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August 31st 2009

You foolish DragonLords do not know what you seek. The power is not meant to be yours... not meant to be wielded by such... mortals, as yourselves. You do not deserve the power... the omnipotence that comes with equipping the Doom Knight Armor... the power that infuses you when the Doom Knight Cloak encompasses you or the fel intelligence that awakens in your brain when the Doom Knight Helm is placed upon your head!

The Necrotic Sword should be mine! I have done all that was asked of me! I could have crushed you easily... taken all the orbs... but I bided my time.... This changes nothing! When the times comes I will still rule all, with my dracolich by my side.

Take up the Doom Knight Armor... become one with the darkness within. Can you handle the power? Can you maintain your will as your own? Do you really think yourself as strong as I? As powerful? We shall see....


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August 28th 2009
Xan likes to play with fire...

Then again, Xan is an insane pyromancer. For you, who are most likely NOT an insane pyromancer (we hope), you'll have to be content with playing AS Xan this week. That's right, in this week's Fire War quest, you'll get to play AS Xan as he tries to convince Zorbak that he should help you, the heroes of Lore, against Drakonnan. Now why would Xan want to have people help Drakonnan LOSE?! Maybe somebody is just a liiiiiiittle bit bitter, hmmm? Play the quest and find out! Lim made some sweet rewards for this week, a Zorbak-inspired helm and cloak! If you love being ebil, these will definitely make your day.

And for this week's side quest, if you have a Dragon Amulet you should talk to the Stable Master in Falconreach's guardian tower. Little Stewie Gryphon is ready for his first flight with a human passenger, and she'd like YOU to help train him. Just be careful. Young gryphons are not known for either their stability OR their sense of direction. (Watch out for sunburn from being too close to the sun, too.) They're also known for playing practical jokes, so keep an eye on him. Tomix has made some new poison weapons since we know you guys were asking for them. So nine new ones drop, levels 30, 40, and 50.

And next week is the start of Dragon Con! Many members of the AE team will be traveling to the convention, held in Atlanta, Georgia, to get together with other gamers and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts to have a BLAST! If you can come, we'd love to see you there, especially since we'll be hosting our own panel (we'll focus on AdventureQuest Worlds but will be talking about all our games) on Saturday at 2:30 PM in the Augustus room at the Sheraton hotel! And if you can find Rolith at any point during the Convention weekend, be sure to give him your character ID to get an in-game item: Doom Dirt! (Remember, ONE ID only please.)

Aaaaaaand remember, we'll be releasing the DoomKnight Set upgrade packages while we're at Dragon Con, so if you've been a Dragon Amulet holder for 6 months or longer, you'll be eligible for at least one of the packages (10,000 Dragon Coins + one of the DoomKnight items + a title for your character page)!

Have a great weekend, guys, and enjoy the release!


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August 25th 2009
Haven't Slept Yet!

I developed have a full row of green and blue smileys.

This may require some elaboration.

DoomKnight’s a big project, it’s been more or less the biggest thing on my plate for the past couple of weeks, and yet sometimes it gets lost in the pile of little things I have to do on a week to week basis. So I set up a white board listing the things I needed to do to make DoomKnight happen. Then I set up smileys. green smileys meant the task was DONE. Blue meant that I’d tested it, and it worked (for me... working for me and working for EVERYONE are two different things) Red meant it was working, and tested, and approved for everyone.

No red smileys for me yet. But green and blue? Yup!

So I figured I’d take the time now to fill you in on a few skills you’ll get to see on DoomKnight.

How about...all of them?

Split Strike – Deals two hits, one to HP and one to MP

Life Carve – Normal Attack, steals life in specific circumstances.

Doom Spike – Multi-target stun.

Doom Blast – 5 hits with a stacking DOT (damage over time), the more times you hit with this attack, more dmg the DOTs will do.

Break – 2 hit attack decreases stun resist.

Revert – Applies a buff that removes one enemy strike of damage every round.

Void – Applies a debuff on the enemy that returns one strike of damage they do to you, and then some, every round

Favor – Refunds your potions, resets cooldowns, but you must finish the fight in 5 rounds... because you are now doomed.

Wake – Increases darkness damage on enemy. A lot.

Shadow – Buff to damage to undead.

