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October 31st, 2008
Happy Actual Mogloween!

It's October 31st... Officially Mogloween with candy and spooks and candy!

We're really in the spirit this year as we have just added 2 brand new spooky quests to Amityvale. One of which you can get from Thursaday and you will recognize if you ever watched any cartoons or movies about gangs of friends with a talking dog who solve mysteries.

Next, if you walk down the AMityvale path you will see across from the Pumpkin patch a new path has opened in the hedges! This new hedge maze is a great addition to the Amityvale path and offers a rare, Mogloweeny pet to anyone who can defeat the challenge area (look for the red, glowing bush).

Lastly we have the next step in Dragesvard chain. Galanoth sends you to try and convince the xenophobic Tuskers to join the humans, killguins and Ursice savages as they unite to stop Aisha from making her icy dreams come true. This new quest offers three brand new helms as drops.

Next week the Months of the Dragons begins, and we have a LOT already in the works for that including the NEXT step in the dragesvard chain, a new dragon filled quest in Celestia's zone and DA testing of the DragonFable Dragonslayer class armor!

It's getting late and I have candy to hand out, parties to attend and a new idea for a halloween whole wheat pumpkin bread that I want to try out. Have a great Halloween/Mogloween guys!

Try not to eat yourselves sick.



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October 30th, 2008
Working... Please Wait.

We've got some interesting stuff headed your way tomorrow.

We've got a paradoy quest that Rolith has been working on. If you haven't heard of it, then read the previous post that Rolith made. We've also got the next step in the Dragesvard quest chain coming, which will require some swim fins and a scarf. Lastly, we've got a new Lymcrest Labyrinth style dungeon quest which will be added to the Amityvale path. Alac has been working on that bad boy and It will be a new, fun haunted house style quest.

UNFORTUNATELY it looks like Dragonslayer will NOT be ready for DA testing this week... which makes me cry. Sad face. I was looking forward to that but Ghost is only human (and a dead one at that) and we've kept his hands very full this week.

Here's a sneak peek at the male D-slayer player armor.


It's not an exact replica of Galanoth's but Tomix made sure to design it so you would look awesome standing next to Gal. No helm yet and we haven't added the Baneblade to the file yet so he's still holding the default longsword... but you get the idea.

Once we get a

Now, I'm going to leak some info to you. I'm pretty useful when it comes to asking me what's going on and if you've ever sent me an e-mail with a question or asked me in AQW then you know I will give you as much info as I can... but I try and keep my mouth shut about most stuff until i'm pretty sure that it's on it's way.

Rolith is juuuuust about ready to test the ability to save your class armor.

How would you like to be able to log in and already be wearing your Necromancer, or Pirate or PumpkinLord or whatever armor? Your weapons, pet and items all ready close at hand and ready for adventure!

It will be a feature added to the Armor Closet house item (which makes sense... put on your clothes and then save them all at the same time). For anyone who has already purchased the Armor Closet then it wil be an upgrade to the thing, but if you haven't purchased one yet then it will come standard when you do.

That's all I got. Goo Goo G'joob!



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October 28th, 2008
We usually know what we're doing by now!

I've got a problem. I have a deep desire to parody a certain 1970s mystery cartoon, ideally featuring a talking dogs, a van, and some delectable dog treats. However, I can't use the show's name, the dog treat's name, or even the occasionally appearing sports team that spontaneously showed up for no good reason.

Also, I'm a bit out of ideas. I mean I've got Amityvale LORE Hikers, but beyond that I'm drawing a compleat blank. Wanna help?

As for what's coming this week, I can give you a bit of info on that as well.

For the closing of Mogloween, we've got the previously mentioned quest coming up, as well as a specially designed Lymcrest-dungon style quest done by Alac, which may, if we have time, have a mini-challenge for you all. Defiantly not featuring togs. Nope.

Dragesvard is moving forward this week, we'll be seeing the next quest released and the build-up to the confrontation with the Ice Queen stepping up another gear.

