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December 29th, 2008
New Year's, Artix's Birthday And Why I Can't Help You.

I hope you all are having a great holiday season and enjoying Frostval!

I just wanted to take a minute out to say "I'm Sorry" to everyone who e-mails me for help.

From time to time I will get a mail from someone that only I can help, but for the most part I get TONS of e-mails every day from people who want help with their account.

I really do wish that I could help every single person who got hacked, gave out their info, lost their items or got caught cheating... but I can't. That's why we have the help pages and the amazingly hard working help staff including Safiria, Nythera, Piroska, Reens and several others, ALL of whom have earned my eternal gratitude just serving their primary functions.

MY primary function is Creative Director of DF. I'm pretty much in charge of all the content that goes into the game and every responsibility that falls under that umbrella. If i took time out to help every person tho asked me for help I would never get anything new released, and I would only have enough time per day to help a limited number of you anyway.

Nonetheless, I wish I could help all of you and I'm sorry that I can't. Rest assured that the help staff is VERY helpful and will help however they can whenever they can. I'm sorry that I can't.

Let's see what we've got going on this week.

Rolith and I are fixing PVP and adding NEW pvp rewards. Maybe more than just weapons, maybe some house item stores that are unlocked by your rank.

We are also adding some limited time only house items for frostval and new year's, AND for a limited time only the Frostval Moglin style homes!

We are ALSO adding DA ONLY Holiday Rare shop which will sell some silly but powerful New Year's themed weapons. This shop will ONLY exist until Monday of next week so when it is released, be sure to check it out.

We are ALSO releasing the next step in Sir Ano's quest in Oaklore. This quest might blow you mind a little so wear a hat that you don't mind getting messy.

This will all PROBABLY be coming to you Friday. We are still very short-handed here in the lab but we've got Artix's birthday coming up this week as well as New Year's so we've got a lot of real-life stuff to do too.

Wish us luck!



This Isn't BWI...

December 24th, 2008
Togicide Before Frostval!

Happy Frostval!

I'd just like to take this chance to thank each and every one of you for such an amazing year, look how far we've come in just twelve short months!

Also, I'd like to laugh evilly if you'd so indulge me.


A new, slightly holiday-themed Rolith's Forums Challenge can be accessed by visiting my house (ID #35) from Falconreach or your house. The item you're looking for is a Tog Snow Globe. (Thanks to Reens for providing the art!) It's next to me and Pandora taking a well deserved nap (I'm actually running out the door to get to the airport in time for a late-night flight!)

Remember, just like every other challenge, you'll need to work together on the forums to figure this one out... It could take you a LONG time, or with this one, you might just get it solved before the end of the night. I'm really not sure. I fully expect you guys to impress me!

Also keep in mind this slow descent into madness is all in good fun... Don't push yourselves too hard, the challenge will be there when you come back.

And If I don't get the chance, I'd really like to wish each and every one of you and your families, especially those far away from home, a very happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!


Sorry I'm running so late!
Is Holly AND Jolly!

December 23rd, 2008
The Night Before The Night Before Frostval!

Frostval 08 is LIVE! AGAIN!

Well... the REST of it.

One a few things won't make sense.

1). After you beat all the quests in the chain it will return you to a town where everyone is frozen in time. That's unavoidable and not a bug. So no need to report it.

Ok, that's really it unless I missed something.

Check this out. I could say it better than Artix did in the AQW design notes so I'll just repost what he did.

We are all very grateful this holiday season. We like to express this both to you and to each other by giving gifts. (Just wait until those in-game presents unwrap themselves on New Years at midnight!) Because there are so many of us here on the team now, we follow a tradition called "Secret Santa". At the beginning of December, we all draw names out of a helmet. Then, get a gift for the person we pulled out of the helm. We wrap the gifts and at noon today, we all gathered by our action figured ornamented christmas tree (yup, as you can see in the photo, the tree is black) and open the presents we got each other. OMG, Piroska hand made me a clay model of Artix!

DUDE< it's US!
There is even a little Daimyo too!

I did not know what to say. After the attention moved away from me I choked up a little. Piroska works with Nythera and Safiria in player service. It was an amazing and completely unexpected present. Especially that she made it by herself. Meanwhile -- you should have seen Cysero's face when he unwrapped the custom plushie that Jemini had made him!

