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November 30th 2009
A month of beginnings!

Something BIG is starting in December! Or rather, a couple somethings are going to start!

This week will see the beginning of the Frostval storyline and the first of the four DragonLord Gifts! The gifts will be things you've been asking for for a LONG time (some of you since the game got out of Beta! This is just our way to thank all of you who have helped support DragonFable over the course of this year and years past. We're also going to be introducing the DragonLord City this December as an added "thank you"!

We're also going to be releasing the next quest in the Zorbak's Legion chain. Those baby dracoliches are cute, but they get into a LOT of trouble! If Zorbak could see through his haze of ambition, he'd realize how much chaos they cause, but he has BIG dreams for a small moglin!

Also starting LATER this month is the Tomix Saga! It will take you deep below Falconreach into the underground city of Ravenloss, which you've visited briefly in the past. But this time you'll explore the city and the story of both the Chaosweavers and Tomix as he hunts for the Corrupted Elemental Spirit, Greed!

Here's a sneak peek of the city map:


Cysero brought in cookies to celebrate his belated Anniversary of working here. I'd better go get some before they're all gone! Happy Monday!

PS: Gold donation to fix up Falconreach starts today! The goal is 100 million, but the LAST time we did this, you raised a few TRILLION! How much can we raise this time?!

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November 25th 2009
Something for everyone!

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving, US players! Merry Wednesday, rest of the world! We are releasing the boss fight today because we are all hoping to be in a happy tryptophan fog for most of tomorrow, and Friday we'll need to recover from all the food we ate the day before.

So head to Gobble-ocalypse (which you can reach from the button in Falconreach) for some mutant-food-fun! Like I said, there's something for everyone, whether you like turkey, duck, or chicken! (We aim to provide something for all appetites).


Zorbak found Voltabolt before the war meter reached 100% and, because of that, his plan was put into action. Team Voltabak (Zorbabolt?) managed to rig the bakery witch's oven to produce a feast of a foul monster, and now YOU have to clean up after it! And them, because when Voltabolt tinkered with her oven, it didn't just make the roast grow, it made it MULTIPLY, too!

That means Falconreach is a mess, and you'll need to donate gold in order to pay for the clean up. Any gold leftover (plus the gold currently in the treasury) will be used to pay for improvements to Falconreach, which you'll get to vote on. We could use some funny suggestions, though, so be sure to post them here: Town Improvement Suggestions thread. You'll be able to start donating your gold on Monday!

We WILL be releasing the ArchKnigth quest tomorrow, though! Geopetal is going to swim through a sea of gravy dotted with cranberries to reach her computer (ew, that will be messy) and from there she'll get Ash's quest out to you as a special Thanksgiving release. Be sure to log in as Ash tomorrow evening to see his latest adventure! She'll have more information for you in her Design Notes tomorrow.

And remember, Black Friday is coming! The day after Thanksgiving is great for shopping and if you're going to be out buying things, why not pick up an upgrade card? If you buy one between this Friday and next Friday, you'll unlock a special item in DragonFable! You can find the cards at Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us and all of these other locations while you are out battling the crowds!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a normal Thursday, depending on where you live)!



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November 23rd 2009
Go! Fight! Win (a turkey dinner)!

Thankstaking is almost here! And with it, Thanksgiving in the United States.

While you and Artix are busy battling the undead, Zorbak is hunting for Voltabolt, and he's closing in on the dentist's location. At this rate, he'll reach him Wednesday. If you don't reach Voltabolt before Zorbak does, you can guarantee that when he and Zorbak pair up, Falconreach will get wrecked. If that happens, there will be consequences, and it WILL involve your gold! So... battle hard, heroes of Lore!

As for the boss fight that's coming.... I've gotten a few guesses on Facebook and seen a few on the forum, and no one's come close! But it IS Thanksgiving-related, just like past years' bosses. Lim and I had the following exchange about the boss monster earlier:
Lim: That thing is CREEPY!
Alac: And awesome. Zorbak DID take over Thankstaking. What do you expect?