I don't know if you guys understand what's at stake with this coming war, but Aisha controlls an army of DRAGONS here. DRAGONS! ... DRAGONS!

Also, we're making progress with the DragonSlayer armor, and we may be calling on DragonLords soon to help test it. Maybe as soon as this weekend.


Sunday Night Suprise Post!

October 26th, 2008
Random Sunday Post!

I'm Just hopping on and checking the forums. The thread starting from my design notes post earlier this week is yeilding results! Heading South from Warlic's zone now takes you to Lymcrest (It was extremaly buggy before, but not that that's been solved, no reason not to take you there. Also, the guardian tower arena monsters have been updated, and I hope to keep them up to date as time passes

This goes along with dozens of bug fixes and typo correctilons that are slowly being made to the game as time passes. We're making good progress on the to-do list, even if it's still the size of a small football stadium.

Oh, By the way, be sure to wish Alac a very happy birthday! it's a little late, but she leveled up this weekend!


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October 24th, 2008
Happy Mogloween!

Hey, Mogloween is LIVE!

A few things to remember.

1). Do NOT accept apples as Mogloween Candy. It's not candy and it's not even funny. Its like those people who give out floss and fifty cent tooth brushes. They mean well, but they JUST DON'T GET IT.

2). YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE THE NECROPOLIS CHAIN as well as GET ALL 12 MOGLOWEEN MASKS FROM LAST YEAR before you can unlock this year's Mogloween event. I cannot Caps that enough.

3). While trick-or-treating in Doomwood you will still get last year's weapon drops. If you want THIS year's weapon drops, you have to beat the Boss Fight. *evin grin*. I'm a jerk.

Speaking of jerks, 2 weeks ago my car was sitting there, helplessly parked on the side of the street, minding it's own business when some jerk came and rammed into the back of it. They took off leaving only their front bumper (with no front plates. grr) for the cops. My car has been in the shop for 2 weeks so I have been working from home, from The Globe and from friend's apartments for the last 2 releases.

It really makes me appreciate people who telecommute every day. Ghost, this one's for you. At least I have a fantastic team of people that I work with, who are each very capable and each worth whatever two normal people would be worth.

Point is, that's why the release came a little later than we've been releasing lately.

Speaking of Ghost, here's a funny example of what happens when you name things the same, and what can go wrong.

For the past week Ghost has been seeing this:

And thinking to himself "Why is my giant head a monster? Are the guys trying to tell me something about the size of my head?"

You see, the problem is with the names that we use. We called the ghost monster "ghost" naturally, which is what Ghost, also very naturally, named his head. So he saw his giant head and we saw:

His face being haunted by evil spirits.

Just another reminder what can go wrong is you use the most obvious names for things... or you just name them Symbol 96 like every other symbol that you've ever made for the company... MILTONIUS!

Have a good weekend guys, and HAPPY MOGLOWEEN!



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October 22th, 2008
Big Ranty Kind of Post!!

It’s not often I get a few hours to look back when working at AE.  Usually it’s forward at all costs and at reckless speed.  We’ve built a brand out of that very concept, and it works very well, ya know, besides the occasional train wrecks of releases. The concept, however, doesn’t leave much time for reminiscing,   which is where this post comes in.

So, we week in, and week out, work to produce content at the highest level we can that you guys will enjoy as much as possible.  All the while, we are trying to tell a story, make you guys laugh, and take ourselves as non-serious as possible while still making you feel like a true hero.  It’s a very hard balance to keep.

Looking at things like the quest log, which hasn’t received any major additions for the last couple of weeks, it’s easy to understand why some things slip out of our perspective at the prospect of so much other work, especially when said quest log takes hours and hours of work to set up and layout one zone, and will require constant upkeep every week.

While the project to resolve the quest log is under way (it is btw! Promise!) There may be other things that have slipped us by, or things that you really like that you’d like to see more of (Lymcrest Challenges for instance).  Or maybe you’ve got an opinion on how difficult releases have been lately.  Too hard? Not hard enough? 