That's right. Jem made me a REAL version of Tomix's Plushie Cysero... and HOLY CRAP is it awesome. If no one has ever made a plushie of you for you... get better friends. There's the little Zorbak ornament that I made last year and the Twilly that Jem also made for our lab tree.

It's Black. Artix demanded that it be black. You can kind of see it back there.

Enjoy the rest of the seasonl and enjoy your own holidays! From me, geo, Rolith, Ghost, Tomix Alac and whoever else will let me speak for them here... Happy Frostval!



That was some good soup!
Is Going
Ho Ho Home.

December 19th, 2008
And The Boys In The NYPD Choir Still Singing 'Galway Bay', And The Bells Are Ringing Out For Fortval Day!

Frostval 08 is LIVE!

I have no problem saying that this is my favorite time of year so I decided to make a guest appearance this year. It's good to be the weaponsmith.

If this is your first Frostval, then you've got two whole years to catch up on until you can begin this years epic Frostval adventure! Here is a handy-dandy cheat sheet.

FrostVALE is the town.
Frost VAL is the holiday.

Got it?

If you've been with us... welcome back, enjoy the quests and the armor and just you WAIT until next week's quests.

I was just told that Thyton is handing out Xan's quest in the snowcovered Falconreach. Heh. I'll fix that when I'm done here.

For the first time we have a special rare holiday armor for Frostval that Ghost went out of his MIND filling up with holiday goodness.

If you are waiting for rare weapon drops, you'll have to wait until you save Frostvale, same as the last 2 years. But you can get LAST year's rares, if you want them. I should warn you that Tomix designed this year's Frostval weapons and they are pretty sweet.

Anywhoooo, GREAT job with the art contest, keep the entries coming and we'll see you next week for the conclusion to Frostval 08!





December 15th, 2008
Where have all the Merry Makers gone?

There is absolutly NO way that today's the 15th. I refuse to accept it. It's just not happening. Nope.

Okay, denial time over. We've got a LOT to do this week. We're going to turn the war in Dragesvard over to a static quest, remove the war rares and clean up the zone.

Also, last year's Frostval, as well the year's before will be made into renewable content and get released this week for people who were not here for a previous celibration as well as those wishing to re-live the fond memories. We're going to require you see the events of previous years before we let you continue your adventures with the inhabitants of Frostvale.

Bit of Education for you, Frostval is the celibration that happens yearly, Frostvale is the Moglin village we all travel to. Keep that in mind when reading the design notes, because I have been corrected 3 times, so all the extra effort fixing those typos shouldn't go to waste!

I wanted to say here that I'm duely pleased by the success of the Togicide's Revenge challenge but you defeated my estimate AGAIN and I'm instead evily plotting a revenge on you...So there's that!

We've also fixed a bunch of the house items, Nyhera's poster (available in the DC Ikea's shop!) lets you play the minigame from last week's quest in infinate mdoe, my current high score is 15, I'm curious if anyone can beat me.


You made a fantastic box!
Can See
That You Have

December 12th, 2008
Olaf's House Vs. Yours

At long last, you can visit Olaf and see with all the fuss is about! This quest ties up Dragesvard in a neat little package as you face the fully powered Aisha, find out what happened to the citizens of Dragesvard and confront Galanoth about the baby dragon who has been folowing you around this whole time that he hasn't yet mentioned or slain.

This will do something new for DA Holders. After winning the titan fight, in addition to some new weapons, Dragesvard will also become alive with citizen's filling the streets! Assuming all the code works.

Speaking of Dragesvard you GOTTA see the new items in Ikea's House Item shop! Ghost and Tomix have been going into overdrive making this second round. Let us know of the forums which of the new house items you think is the Must-Have, or at least the coolest.

Nythera has a new minigame quest for you in Warlic's zone. It's a memorization game. We've been timing outselves to see who can beat the best time in the underground lab. So far geo holds the record.

Sir Ano has a new quest ready for you in Oaklore Keep. He needs your help getting some advice from a hard-to-find wizard. So you're off to see that wizard.

This is the last week of the Dragesvard war so if you haven't gotten the weapons that you wanted from he NPC that you like best, now is the time. When next Friday rolls around, those weapons will be war rares!

Have a good weekend guys or i will be forced to enjoy myself for the rest of you people who can't pick up the slack and have some fun on your own.