Dark Aura – Decreases mana costs of skills.

Blood Rite – Massive attack at the cost of some of your own life

Taunt – Unlocks and starts counting down until you get access to Vengeance, significantly increases damage taken by you.

Vengeance – Things go boom. That’s about all I’m giving away for this one.

Not all these skills are set in stone, and keep in mind we’re making all these skills as powerful as we can without breaking the game. When we’ve got the fine tuning of the numbers done I’ll do my best to fill you in on each of the skills details as we get closer.

I’m currently working with Aelthai, Cysero and Geo on the absolute specifics of the class skills, and with Ghost to clean up and polish the animations now that we have what each will definitively do hammered out.

Cya on the forums! (Or Twitter)



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DCs Like
The Orange!

August 24th 2009
Ballyhoo Still Drops DCs!

Hey Guys,

Sadly the SHORTS campaign has closed and the items have gone rare, BUT Ballyhoo has decided that she can afford to KEEP dropping DCs for you!

The chance that you will get DCs is lower than it was during the SHORTS campaign and lower than it WILL be during future campaigns, but it's still very possible to get a handful of FREE Dragon Coins just by viewing the Ballyhoo ads daily.

In DOOM KNIGHT news, Rolith mentioned that he spent 16 hours this weekend changing the battle engine JUST so the DOOM KNIGHT skills could do some cool stuff that you've never seen before in DF. Things like reflecting damage back at an enemy at double strength. The armor is really fun to play test and we KNOW that you're going to have a blast with this thing.


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August 21st 2009
The Confrontation Draws Closer!

Welcome to the weekend!

Lets get right to the releases, because we've got a lot for you! Talk to Yulgar's Orb in Falconreach this weekend to continue the Drakonnan quest chain. In this summer's main event, the Great Fire War rages on, and it seems every week another tragedy has been discovered and then dealt with by the heroes of Lore! This week will be no different; BattleOn is safer now that you've come to her defense, but there's no end to the surprises this summer is bringing. You'll be faced with a battle you never expected to fight, and it WON'T be easy! More and more heroes- and now innocent bystanders- are disappearing; Drakonnan will not rest until ALL have been made to suffer the pain he's felt since the deaths of his family. Two helms and weapons from levels 30 through 50 drop from the quest tonight: made by Lim to be rewards for the brave heroes valiantly battling against the forces of darkness, these weapons have been corrupted by Drakonnan's madness, and are now engulfed in evil!

And that's not all, because Valencia has a challenge for you DragonLords! In this DA-only quest, head east from Falconreach and talk to her to take a race around Lore! You'll visit eight locations around Lore, battling monsters and collecting souvenirs. If you can go Around Lore in Eight(y) Quests faster than Valencia can, you'll win the race! Monsieur Par Toot, a gnomish Racing Official, will be on hand to make sure the race is well run. Collect the souvenirs each quest drops and after running the race, you'll be able to merge them at Valencia's shop into one of nine new stone weapons made by Tomix!

Rolith is making good progress on the DoomKnight armor, too. September 4th is coming up quickly, so for those of you hungering to play as a DoomKnight, the wait is almost over! And for you guys who aren't quite old enough to get the full armor yet, we'll have some awesome DoomKnight items ready to go for you! And don't forget the many, many DragonCoins! By putting both DragonCoins and the items in each package, we want to let you know just how much your support means to us!

This will also be the last weekend for the Shorts promotion and the free Dragon Coins dropping in Ballyhoo, so if you haven't found the rainbow sword/ dagger/or staff you're looking for, now's the best time to visit her!

Have a great weekend, guys, and enjoy the release!


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August 20th 2009
Been Busy!

We’ve got some serious stuff working at the Underground Lab, as you guys have read this week. What you don’t know is that I’ve got a hand in just about every cookie jar of exciting releases we’ve got planned.

This week has been spent in a large part with me coding the majority of DoomKnight. We’re still not ready to go live with it (that will happen September 4th, while we’re at DragonCon), but the progress is good! Cysero put live the first image of the male version yesterday, and while female isn’t far behind, I’m having some trouble with getting her positioning quite perfect. I’ll show you as soon as I’m happy with her looks, or get someone with actual artistic skills to look at her.

