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February 27th 2009
Popguns, Burgers and Collectibles.

Figure that one out. Let's try something new

1. Pick a Noun
2. Pick an Adjective
3. Pick a Noun
4. Pick a Plural Noun
5. Pick a Noun
6. Pick a Noun
7. Pick a Plural Noun
8. Pick an Adjective

Now fill in the blanks with your selections. have fun!

Hey there friends and ____(1)_____, welcome to the this weeks ___(2)___ release! We've got three new quests for you, although one of them will be coming out a little late.

In Popsprocket, we have the grand opening of Gnix's weapon shop with ____(3)_____ for sale for free and DA players! Yix has the next storyline quest ready for you. He may have an idea that will leave the cyklons frozen in their _____(4)_____, and feeling a bit drained.

In Valencia's zone, the next Zesuter quest will take you to a maze where you will have to face down one of the mightiest ____(5)_____ of mythology with one of the lowest self-esteems.

COMING LATER TONIGHT: The next quest in Zap's chain will be coming out, where you uncover the_____(6)_____ of what his penpal, Snou collects!

Between all the released there are 18 brand new weapons, 3 new quests and one brand new helm making this one of the biggest ____(7)____ that we've had in a while.

Stay tuned for more info about Zap's quest and have a ___(8)____ weekend!

UPDATE! The Zap quest is now LIVE in Popsprocket. Ghosts says "sorry for the hold-up."


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February 24th 2009
Vehicle Class Project

We've been working on this in secret for a while. I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure that we could do it.

We've always wanted "mounts" in DF. Hourses or other creatures that you could ride around the world but it seems kind of silly to have that when you can run across most frames in under 4 seconds. Why cut that down to 2 seconds?

But we never gave up on the idea... we just altered it. Right now we're working on a hybrid of mounts and class armors called a Vehicle Class.

The first one will be sold in ther weapon shop in Popsprocket.


This is the Gmonish Personal Steamtank, designed by Tomix and animated by Ghost!

It will work kind of like a class, it will have a full set of skills like any armor except you WON'T HAVE TO LEVEL IT UP!

That's right, this baby comes fully loaded with all skills unlocked and ready to rock!

It will be one of the strongest classes in the game, both offensively AND defensively!

You will be able to load the Steamtank DIRECTLY FROM YOUR BACKPACK (Amazing what gnomish technology can do, ain't it?) and drive it around the world or through your favorite quests (some of which will look pretty funny.... like sitting at Warlic's breakfast table... in a tank. yea, we went there.)

This Vehicle Class will be NON-DA so ANY PLAYER can purchase and use this new vehicle class!

Here's the catch... because of it's power and accessability, it will cost 2000 Dragon Coins so If I were you, I'd start saving up or hitting the AExtras page.

Because this is going to be a DC item and there will be NO DA ONLY testing for it, we are working to make sure that it is as well balanced as possible so no nerfing will be necessary.

This will NOT be released THIS Friday, but will become available from the Popsprocket weapon shop, the following Friday, March 6th.

Don't get confused. Technomanser class is still coming to Popsprocket and will be a fun class armor like every other zone has, The Steamtank will be an optional extra, and the first vehicle Class that we've ever done.

This weekend we have another all new quest in the Zeuster chain, (new mosnter designed by Oishii and animated by Ghost) A new quest in the Pen Pal chain from Zap in Popsprocket and a new quest from Acting High Technocrat Yix as well (New cyklon robot monster designed by Thyton and animated by Ghost), plus the weapon shop with several brand new weapons designed by Tomix!


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February 20th 2009
Another Late One

Popsprocket is now LIVE. Take the gryphon from Falconreach and check it out. The main npc, YIX, has the first quest in nthe storyline chain and a lot of useful info on the gnomes of Lore.

It's also got a minigame that looks a lot like THIS.

Around popsprocket you'll see a lot of shops that will be opening in the coming weeks and you MIGHT ever find another quest hidden somewhere around town.

In Valencia's zone you'll also find the next Zeuster quest, complete with 12 new weapon drops and a pair of chickencow wings!

Enjoy the release and have a good weekend guys!


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February 19th 2009
A Heapin' Helpin' of Musicality!

So, it's not every day that I wake up singing, but this morning was special. Rolith and I were up late discussing how the big battle in this weekend's Zeuster quest will work (and oh man, will this be a fun, strategic boss battle when he's finished). Maybe that caused my subconscious to start churning. Or maybe it was the leftover pepperoni and pineapple pizza I had late last night. Either way, as I got out of bed today, I was singing this classic Beverly Hillbilliestheme song with new, more bacon-y (and therefore excellent) lyrics:

Come listen to a story 'bout a god named Zeuster.
Body half a cow and the other half a rooster.
You want to know 'bout bacon so you asked him for a favor;
He'll tell you what he knows, but first you'll have to labor

For bacon! That is,
Fried gold!