Basically... I’m curious…What is it you want to see out of Dragonfable in the coming months.  What have you really enjoyed, and what do you really want to see more of?  What have we done to keep your interests week after week that you’d love to see more of?  How can we make Dragonfable better for you?

This  isn’t about single requests or DA vs Non-DA content.  For the most part that stuff can’t be changed...but more a question of where you guys would like to see the game going.  Not that all considerations are going to be taken.

So, let’s chat!  I’ll see you on the forums!


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October 18th, 2008
Home...but watching you!!

With everything that has happened over the past week, we've been very busy. All we've done, all we've accomplished, in the MMO, Dragon Fable, and the rest of the games, it's hard to belive we'd be impressed with you....But I am.

Still, we've got yet another solution to another Lymcrest challenge, and I'm suitably impressed. Yet again you solved it long before I've expected.

Good night...and I will have another challenge for you soon!


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October 17th, 2008
Mogloween Revisited.

It's CANDY TIME, people! The sky is dark, the pumpkins are glowing and there is a chilly, crispness in the air. It's time for MOGLOWEEN!

We've got the first of a two part Mogloween holiday spectacular rolling out in just a few minutes! If you were here last year then you can replay all the fun quests from last year and if this is your first Mogloween then allow me to introduce the Cauldron Sisters... Bubble, (Bubble,) Toil and Trouble!

In this part of the release you can replay last year's Mogloween and relive the birth of the holiday... you can also get all of the rare holiday items from last year including the Pumpkin Lord armor, all the weapons and the DA only mask themed helms!

In order to unlock NEXT week's event you will have to have all 12 masks unlocked as well as having the Necropolis quest chain completed! Remember that I said that and start gathering candy!

We have also got 2 brand new releases for you. The next 5 amazing floors of the Lymcrest Labyrinth, in which Rolith has taken his sadistic streak to all new, terrible heights... and geo has put together a new quest for Thursday (Amityvale needed a new quest... tis the season!). Talk to her and see how your power matches against the threat known only as The Pit!

Don't forget that AQW starts it's Mogloween celebrations today too AND don't forget to come back next week for the all new DF MOGLOWEEN release!

Happy Mogloween guys!!!


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October 13th, 2008
Greetings from the Underground Lab!

Sounds like a fair few of you guys picked up on my birthday last weekend! Thanks for all the PMs, sorry I didn't get to respond to all of them. The cake was indeed not a lie, but tasty..and chocolate! YUM!

So, Alac has been down visiting the undergound lab, but she's not here just to sit around and laugh at all the horrible jokes we make (Looking at you, Galanoth). She's been learning some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to bug fixing and quest creation.

If you haven't been paying attention, you might not know that Alac has been instrumental in the revisions of the Lymcrest Labyrinth (and all the evil that it entails) and as fast as she was learning that system (which by the way, since I desgined was torture in and of itself, of course) we wanted to see what else she was capable of.

With her help, the bugs list got 15 items shorter this morning, and is continuing to shrink! The revisions will be rolled with the release Friday and include, among other things, fixes to Nythera's quest chain, double-Galanoths, and even some tweaks to the minor annoyances in PVP.

Also: Lymcrest floors 16-20 this week. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA...


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October 10th, 2008
Thursday's Dungon and Dragesvard Quest!!!

So Cysero had to slip out just before we finished cleaning up the last of the bugs, so I'm doing design notes tonight.

This week you will be meeting with the Bears in Dragesvard to try to convince them to join in your fight against the Ice Queen.

Also, in the spirit of the season (hehe, you see what i did there? Sprit? Eh... they all can't all be winners) we'll be going to visit Thursday and exploring a MASSIVE random dungon, discover Sanguin Roses and earn a more powerful weapon. These weapons are available to everyone and are the highest level wind weapons available for people who arn't DragonLords.

Remember, becoming a DragonLord unlocks a massive amount of content and features that free players don't get to enjoy! Become a DragonLord Today!

Oh yeah, and I'll see you on AQW Over the weekend!