Guilds have actually advanced very far in only a few short days of design. I now know how they’ll work (we’ll reveal details S.O.O.N.!) in basic details, and exactly what features we’re going to be able to offer when they go live (details on the release schedule are also coming SOON!) Creating the server-side backend for this new feature set is going to be both server-and-time intensive, but the amount of depth it’s going to add to a DragonLord’s game play is going to be huge! I’m looking forward to sharing as we get things finished. I do have dibs on guild ID # 1, though. I do need a name and am drawing a blank, so why don’t you guys help me come up with one for my guild?

The Tweak! I know you guys think we forget about these things, but we’re still working on it pretty consistently. We had a meeting earlier this week about the specifics of hammering forward with this, and hopefully once the DoomKnight project is finished, I’ll be able to start work on the complete re-write of the battle engine required to make the tweak possible while I get to work on the Guilds system. We’re REALLY excited about what this means for the strategy and stream-lined gameplay we are hoping to achieve with some very small changes. Along with the new stat Wisdom, I’m hoping to get Alac’s NPC in-game, as well as her oft-longed-after potion-shop. There she’ll up your mana potion training to help ease the transition to the more mana-hungry Post-Tweak world. We’re going to try to get things done for you guys and get it up for Dragon Lord testing as soon as possible, but it’s still a ways down the road as we await the first draft of numbers for the rebalanced, buffed base classes.

And we haven’t even gotten to THIS WEEK yet! Alac has a quest where she’ll have you racing all over LORE, what old locales will you go exploring through as your adventure goes on? You’ll have to wait till Friday to find out.

The Great Fire War’s mid-summer battle, BattleOn Burns, is coming to an end, and the General is preparing for the final confrontation. The extreme mode in this battle is way amped up, and I’ll strongly recommend you bringing the player-guest NPCs along to help survive this fight, even on normal mode!

The next quest in this summer-long event, being unleashed this Friday, will involve every contest winner released so far, so prepare yourselves for some familiar faces and sharpen your ice weapons, as the upcoming quests aren’t for the weak at heart.

Sorry for the long post, but there’s a lot going on and a lot to be excited about!

Cya on the forums! (Or Twitter)



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August 19th 2009
You Asked For It.


Also, later today you should be able to see the date that you got your Dragon Amulet on your character page. Keep checking them.


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Turn Of

August 18th 2009
Doom Knight Bonus Offer Updateage

There have been a few questions about the Doom Knight Bonus Offer (see August 14th DNs) and I hope this will answer some of your questions.

If you have all SIX of your characters upgraded, then you will recieve the Doom Knight item and character page title for EACH of your characters!

That's right, If you have a fully upgraded account and you are rockin all six dragon amulets... and then you decide to get the 6 month Doom Knight Bonus then ALL SIX of your characters will get the Necrotic Sword of Doom, and the character page title on EACH of their character pages. The 10,000 Dragon Coins will still only go to the character that you are getting the doom upgrade for.

If you have all six characters upgraded and you get the $65 dollar package with all FOUR Doom Knight Items and 40K DC, (this requires you to have had a DA for at least 2 years) then EACH of your characters will get all 4 DOOM ITEMS along with the title. Again, the 40K DC will only go to the one character you got the Doom Knight Bonus Offer for.

Here's the REALLY cool bit. If you get one of the Doom Knight Bonus Offers NOW and decide to upgrade the rest of your account LATER, as soon as you have all 6 DAs, the DOOM ITEMS and TITLE will apply to the rest of your newly upgraded characters retroactively!

Keep in mind that this ONLY applies if you have the ENTIRE ACCOUNT upgraded with ALL SIX DRAGON AMULETS, but if you're one of those people with 6 shiny Dragon Amulets we felt like we needed to go that extra mile you for since you went that extra mile for us.


Additional: Just to let you guys know. the SHORTS campaign is ending THIS WEEKEND. Just to keep things going strong we've INCREASED the number of DC's that you get from Ballyhoo, and we've even increased the chances that you will get a DC drop from her.

Last warning. This weekend is the last chance to get DCs from Ballyhoo for a while, and after this weekend the special quests and special items rewards will be going RARE, leaving the game forever.

Good luck!



