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January 30th, 2009
Late Night Shenanigans

It's gonna be a late release guys. We just wanted to let you know now.

More to come...


We're be honest, I'm so very very tired I can't think of what to say here. Expect a few hicups with the massive number of changes to the DF Battle Engine... But we did our best to remove any and all bugs.

I'll be keeping an eye out all weekend to try to make the revisions as painless as possible. Now... lets go see how Nythera handles things!

Also...spoiler rule is IN EFFECT AGAIN. Remeber, no posts outside of [spoiler] on the forums for 24 hours.


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January 28th, 2008
I've started dreaming about sleep.

So, lets get right to it.

This week we'll see the continuation of The Storm as Nythera's quest chain continues! Also, Alac brings us another quest to learn the secrets of the Bacon element. Friday's going to be another awesome release, with a new cutscene from Ghost and the ability to play as Nythera as she confronts the Avatars and tries to live up to her challenge.

Also this week, we'll see a major advance in the DF engine, I've been working on applying a new skill slot on the attack menu for trinkets. This will let us do a LOT of fun things, and will lead to a lot of new interesting battle strategies. However, it's involved modifying just about every part including the custom scripting engine Zhoom wrote for DF. I look forward to releasing it this week, though. Remember trinkets are DragonLord only items and will lead to some incredible powers being unlocked as we move forward form now.

Also, I'd like to remind you I'm still evil, and the next Togicide is continuing as soon as I have time to code the new quest-type for what I have planned (not this week). On a COMPLEATLY unrelated note to the new quest engine, did I ever mention the first game I ever remember beating was Quest For Glory? Man do I wish they made more games with Text Parsing mechanics. Just tossing that out there.

Cya this friday!


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January 26th, 2009
Elemental Agony

You guys did an incredible job with the war. You defeated 100s of millions of elementals and, in the end, it was less then a percent difference between winning and losing. It was amazing to watch you guys match the formula for the waves each hour even after the drop in log-ins after the cutscene (gogo bombing runs)!

This weekend is going to mark the end of the saga as you get to play as Nythera and try to defeat the Avatars of the Elemental Lords. Will you be able to match their powers with Warlic's stolen ones?


Alas, town was destroyed with the arrival of the Avatars. Lady Celestia has lent her magic to the residents so that it appears as though they're home when inside their tents, but the rebuilding process will need to begin soon (it is winter after all).

Once the threat from the Avatars has subsided it will probably take a week for town to be built up again (hey, moglins work as fast as they can). Luckily, there's still tons of gold left in the Treasury to help with the rebuilding process (exactly how much? Well, it's all melted into one big chunk at the moment)... Let us know, is there anything Falconreach was missing? Or do you want Falconreach back exactly as it was?


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January 23rd, 2009
Falconreach In Flames. Again.

It was a hard battle heroes... hold on, I'm watching Firefly and it's hard to type and appreciate genius at the same time.


It was a hard battle, heroes, but in the end... the forces of nature, insane with fury and indignity, were too much for us. I say "us" because I helped fight, and I can promise you that I didn't fudge the numbers.

Like the Blue Mage... Falconreach has fallen.

Let's not look back. It was a hard war and we did our best but all we can do now is look to the future. We will rebuild Falconreach in the shadow of Warlic's memorial statue.

Let's talk about today's release.

We've got the Avatars Arrive cutscene, which is by FAR some of Ghost's best work. You should see the one that Ghost did in case we won.

We have the Diplomatic Mission quest in which Lady Celestia sends you to go make peace with the Elemental Avatars.

We've got a NEW type of quest with a special bonus for the DA Holders. It's a rescue quest. If you are a free player you will be fighting your way in and leaving the way you came.... if you are a DA holder you can summon your dragon and escape on dragonback in a new Minigame!

NEXT WEEK you will be able to fight as the newly empowered Nythera against the elemental avatars themselves!

The war shop is now open with TONS of new, amazing elemental cloaks for sale (which would have been free if we'd won the war) designed by Tomix.

We've got a new quest in the Elemental Bacon quest chain, available from Valencia. The chickencow god, Zeuster, has asked you to stop someone from spreading terrible lies and slander about him and his servants.... whose feelings got hurt. Get Google ready, you'll be lookin' up some words.

Another of Tomix's amazing cloaks are available from this quest as a drop.

That's a lot of cloaks. You'll need some more inventory space.

Starting today 10 more inventory slots are available from my Superstor of Savings. I'm happy to report that thanks to the new AExtras system, we can keep these inventory spaces at exactly the same price as the last of inventory slots. 500 DCs per slot!

If you need some Dragon Coins, then look no further than the post below this one. The one that says...
January 21st, 2009

The AExtras system is a new system which gives you DC's for completing some sponsor's offers.

I HIGHLY suggest that you make a seperate free e-mail account for this. You WILL get spam.

The AExtras page for DF is right HERE.