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October 10th, 2008
AdventureQuest Wrolds LIFE RELEASE DAY!

We are still on schedule for the DF release but I'm writing right NOW to let you know that in half an hour (NOON E.S.T) we will be launching our brand new browser based MMO, Adventurequest Worlds!

Thanks to all of the Dragonlords, Star Captains and Guardians who have helped us with our most ambitious game to date. It's great to be able to go and chat you all of you guys and I can't wait to see all the new faces!

"...We're out of Beta and releasing on time"

More to come...


click the dragon to visit AQ WORLDS!


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October 8rd, 2008

WOW, am I ever busy.

Here's what's going down. Tomorrow is my amazing girlfriend's birthday. Friday is the release of the next quest in the Dragesvard chain with 3 brand new high level weapon drops, A new quest in Amityvale from Thursday to get us psyched up for Mogloween with some mid-level weapon drops AND the live launch of our brand new MMO, AdventureQuest WORLDS.

If you haven't heard about that yet then you've been under some kind of rock somewhere. I've been making sure to spend a few hours on AQW every day talking to guys guys and answering whatever questions I can about the release. You guys seem as excited as we are about the full live release!

Then we've got Saturday. That's Rolith's birthday. Sunday is my birthday.

I've also been working with our new intern, Arai-Hime, (Ah ryee HEE may) who is helping out with some art for DF and some vectorization for DF and MQ. You will see some of her new, awesome dragons as the Dragonslayer quest chain in Dragesvard finally starts getting to the DRAGONS.

And on top of all of this, we're plotting out this year's Mogloween celebration. It will require you to do last year's Mogloween as well as complete the NECROPOLIS quest chain before you can help us witrh this year's disaster. We've got some fun in store for you and with some luck we'll be kicking the party off NEXT friday!

Wish us luck!


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October 5th, 2008
Tis Still The Weekend!!

I've got a good feeling about this... And by that, I mean a bad one for you guys.

Yup. One thing's for sure when I'm this happy about a challenge I'm giving you. You'll have a good few hours of work ahead of you, if you're interested.

Lymcrest floors 11-15 are live along with a little challenge I like to call Togicide!

I'll see you on the forums.


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October 3rd, 2008
Scenes From An RPG Restaurant

Welcome to Friday Release, sir and/or madam. You table is waiting.

I've seen you here before so I know that you're well aware of our normal menu but let me run through tonight's specials for you.

Xan Flambe:
The Insane pyromancer is back in Falconreach with a very high level challenge. He's recently, he knows not where, lost all of his mirth... and wants you to help him find it.

If you are able to beat this static level 50 challenge monster then you will possibly recieve one of 3, level 48 free weapons!

Young Nythera With A Side Of Warlic:
The Nythera quest chain continues as we delve into the past of the Blue Mage's apprentice, and get a glimpse into the first test that he puts her through.

Desert Specials:
Lymcrest Pie:
Rolith will be releasing the last few floors of the Lymcrest Labyrinth completing the complete overhaul of that dungeon. It's become Rolith's playground and the bane of his existence. You can expect more madness from Alac and him there fairly soon.

They might not come out today, but I am assured that it WILL be release sometime this weekend!

Founder's Chocolate Explosion:
Deep, rich DragonFable founders smothered in a heavy 200 Dragoncoin sauce. Each DF Founder will suddenly find themselves 200 DC richer! Thanks for helping DF get onto it's feet. We couldn't have done it without you.

Things are really, really busy right now with the launch of our latest restraunt, AdventureQuest Worlds, being a mere week away. Lead Chef Artix Von Krieger himself is overseeing the new location's menu and making sure that evrything is ship-shape, but everyone is pitching in to make the release a success and the cooking and wait staff have been working overtime to get things prepared.

Sir and/or madam, let me assure you that if you like eating here at DragonFable then you will LOVE what AQ WORLDS will have to offer the discerning browser-based gaming connoisseur.

Ghost will be here shortly to take your drink order.

Bon Apetit'!