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August 17th 2009
The War Rages On!

You guys have been doing an excellent job on the war! Keep on fighting! Alac will be adding new items to the Defender's Shop soon and Tomix has created some wicked looking weapons for the boss fight. Remember guys, you have to stop the fire monsters, and whatever monster is leading the attack, before you can regather whatever forces are left and continue on....


Which then leads me to my next, huuuuuuge, announcement!

Upcoming Projects

We're talking about what new things we can add to the game. What new functionality that we might be able to add that will make things more fun, bring more people together. We've decided to focus our energies (ok... Rolith's) on bringing guilds and factions into the game for DragonLords.

Yes, that's right, you and your friends will be able to join together and fight under a unified banner and name (of your choosing).

Some idea's we've tossed around as guild perks:

  • A new mail system where members of the same guild would be able to send short messages to one another
  • A guild hall, where the guild leader will be able to make short announcements to other members of the guild (kinda like how we make announcements on the front page)
  • Putting control of the member list for the guild in the guild leaders hands. Likewise, any member can choose to leave thier guild and join another.
  • Creating several new factions, lead by NPC's, that the guild leader would be able to align the guild with. At this stage of planning, we're thinking of designing the factions around broad philosophies. Like Doing Good, Making Mischief, Elemental Attunement, etc (Cysero has claimed leadership of the Faction of People Who Don't Tie Their Shoes.)
  • Events/competitions (OMG, sieges) between the factions in the Aeris Battlespire, as well as leaderboards for the guilds

Please remember that this is still very, very, very much in the planning stages, so anything above IS subject to change. We're all excited about this idea and we plan on getting this out to you soon. Soon, as in a few months from now. I will keep you guys updated as this project moves along, so you know where we're at. In the meantime, log onto the forums and let us know what you'd like to see from guilds in game, what types of factions do you want to see, and basically, are you as excited for this as we are?


And now, a message from Rolith:

We've recently discovered a bug inside the coding of the Gnomish Steam Tank, and are in the process of fixing it. Since It was an expensive DC item we won't be modifiying the version anyone who has already purchased has, but after this friday, the fixed armor will be the only one available to players to purchase.

Also coming up is a DA-only quest paying homage to the classic novel "Around the World in Eighty Days". It's always fun to reference the things we love, and more than a few of us really enjoy a good book. Are you ready to travel Lore, racing the clock? Weapons from Tomix will drop as rewards!


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August 14th 2009
BattleOn Burns!

(And so do geo and Rolith and Cysero, but with fevers. Wish them a speedy recovery from their be-germed states!) On to the release!

Head to the Falconreach Weapons shop to continue the Great Fire War Saga! You're in for a smokin' treat. Seriously. BattleOn is burning, smoke is everywhere. We have a mini-war to save the BattleOn Camp, and Xor Vralin II and Cranix (two of our Contest winners' characters) are ready to come to your aid in the battle. Get ready to put out the fires, because this camp is the only home the Ashenvale survivors have left! The war waves only drop medals, but the boss will drop rewards! When the war meter reaches 20%, unlock a to quest for Ice Gems to construct the Vanilla Ice Katana, because Drakonnan is more powerful than anyone could have guessed!

We also have the conclusion of the Colorless in SureWould chain tonight! Talk to Rolith in Falconreach and then head to Popsprocket to see if you can find a volunteer in a VERY Sneex-y plan. It might be devious, but it will also ensure that Doctor Voltabolt gets the help he needs to fix the broken machine! Nine new Wind weapons drop from the quest, plus two rare junk item drops which you can sell for MUCH gold. At the end of the quest a shop will open with a new pet! (A familiar monster, yes, but a new pet nevertheless.)

Have a great weekend! Stay cool as summer rages on.

P.S. - You'll need to replay the Eastern Hills quest sometime before the Boss fight is unlocked. Sorry about that, guys!


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August 14th 2009
Psssst.... Hey, United Kingdom!

Just a quick "Hi There" to let you know that we fixed a long-standing Ballyhoo issue that will make it a LOT eaiser for U.K. players to get the advert, and thus the Rainbow Items.

Ballyhoo is still giving away free DCs, for as long as the campaign runs, but if you haven't spoken to her yet you'd better soon. The SHORTS campaign ends in about a week and after that... the Rainbow Items go rare and Ballyhoo will stop dropping DCs.