Or if you want to skip the hassle and just buy some DC's, you can always go HERE.

Oh yeah, stop by AQ WORLDS and check out the new Intro to the game! It's pretty awesome.

That's it. Have fun guys!


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January 21st, 2009

For those of you who have been frustrated with not being able to earn DC's for yourself we have some pretty big news... By the weekend we will have a brand new method of earning DCs without having to buy them or win an Artix Entertainment forum contest.

This is the same system that is in AQW and it's working really well over there. As some of you know, I have been looking for a way to get DCs to you (and take them from you again) in-game since we launched them and all of out methods so far have blown up on us but THIS ONE WORKS so I'm psyched crazygonuts out of my mind excited about this!

The system is called AExtras!

It works like this: We will have a page with a number of offers from kind sponsers. Each of these offers will be worth a certain number of Dragon Coins. Every offer that you sign up for (Daily jokes mailed to you, local weather, etc) will earn you those DCs as soon as you finish the sign-up. You select a DF character and within a few minutes, you will have some shiny, new Dragon Coins in your backpack!

If you want to comment on the new system (when it goes live) or you are having some kind of problem, just head to the forum HERE.

This could NOT HAVE COME AT A BETTER TIME! This weekend we are adding (in response to huge player demand) 10 more inventory spots available for purchase from my Superstore of Savings!

This weekend, the Storm continues. So far, you guys are LOSING the war. I feel like I should remind you that if you lose this war, FALCONREACH could be destroyed! We will have new Nythera quest for you and a new Zeuster quest for you, available from Valencia. The god of the chickencows decided to test your mettle in solving a major problem for him: Gossip runing his good name!

We still have a LOT of things in the works and I'm watching them all come together, slowly but surely, but until then enjoy the war, fight hard and take advantage of AExtras!


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January 20th, 2008
Well, I haven't slept yet!

Today's seen the war meter move ever bakwards as you, the heroes of Falconreach, fought valiently to protect the city we all have grown to call home over the past two years. It's been inspiring to watch the fourms during the past few days, and every time I've grown weary it's nice to find some enthusastic players to boster moral in this seemingly endless challenge!

With that said, the war's seen several things we haven't seen in Dragonfable before. There are 10 different ways to contriubte to pushing back the front line if you're a DragonLord, hopefully giving you something to do even if you've grown exhausted with one type of quest.

Over the past few days, I’ve added two new war waves to the quest.   One, Sneak Attack, has been called DragonFrogger.  You sneak behind enemy lines, dodging enemies and planting an explosive.  The other, Defending the Farm, pits you searching randomly, for the leader of a group of elementals.  Finding and dispatching them will send the rest scattring.

Now as the war counter pushes back it looks like before too long, we'll have a breif restbit from combat and be able to lay to rest the Blue Mage, the very man who helped us discover our dragon eggs, and was vital in the salvation of both Lymcrest and Faclonreach from Xan’s wrath. 

He will be missed, by more people then you’d imagine, and a lot of them are ready to say their goodbyes.  I think it says something of both Warlic and us that when facing such an epic struggle we find time for a funeral.


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January 16th, 2009
Bacon, The Storm and Trinkets!

The Storm is coming. Are you ready?

I'll just go ahead and answer that for you. You're not.

If you have played Nythera's most recent quest you know that she finally wiped the floor with Warlic and took his magic for herself. Drunk on power, she challanged the Elemental Lords themselves (never a great idea) who have, in their rage, sent their avatars to meet that challange. The forces of nature have gone insane and a Storm unlike any Lore has ever seen has arrived.

It's time for a WAR. But no normal war. This time you fight just to survive. The elementals are pouring out of the elemental mountains and surrounding Falconreach. Can you hold them off until the storm passes and Nythera faces the elemental avatars? If not... Falconreach will be destroyed!

This war has not one but 2 DA only quests. The normal war waves will count as one wave as usual, but the Titan fights count for 5 waves and the Bombing Run couts for 10 waves! DA Holders really have the change to make a difference!

We are also introducing a brand new item type for Dragonlords ONLY.... Trinkets. Right now they just add small stats...some END, some CRIT, a little BONUS to hit, or even some BLOCK... but eventually we plan on adding new functions to trinkets with usable powers. Imagine adding a whole new skill to ANY armor... giving yourself a power buff whenever you want... summoning massive magical forces to wipe out your foes. All these things are possible with Trinkets.

You will notice a little button which is locked in the war screen. This button will take you to a special "Warlic's Funeral" cutscene when you have defeated enough waves.

We also begin a new side chain today which can be picked from Valencia. have you ever wondered about the element Bacon? Where it comes from? How it fits with the rest of the emelemts? Why is it so powerful? Why does Zhoom hate it so much?

This chain will take you to unimaginably bizzarre places in your search for the truth. Talk to Valencia to begin your journey. This quest also drops some of the most rare weapons in the game... new Bacon element weapons!