I feel it in mah finguz, I feel it in mah toez....
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December 10th, 2008
Stuff N' Things


This Frostval we will be introducing a great new armor which I am calling the Holiday Warrior Frost Moglin Suit Class Armor until I think of a better name for it. Here's a sketch from Tomix.

very long name

We are also introducing some new holiday monsters including AQ's Paindeer, and some DF originals like the Gingerdead Man and the DOOM Dradle (Dradle, Dradle Dradle, I made you out of DOOM...)!

Frostval is coming soon! Much like Mogloween, you will be able to play the last 2 Frostval events, plus this year's all new quest chain! Prepare yourselves!

This week we have some other stuff for ya. For one, the Dragesvard TITAN Battle against Aisha. I don't want to give too much away (yeah, I do) but the quest is called Olaf's Party.

Completing this quest will permenantly change Dragesvard for any Dragonlord who completes it.

Got some more House Items coming to Ikea's store, including the REST of the DF Plushie collection. Pay special attention to the geopetal plushie. Yeah, that clock has moving parts AND it tells real time.

We've also got the next quest in te Sir Ano quest chain, in which you and he are off to see a wizard (beware falling houses), and a new Nythera mini-game quest. She needs your help with some very time sensitive reagents for her... um.. potion making. Yeah, that's the ticket... potions.

We've been talking a LOT about the Nythera quest chain recently and I think you guys are going to LOVE where it's going.

Back to thinking more about Frostval and those poor, poor moglins...



So far from home ...

December 9th, 2008
When did it get to be the 9th?

I can't belive you guys finished the war by last Friday!

Time moves so fast, and this week's no exception. I'm going to be out of the under ground lab Thursday, and that means we've got to get a good lead on everything, or else be in for another late Friday. I'd really rather avoid that.

So, it's been entirly too long since I got to be evil! Who want's another Rolith's Challenge? Lets see what I can come up with overnight tonight and get rolling on something that will make you curse my name all over again. I've got a sinking feeling I might just have the thing.

We're working on another quest in the Nythera quest chain, and now that we've set the stage for Nythera's past, it's time to get back to present day and see exactly what she's got up her sleeves... if she had any sleeves. This quest will contain a new minigame coded by yours truely, and a quest created by Geopetal.

Also: Sir Ano is going to be at his old tricks again for another week. From what I've heard, Alac and Ghost have some awesome things planned for this one!

Also, we've got another batch of house items (including Series 2 NPC Plushies!) coming this week, and maybe even some improvements to the hosues if there's time.

What's left? Oh, the TITAN FIGHT for Dragesvard! Now that Aisha has been defeated and her armies turned back, how will she recover and take revenge for her plans being thwarted? Only Cysero knows for sure...which is kinda' scary!

Back to coding, stay tuned!


Guess What I've Got In My Right Pocket...
Was Racing
The War!

December 5th, 2008
Cysero, In Da' House!

You Wanted 'em, You got 'em!

In response to a very high demand and more than a little whining we are proud to introduce NEW LARGER HOUSES!

These house are designed in the style of their smaller cousins but each upgraded version has 2 additional rooms! You can buy these new houses in the same place as the smaller houses and they are cheap at only 2000 GOLD!

But wait there's more! Ghost and Tomix have been busting their humps to several new fun, odd and necessary (yay toilet, and who doesn't need a dancing mushroom?!yup) items which no home would be complete without. Fresh off the shelf, you can get visible replicas of the famous Junk Items, or a pair of Mog-chucks, or even this:

A cabinet for your whole DF Plushie collection!

Ghost and Tomix did an AMAZING job on all the new house items. Here's the REALLY exciting thing: In addition to my Left Sock, you can now buy the Cysero Lure (which will draw me out of hiding if you have enough patience) and a golden replica of my Massive Rawk Thunder Kill You Stick. So NOW you can have a whole room dedicated to ME! HOORAY!

Every single one of these new items are ONLY available at Ikea's House Item Shop in Dragesvard!

Thanks to all the dedicated forumites who made so many great suggestions for the new house items. We couldn't have done it without you. If you don't see your suggestion in Ikea's store... wait a week...we will have ANOTHER round of new items next week!

We also have the Aisha boss fight ready for you, awating the final countdown to the end of the war. The war itself IS part of the quest chain... so you will need to defeat the war boss before facing down Aisha. ALSO PLEASE NOTE that you will have to REPLAY "The Snow Fields". There was a error in the code that wasn't unlocked the next quest!