Hurryquickfast! Like a bunny.


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August 13th 2009
Give a Codemonkey a little help?

No, NOT a banana. We give him those on Fridays after release. What Rolith needs NOW is a bit of help with a coding project.

You see, he needs to tweak the code on weapons with animated specials, but we have SO many weapons by now that (after four years, DragonFable has thousands of items!)... we kind of lost track of which weapons have them. Think you could lend us a hand by giving us the names on the forum?

Speaking of bananas... did you know they're a fruit? And you know what's also a fruit? Limes. Specifically key limes. And key limes make GREAT pie. And Rolith is a GREAT codemonkey. Therefore, it follows that Rolith deserves pie on every fifth Thursday of the month. Since we don't have one of those this month, this picture of pie will have to do:



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August 11th 2009
Coming Soon: DOOM KNIGHT

The shadows are spreading over the face of Lore. In the middle of the night in home from Doomwood to Swordhaven, parents are still kissing their children goodnight... but they've stopped telling them that there's nothing in the dark to be afraid of, because they know that there is. From every darkened corner in even the furthest reaches of the land the shadows have begun to whisper. They are saying...

"Long Unlive the Shadowscythe"

You want to join the ranks of the Doom Knight? You want to wear the helm of Sepulchure that strikes fear into the mightiest heroes? You want to shrowd yourself in a cloak the color of old, spilled blood? You think your mind and heart are strong enough to control the Necrotic Sword of Doom, without it controling you?

Fine... all the power, all the fear, all the madness.... it's all yours. But don't say I didn't warn you.

We have a very VERY special offer coming soon... but only for Dragonlords who have been with DF for a while. It's kind of a special re-upgrade offer for our super-players... the Doom Knight Bonus Offer.

You will be offered this deal for every 6 months that you have been a upgraded member of DragonFable, and each new upgrade will cost $19.95.

You will Recieve 10,000 Dragon Coins, A special Character page Rank, The Necrotic Sword of Doom (the TRUE 4th Doom Weapon), Doom Knight Helm, Doom Knight Cloak and finally the Doom Knight Armor with a full set of earth-shattering, bone-rattling skills can all be yours... if you've been with us long enough.

If you have been a Dragonlord for:

6 Months: You will recieve 10,000 DC, and the Necrotic Sword of Doom (With 12 hit special) and the rank of Doom Knight on your character page when you take advantage of the Doom Knight Bonus Offer!

12 Months: You will recieve 10,000 MORE DC, and the Doom Knight Helm, and the rank of Superior Doom Knight on your character page!

18 Months: You will recieve 10,000 MORE DC, and the Doom Knight Cloak and the rank of Elite Doom Knight on your character page!

24 Months: You will recieve 10,000 MORE DC, and the Doom Knight ARMOR with FULL skills, and the rank of MASTER Doom Knight on your character page!

Since DF has been around for more than 3 years now, if you have been a Dragonlord for more than two of those years, then you will be able to purchase ALL 4 of these offers at once! Then you can save 15 bucks and will recieve 40,000 DC, and all four pieces of the Doom Knight Set, and the rank of MASTER Doom Knight on your character page for $65.00 ALL AT ONCE which is a deal. We did the math.

The only question left is... Are You DOOMed?




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August 7th 2009
Drakonnan Rising!

Welcome to the weekend! We've got some fun stuff in this release (not quite hair-raising, but there ARE new hairs!).

First up is the next quest in the Great Fire War saga! Talk to Yulgar's Orb in Falconreach to access this quest. The people of Ashenvale have settled in Battleon (wouldn't you, if your home was destroyed?) and are ready to defend their new home. Ghost, geopetal, Tomix, and Rolith have all worked incredibly hard to make this a unique quest for you; to that end, we're seeing the debut of some player NPCs. Some of the contest winners will see themselves in-game tonight! They'll be in-game as guests thanks to some tweaking by Tomix and alot of codemonkeying by Rolith. Congratulations again to everyone who entered the contest; we hope you're happy with your prizes!