That's as far as I got, though, and I've been singing it over and over as i sit here working on the quest. I'm open to ideas on how to end it, though, if anyone wants to take a shot at finishing it. If you're feeling creative while you wait for this week's release, take a minute to post your version HERE.


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February 18th 2009
Still Friday...Sorta...YAY!!!

Yesterday I released new bank inventory slots, as well as converting Nythera's Storm War into static content.

Today's mini-release revolved around Characater pages. Your item count is now displayed and your inventory and bank items are now divided. Also, if you're A DA, you get to show off which house you own and the items that it may contain. These were just a few of the changs I wanted to make to this page, but all I had time for today. Stay tuned for more.

As the new front-page banner indicates, this week we'll also see the release of Popsprocket, one of the quests will feature a minigame I've wanted to make for a long time and finally got to.

Also, this week's Zuster quest will containe more new battle-engine goodness that I hope you all enjoy, as it'll be what takes up the majority of my time tomorrow to get finished.

Remember, every day this week is Friday, and that EXPECIALLY includes Friday. See'ya then!



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February 13th 2009
Hero's Heart Day vs. Friday the XIII!

Originally I was going to do a Mad Lib design notes, and I've had a special request to do a Day In The Live Of An Ae Employee DNs but ... FORGET THAT!

It's 9 pm here in the lab. Only Rolith and I remain standing (after the AQW release... everyone was blown away but we couldn't afford to be). Hero's Heart Day is LIVE. You can play last year's you can play this year's. and this year has NEW RARE PETS, a DA ONLY, DC TRINKET that stunns your enemy for 2 turns.

This may not seem like much but really smart players will recognize HOW powerful an on-use stun, that can be equipped to any armor truely is. That's whay we made it a Holiday rare, Da only and DC trinket.

You will also find the Friday the 13th weapons hiding in this year's quest chain.

Also, please take a moment to apprciate Warlic's Hero's Heart Day theme and Ghost's Snuggle-Gram delivery theme entitled "Let's Share A Milkshake" cause he's really that funny.

Now, I go eat. Happy Hero's Heart Day!


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February 11th 2009
Friends, LOREians, Falconreachers…Lend me your ears!

I come to Burry Typos, not to praise them.
The confusion mistakes cause lives on,
The snirks are offt interred with their bones.
So let it be with Typos. The Nobel English Majors
Hath told you Typos were crimes against language:
If that were so, it is a grevious fault,
And grievously hath Typos answered it
Here, under leave of Alac, Cysero and the rest,
Come I to speak in Typo’s funeral
They were my friend, amusing and harmless to me:
But English Majors say they were confusing
And English Majors would know these things
They have fixed many a confusing line in quests
They have helped many players enjoy the game;
Did this in Typos seem threatening?
When the players have yawned, Typos amused:
Confusion should be less amusing.
Yet English Majors say they’re confusing
And English Majors would know this.
You all did see that in Togicide
Typo in cutscenes caused no end to laughter,
Yet English Majors say he was confusing,
And English Majors would know this.
I speakl not to disprove what English Majors spoke,
But I am here to speak of what I know.
You all did love Typos once, and without cause:
What cause withholds you then to mourn for them?
O Judgement! Thou art fled to nerdy beasts,
And men have lost their reason Bear with me;
My heart is in the coffin there with Typos,
And I must pause till it come back to me.

*sniffles* Alac has corrected many of the typos in game, and for that I am both sad and grateful at the same time. The corrections will go live Friday.


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February 9th 2009
Gnome For The Holidays

I'm feeling much better now. -The Sixth Sense.

Thanks for all your well-wishing and all the get-well-soons on the forums.

I thought I'd tell you a bit about the next new zone coming to Dragonfable.

The gnomish city Popsprocket has long been the central hub for science and technology in this region of Lore. Something about their curious minds, pragmatic natures, racial insomnia and tiny, deft fingers make gnomes natually predisposed to the mechanical arts.

Tiny Townsfolk

Unfortunately most of the mechanical wonders developed in the last few decades have gone un-noticed by the human world due to the fact that nearly everyone who vists the town gets blown up at least once a week on average, making it a less-than-ideal vacation spot.

Just the other day Ash ran up to you, out of breath and started chattering excitedly. After 15 minutes you were able to calm him down enough to understand that a mechanical gryphon landed in Falconreach with a letter addressed to you.

"Dear Hero,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. Our town has always been a peaceful town dedicated to improving the quality of life for every citizen of Lore through the perfect harmonious blending of magic, science and technology, but finally one of our own has turned against us.