That's it for this week. Good luck protecting Falconreach and say hi to Zeuster for me.


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January 15th, 2008
Woah, *brushes off dust*

There's been a LOT going on in the underground lab. I've been working on a bunch of new variations on existing monsters using the new AI for this upcoming release, as well as an option to warn you before you accidently close out of the game.

We'll also be starting another quest chain from Alac, investigating the orgins of the mysterious element Bacon. I'd say more, but'll want to see it for yourself.

While we're working hard on keeping as much of this storyline spoiler free as possible, I think it's important to give you guys a little heads up on what is coming this week.

The Elemental Lords have been challenged and they rarely respond well to mockery. Their avatars are about to unleash their full might on their challenger and with it an army of elemental minions has already begun being summoned. As the elemental lords approach, the size of these armies will grow to uncountable numbers.

It will be all you can do to hold back the fronts from the city's edge. In fact, if the fight is not taken to the elemental armies with significant force, their lords might appear on Falconreach's very doorstep, and in their anger they are very unlikely to differentiate us from their true enemy.

The goal of this war is not victory, but merely to keep the forces as far away from Falconreach as we can to make even survival possible. To dream of victory against these enemies was foolish of her and we now must pay the price for it. Let's hope that we might see daylight on the other side of this storm, because that is far from certain at this point.

'Gear up, and make sure you're caught up with the Nythera storyline, because the war to save Falconreach and all of LORE begins Friday.



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January 9th, 2009
Battle to the Death

The challenge has been issued and only one magician will emerge victorius. The other... the other will die and the repercussions will be enormous. Log in now to experience the epic battle between Warlic and Nythera. You will have to complete Potion Mastery again in order to access the latest quest.

The spoiler rule is in effect for this release.

This quest has been a long time coming. Ghost has animated some amazing cutscenes, Tomix has created a new monster, pet and weapon drops, Rolith has done some crazy coding at my request, so I hope you like this, because this is just the beginning....

Make sure to check out the latest contest thread on the forums.
January Contest: LORE Lolcats!


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January 8th, 2008
No, really, I'm Evil.

Hope everyone had a good New Years. I've looked over the past week of announcements and realized... I'm not the weirdest person that works here in the underground lab. Considering I've been trying to slowly drive you guys to insanity using more and more togs, that's... rather surprising.

I've been hard at work on a lot of items on my to do list, most of which you guys won't see, but one, oh one, I have a feeling a lot of you are going to find very very visual.

I spent the morning today coding a new version of the Monster AI code. The current version has survived more or less intact since relativly early on in the development of Dragonfable, so this was a major and daunting project for me, but it's long over due for some changes.

What I've managed to accomplish is this: New Monsters (including one this week) will use cooldowns AND mana. This, and adding in some aditional flexibility basically means that monsters can now do anything and everything player classes can. Prepare for some EPIC battles in the nere future.

This Friday's going to be awesome.


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January 6th, 2009
Harry Nilsson

You can climb a mountain
You can swim the sea
You can jump into the fire
But you'll never be free
You can shake me up
Or I can break you down
Whoa-o-o-o-, whoa-o-o-o-
We can make each other happy (4X)
(Repeat entire 3 times more)
You can jump into the fire (4X)

...Pay special attention to the drum solo.


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January 5th, 2009
Are you Prepared?

Nythera is ready to make her move. This week would be a perfect time to make sure everything in her chain is complete.


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January 2st, 2009
Victoria's Secret!

I hope you're having a great 2009 so far!

The release is live and quite a bit earlier than usual. We've updated Aeris Battlespire with some new tricks. You can now request to have your name added to the PVP database and you will be thrown into the mix with the rest of the arena fighters of your level. In addition to that there are 5 new PVP shops with all new PVP weapons made by Tomix. The new shops are for ranks Savant, Professional, Contender, Elire Duelist and Grand master Duelist.

In Oaklore Keep, Sir Ano is on the last leg of his journey to win the attention of King Alteon and the favor is his 3 lovely daughters. Is it just me or does princess Victoria look like someone that we know?

If you weren't here for the New Year's release don't miss out on the New Year's rare weapons and the Frostvale Style houses. Both of those shops will be leaving around noon on Monday.

I'd ike to personally say Gratz to all of our Grand Prize winners in the Frostval Art Contest, II_BLACKPANTHER_II, gauge0001, Irolustre, and Severin. Each Grand Prize winner took home a 5000 DC prize. Thanks to everyone who entered! Each art contest we have makes picking winners harder and harder. You all did great!

If you want to take a look at the winners, you can find them HERE>

Have a good weekend guys and once again from everyone on the DF team, happy new year!


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January 1st, 2009
Happy New Year!

It's 8 minutes until 2009 so the date is a few minutes off.

This is me not caring.

We have launched our first content of the new year! New DA only weapons, No Frostval houses and new PVP name sign up in the Areis Battlespire!

Happy new year, heroes! Stay safe and have fun!