In addition to that, we are finally done (well, mostly done. A few tweaks are always needed.) tweaking out the Dragonslayer armor and Galanoth is ready to send you on the quest necessary to level it up.

Galanoth has decided to try something new for leveling the DS armor... In order to get Galanoth to teach you a new Dragonslayer skill, you must win one of Galanoth's childhoom herilooms in a game of chance from the dragon casino boat. You LUCK stat WILL affect your chances with the roller... but you can bribe Chance, the casino owner, with Ice Dragon Scales to REALLY increase your chances.

Maybe you're just naturally lucky, but a little extra help never hurt!

Sorry for the late release guys, have a great weekend or I'll come to your house and force happy thoughts into your brain through your ear.



I'm snitting next to Borpo!
Made Rolith

December 2nd, 2008 (time travel fairies)
The Rule Of Shnarf

Maybe you call it something else, but my friends and I have always called the act of laughing some sort of beverage out of your nose Shnarfing. I think it was originally a reference to Snarf from Thundercats, but I can't be sure. It was middle school.

Logically, it follows that we also came upon the Rule of Shnarf, or alternately the Law of Shnarfing, which reads thus: Any time you have taken a drink and have a mouth full of liquid, EVERYTHING is 3 times more funny.

Artix, Rolith and I were just standing around talking about Gamer Valhalla. In norse mythology if you died a good death, in battle, you joined the honored dead in a giant banquet hall in Asgard called Valhalla where you feasted, and continued doing what you loved and died doing.... fighting.

Gamer Valhalla would be much the same, but you have to be a really REALLY hardcore gamer to die gaming. And also, that's kind of sad.

At one point or another I mentioned taking time out of your afterlife for snacks and Rolith enacted an brilliant example of the Rule of Shnarf, by snorting and clapping his hand over his face to stop himself from nose-spraying us all with Liption Brisk Iced Tea, for which we were all very grateful.

In other news, your forum prayers have been answered and two brand new levels of Defender Items have been added to the Defender's Shop in Falconreach. In addition to this the DM Cost on some of the older Defender's items have been lowered.

THIS weekend, we will be adding upgrades to the curent houses which will add 2 new rooms to the 3 base house types (not the fish house). The house upgrades will be for gold, and both Ghost and Tomix are working on a loads of new items to fill the rooms with! I see a Fae statue, a replica of Artix's Axe, Rolith's hammer, Zhoom's Sword, Ghost's Sword and my Thunder Rawk Kill You Stick... All the old school Junk Items like a stuffed Zhoom plushie, My Fish Mug, Stuffed Zorbak/Twilly Combo, Signed picture of Safiria, a breakfast table with Her-Os and a cereal bowl. A stack of cranberry sauce and some turkey feathers...

I feel that I have to mention the Cysero Lure. It is an invention of Ghost's. It's a Cysero Toy baited with a sock. If you buy this item, and wait for a minute or two.... I am drawn by the irresistable pull of a left sock and you will see me running through your house to try and nab it.

Don't forget that you can buy more house inventory space if you've already filled your house.

And that's all I got.


Is STILL Unpacking...

December 1th, 2008
What's this? A plan on Monday?

Have you been fighting in the Dragesvard war? I have!

Whelp. Here we are. It's Monday, and we've got a plan! Here's the deal! We're going to have the boss fight for the end of Dragesvard DONE this week, and it's going to be awesome.

This has been one of my favorite zones, partially because I knew what was coming at its end, and I can't wait for you guys to see it too!

So that's why I'm posting today. If you guys want to see the end of the zone this week, and not have it put off another week, we're going to have to get this war done!

That's right! To get the zone boss fight out this week, you'll have to beat the Ice Queen's army and her general. You're making good progress to have that happen, possibly, but it'd be a lot more likely if we all chipped in a little more!

We've also got another quest for Sir Ano on the way from Alac and Dragon Slaying will also see its revisions completed and it's leveling quest. We're doing things a bit different for Dragonslayer class leveling and hopefully it'll be a fun change of pace!

Housing will also see an expansion this week hopefully, both in square footage and functionality, and if all goes well we'll see some new shiny things in housing this Friday as well!

Looks like December's going to start off with a bang! Stay tuned, I'm sure Cysero is going to have more info on the releases as things progress!

Lets get this war finished and make the final push, I'll see you on the front lines!