A mid-level steam-tech named Balthar has found a way to create a mechanical army and used this army to take over most of Popsprocket. The few brave citizens who have decided not to flee have been forced to take refuge in a sealed off section on the outskirts of the city, while mad robots roam the streets freely! It's unbearable.

I'm not sure how Balthar found the power to create this army, but I think he must have discovered the lost Elemental Orb of Energy rumored to be hidden deep within the steam-tunnels that power our city.

We have tried everything that we know of to stop these clockwork wonders (I have to admire them), to no avail. We need your legendary battle prowess to help us retake our city!

Please hurry. I think Balthar's use of the orb may have drawn someone else's attention... I saw a red flying eyeball scouting the city just yesterday.

Please, if you are able, come to popsprocket and help us!

Scincerely, Yix
Acting High Technocrat of Popsprocket."

I hate to say that the Steam-punk themed Popsprocket will not be released this Friday but that's only because this friday is Friday the 13th AND the day before Hero's Heart Day. This year we will be combining the two celebrations. The vampire lord, Frydae XIII has never, in his very long unlife, found any evidence of true love. He's sick of Big Daddy making piles of money off the lonely and delusional and sick of Big Daddy painting the Forest of Infinite Terror (which is located very close to Doomwood) that horrible pink.

You will have to play through last year's Hero's Heart Day event to get to this year's event, and if this is your first Hero's Heart Day... it's about time that you started delivering your share of the Snugglegrams!


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February 6th 2009
Falconreach 3.0? I’ve sorta lost count !

The construction moglins are done and Falconreach is being reborn. Things are sorta in a state of quantum flux, though. The new harbor is awaiting inspection (and some final pieces of art by Cysero) before the heroes of Falconreach can inspect it. We’ll be sure to shift things around based on your guy’s input too, but I think it’s safe to say Geo’s outdone herself with the new city. It really feels like the crossroads it was meant to be now, and once the harbor is finished construction, we’ll be able to physically travel to every city in the game from Falconreach without the Gryphon. Let us know what you think on the forums!

After you've visited the new Falconreach, head over to Valencia for the latest Zeuster quest. It's been a team effort, and a real labor of love, because boy, did we cut it close! Your task from Zeuster this week is to head to his favorite high priest's temple and give him a hand. It's not quite the same old kill'em, loot'em, and leave'em quest, because you have a plan for the monsters you defeat. Also, if you've been wishing for some good vs. evil choices, we are here to satisfy your urge. At one point in the quest, you'll need to make a choice, and if you choose evilly, you may be in for some pain! Ghost did a phenomenal job with this quest's cutscene animations, and Tomix made the water weapons, all FOUR of which are gorgeous.

Enjoy the release!

Stay tuned next week for the hopeful release of the Steampunk city Cysero has been working on for weeks now along with the Harbor in Falconreach.


Uh...whoops. Our bad. restarting your browser should resolve most bugs in Falconreach.


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February 5th 2009
Bearer of bad news!

So Cysero's out sick (why you didn't get a design notes post from him lately.) He's been in the office working all week, but feeling progressivly worse, so he took today off. Be sure to wish him well on the forums!

I'm blown away by how many of our fans use Facebook and MySpace, and how awesome it's been to get to know you guys a bit more. Be sure to get your friends who play our games and use Facebook to sign up for our group too!

We're all working hard (even Cysero from home) on this week's release, but a few things are looking outside our range. Togicide is going to be delayed again. The engine that drives this one is a far far more complex beast then I imagined when I first started making it. Also, Cysero being sick might mean a delay in the new steampunk-themed town opening, but trust me, this place is AWESOME and the wait will be worth it.

Looking forward to seeing you this Friday!


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February 2th 2009
But The Office was worth it!

So it's not very often that I get to reveal new things to you guys online... and this is no exception.

Remember, Facebook and MySpace are social networking sites that COULD reveal personal information about you to others, so make sure you read the rulesand follow directions and if you're young enough to need it, have perential permision before submitting any personal details. And remember to use common sense when communicating with others online.

Still, the profile's really cool, right?

If you're interested in a little bit of inside information I'd keep in eye on the status updates of some of the staff members on Facebook as they might just slip in that they're working on something for the upcoming release! At least I know I've been caught doing it.

As for what's coming this week? Geo's working on the rebuilding of Falconreach with the Moglins, and Cysero is working on the upcoming new zone. Weather that will be ready for this week is very much up in the air, as there's still a lot to do on it before it's ready to go. Alac is continuing with the Bacon/Zuster quest chain and the art I've seen so far looks AMAZING. I'm working on some engine changes and bug fixes that will help things run more smoothly next time we want to do a complex battle like the one you saw last week. Sorry about the bugs!