Next is the newest Colorless in SureWould Forest quest, Dye Another Day. Thanks to Robina's suggestion, you'll be traveling back to the stinky heaps of the Sneevil Dumpsite. You'll find trash, trouble, and hopefully some dye there in order to help Voltabolt and an (as yet to be determined) helper fix the machine draining the forest of color. Nine new water weapons will drop as rewards!

We ALSO have a TON of new hairstyles for Dragonlords drawn by Tomix in the newest Popsprocket Barber shop, run by Sweeny and T.O.D.D. Be very careful when getting your hair cut. Move too quick and T.O.D.D. might snip off the wrong thing! More than a few of the hairstyles even have color customized accessories, and I know one of the males styles comes complete with a facial tattoo! If you want to be styled by Sweeny and T.O.D.D., you'll need a Dragon Amulet!

So stylis!

So stylish!

That's not all, though! We have four new kitchen-themed items which you can purchase for your house, drawn and colored by Lim (aka WallofText). Now even the most discriminating chef can prepare meals with confidence, because you have a stove, an island, a sink (WITH soap on a rope), and a spiffy new Knife Rack (be sure you clean the knives BEFORE using them!).

The Fire War saga is going strong, and it's far from over. Be sure to keep coming back in the coming weeks to see what happens. Have a great weekend, everyone!


All we know is he's called the Codemonkey

August 6th 2009
Some say that he thinks in ActionScript, and that if he'd wanted to be more productive he'd stop watching Top Gear reruns!

Gah! Has it really been two weeks since I've done one of these things? My apologies! We’ve been very busy as the summer starts winding down and events building up again in the Great Fire War. I have started working on including the winners of the Dragon Lord contest into the game. We’re looking at how to incorporate them as we go along. It’s been a big collaboration between Tomix, Geopetal , Ghost and Me on how best to accomplish it, and we’ve got some fun ideas.

Alac has been making great strides in continuing the Colorless quest chain (or as I’ve started to call it the Dye Pun Saga) this week with a new quest. She’s also got other plans for few one-off quests before Ghost is available to help her continue the Aria in Wanderland story.

I’ve been reviewing my NEBOS (Never Ending Book Of Soon), and there are several BIG things on my list that I’d love to spill the beans on – but I can’t. Lets just say the summer may be more than half over, but the surprises of it are just beginning.

Cya on the forums! (Or Twitter)



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Shifting Colors!

August 3rd 2009
Ballyhoo's SHORTS and MORE FREE DCs!

Well, not HER shorts, exactly... We're trying something new.

Ballyhoo has something for you... Free gold as usual, 3 new cutscenes, written by Alac and animated by Ghost, SEVERAL new weapons and items, and possibly even a few FREE DCs!

And all you need to do is make a wish!

The new WB movie SHORTS (Rated PG for those who are curious) is the story of a rainbow colored rock and the wishes it grants to those who gain posession of it.

They have kindly sponsered a quest where YOU can see what would happen if you had one of three common DF hero wishes granted! At the end of each cutscene you will get one of Tomix's amazing new rainbow items, and you MIGHT even get a few Dragon Coins!

But be careful what you wish for... it just might come true... which is awesome!

What? Oh, ok. I've just been told that it is, in fact, NOT awesome to get what you wish for. There's a moral in there somewhere.

Keep in mind that you will only be able to earn DCs from her as long as the SHORTS tie-in is running, and the rainbow items that Tomix lovingly crafted will also go rare at that time, leaving the game forever (until SHORTS 2, anyway). However, until the campaign ends you can re-run the quests as many times as you like (up to 12 times a day)!

This SHORTS campaign will NOT LAST LONG, to talk to Ballyhoo before it's too late!


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August 1st 2009
Late night update!

I had to leave before the release tonight in order to catch a flight to Florida (there are going to be some happy Codemonkeys in the Underground Lab when I show up with donuts on Monday morning), and in the leaving, forgot to make sure geopetal knew there was a second quest being released tonight! The promised "Colorless in Surewood" quest "Never Say Dye" IS available. Talk to Rolith and Pandora-the-tog and click on the "Colorless" button.

Traveling always throws kinks into the best laid plans, it seems. But all's well that ends well, except for the poor man in the airport who lost his boarding pass and was yelling at the check-in clerk.

Enjoy the small extra release!