never do anything for you guys and your rampant obession with slaying things with your undead minions...

Restart your browsers and log in now to get the changed version.

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July 7th, 2008
Lets Get One thing Straight...

We are NOT working on getting housing done this week... Nope...

*Sounds of obvious construction continue in the background*

Hey Rolith, where do you want the "House building for Dummies" books?

You showed up just to prove me wrong don't you?

Prove you wrong? Nah, the sock cages are in your general direction. We're working on housing. It's our big project right now. Never said it was coming out this week. Artix DEFINATLY didn't say it was coming this week either.

Really? Seems like he did on the AQ Worlds Design Notes this morning...

No. He dosn't say it's coming this week!!! *DENIAL GLARE*

Fine, fine. Whatever. Coming AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (NOT DEFINATLY THIS FRIDAY!)! Housing! Yay!

Also, Necromancer Armor has been balaned and bug fixed. A few bugs let it do extreme ammounts of damage that have been brought in line with it's position on the armor scale. Released Now!

Also ALSO, we have some winners from our Screenshot Contest! Here, they are. They will show up on the screeny page as soon as we get a chance to update it.

Here they are broken down by ctatagory by the tireless forum mods and AKs (thanks guys)! The winners each get 350 DC each and the honorable mentions get 250 DC each.

- Battling with Artix (Unas)
- Shatter the earth (Xianyd)
- Dragon fighting dragon (StarofSaffron)
- No match for flaming weaponry (draketh99)
- Fight against titanworms (Chickencowlord)
- Invite friends along! (TiamatRoar)
- Xan Titan battle (callistra)
- The power of a DragonLord (Nelioka)

- Falconreach during Mogloween (Kiki)
- Explore unique places (Romak)
- The Sandsea at Night (Luggy)
- The Necropolis (Lucidar)
- Rare magical devices (egg 32)

- Alchemy training (DarknessPK)
- Yulgar at the weaponsmith forge (alabama_pitty)
- Cysero's DragonCoin shop (latedog)
- Outlandish hairstyles (Lake)

- Banking system (ZzlzhTt)
- Become a Paladin! (alabama_pitty)
- Ninja armor (Howler)
- Pirate armor (dante817)
- Custom DragonLord armor (Viviperous)

- Kungfu dragon pet (the zpy)
- Dolls as pets? Scary! (Soul Taker)
- Snowman Walking (Howler)
- Dragon pet (quatrerwinner1)

- Put Your Heart Into It (Puppy)
- Millions of undead to fight (BigBen14)
- Dragon hatching music (Fallen Slayer)
- Honor in the face of temptation (theoutcrowd)
- Zombie humor (shadow_andy123)

- Instant dragon pet summon with an Amulet (Death Lord)
- Battle in wars (Spectrous)
- Battle mutants (Nessa Ellensse)
- Weaponsmith crafting game (Wolkanne)
- DF has puppets! (Shadow6448)
- Controlling characters (lellyna)
- Noxus, Dean of Necro-U (Luggy)
- Zhoom (Mike446)
- Sek Duat XV (Kitsukaru)

Honorable Mentions
(250 DC prize)

- Quest for elemental orbs (bigwavedave)
- Battle dark bosses (Omegakain)
- Guardian Dragon at your command (Cheddar)
- Demonic pets assist necromancers (Vortal)
- Purified Doom weapons (wolfman_naruto)
- Evolved DragonLord armor (Mighty Dark Lord)
- Dragon pet mischief (Aaronrules380)
- Fighting Undead with Wasabi Paste (VertofWar)
- What do hawks eat? (atticus239)
- Inventory humor (Windy)

Thanks for another great contest guys! Just think, all these screenshots that you guys took will be one of the first thing that someone sees when they come to DragonFable.com to check the game out! Great job!

Ok, ok... so if..... IF..... we were to release housing this weekend... and IF we were to release a lot of items for gold and a lot more of the cooler items for DCs... then, how many DCs would you guys be willing to pay for...

...My left sock?

Big Joe's Settin' this dude up!
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A Zippo!

July 4rd, 2008
Weekend Rares, New Quest, and New Classes (sort of)!

Happy 4rd of July!

As you probably know by now, the 4th of July weapons are for sale to Dragonlords ONLY from the button in Falconreach. Remember, these are HOLIDAY WEEKEND RARES and may never appear in game again/ Be sure to grab them before they vanish.

this is what they look like, remember from yesterday?

In addition to these rares... THE RELEASE IS LIVE! (we're EARLY!)

Necromancer armor and Death Knight armor are now AVAILABLE IN GAME! Speak to Artix in the Nceropolis zone about unlocking and training these armors (look for the Other Classes button). Keep in mind that you can't unlock Death Knight until you have mastered ALL the Paladin and Necromancer class skills!

Also, this week we start a now fun side-quest chain! The Inns on Sho Nuff Island are now open for business and the owners, Pi Mae and Mae Pi, have it in for each other! The Ninjas strike first in this monkee filled quest chain, so head to the Shadow Of The Wind Village and ask around... I'm sure there is a way that you can help. Those dirty pirate apes his hard so bring lots of potions!

That's it for me, guys. I'm blasting Tom Waits, picking up a friend, grabbing some Indian Food and heading to the beach before the sun sinks into the ocean and the light show starts! Have a fun and SAFE Independence Day weekend!

Remember: If you see a firework heading straight for you.... move.


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July 3rd, 2008
Pre-Independence Day

Happy 3rd of July!

Tomorrow is Independence DAy in the U.S. and to celebrate we are opening up a DA ONLY shop in Falconreach and selling (for gold) some 4th themed weapons! They are Freedom, Independence and Liberty!

When the special goes off, so do the fireworks, and they will attack the emeny with 1 of 3 random elemental damage effects! Fire, Wind or Water. They will also tint the monster accordingly (Red, White or Blue)!

These pretties will go on sale at Midnight tonight! (12:00 AM server time) and will leave the game on Monday morning (Whatever Time I get To Work AM server time).

Tomorrow, we are planning on the FULL release of both Necromancer AND Death Knight armor! Remember, you need both Pali and Necro FULLY trained before you can start training your DK armor!

On top of that we are ALSO releasing the Inns in Shadow of the Wind Village and Osprey Cove. These two inns offer rest for weary travelers (that is unless you're a pirate looking for a bed in the ninja village or vice versa). The two owners of this fine establishment are bitter rivals and are constantly playing pranks on one another.

The innkeeper at the Shadow of the Wind Village will have a job for you... the first of many.


So... I wandered by my computer a few minutes ago...and saw Alac had a MSN waiting for me.

Alac(12:30 AM) : Um... Rolith... I know you wanted to nerf necromancer a bit...but...

Alac(12:30 AM) : Why take away all the skills but shield?

It goes without saying... That wasn't the intended result. It was a mistake made while getting the armor ready for release tomorrow. We're sorry to cut testing a few hours short, but check back tomorrow for it, and DeathKnight's full release!

...Yes... It did get a bit nerfed. Sorry!