We've also got an ArchKnight quest planned for release for DragonLordsthis week, so if you've been enjoying the story so far, you'll love this next quest. If you haven't been able to play ArchKnight, now's the time to upgrade and join in on the superawesome story of one noob's journey to save a Princess and become the ultimate ArchKnight!

Black Friday is almost here, as well! I talked a little bit about Black Friday in the US earlier this month, but to recap: Black Friday is a super-sale in many stores in the United States the day after Thanksgiving. That Friday, many many stores give REALLY good discounts on merchandise. (Blatant Upgrade Card Plug Time: So don't forget! This is a great opportunity for you to get our game cards from Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us and all of the other locations while you are out battling the crowds shopping. All of our game cards can be used for any of our games - including AQWorlds - even if it has a DragonFable or original AdventureQuest picture on it.).
If you buy an upgrade card between THIS Friday and NEXT Friday, you'll receive a special in-game item (Remember that the card needs to be used between this Friday and next Friday, but you can buy it at any time!) There will also be a Black Friday shop in-game where Cole the Shopping Moglin will have some special half-off merchandise for you to pick up!

PS: Cheddar stopped by to visit and see how things are going! He's visited once before, and now he's sitting going over with us our plans for Black Friday and Thankstaking!


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November 20th 2009

Happy Friday! It's aaaaaaaalmost Thanksgiving in the United States, so if you've been hankering for some turkey-themed fun, you're on!

The Friday the 13th war has merged into the Thankstaking War thanks to Zorbak's scheming! His undead minions are going to keep you busy while he searches for Dr. Voltabolt, because Zorbak has some FUN plans for how to "enhance" the townspeople's Fall Festival. You won't know what that involves until the Boss fight is unlocked, though. It will be unlocked once Zorbak finds Voltabolt, and if you want to get to him first and try to stem the plotting, you'd better get battling!

Joke waves will appear 3 times more often than in the Friday the 13th war, and Defender Medals will drop more often, as well. Undead Essences will still drop for people who want to upgrade their doom weapons, and so will corn kernels and turkey tail feathers, so that you can upgrade your Butterbomb pets and Thankstaking weapons.

There is a new Ash quest for DragonLords, too! It's been a while since Ash has gone questing, but this week will make up for it, because he and his anonymous girl friend are going to revisit an old haunt in order to find new information and remember the old. Expect to learn something vital at the end of the quest! You won't want to miss this!

Fall is coming. Time to paint your face with orange and brown camouflage, hide in piles of raked leaves, and scare your family members as they walk past the driveway. You don't do that? Oh, right. Neither do we.

PS: If you don't win this war, there WILL be consequences. You'll need to help repair the damages done to the town. So get fighting! It's great seeing you all team up on the forums in the war thread, too!

PPS: It looks like Zorbak and his minions are influencing the robot monsters! Now ALL the monsters in the war waves are weak to Light! DOOOOM and Thankstaking together have made for some strange robots!


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November 18th 2009
More Mid-Week Moglin Mania!

Welcome PoeLala to DragonFable! This very friendly and incredibly helpful moglin is ready to assist you on your adventures through the land of Lore.

There are three levels of the PoeLala pet, which is available from Cysero's Superstore of Savings, at his pet shop: levels 1,25, and 40. Note: PoeLala is an Assistance Moglin. She does not attack, she will only use her magic to boost your defenses and chances for a critical hit. Level 1 PoeLala will cost 250 DCs, Level 25 PoeLala will cost 325 DCs, and level 40 PoeLala will cost 500 DCs.

To change which stat PoeLala affects, click on her colored orb. The colors correspond to different stats:
Melee Defense: silver
Magic Defense: blue
Ranged Defense: green
Critical Hit: red
Dodge: yellow
After she casts, you will see that your stat in the character information window has increased. (To access this window, click on your character's name.)

Level 1 PoeLala will add a MAX of 10 to your defenses and a MAX of 2 to your Dodge/Crit.
Level 25 PoeLala will add a MAX of 20 to your defenses and a MAX of 4 to your Dodge/Crit.
Level 40 PoeLala will add a MAX of 30 to your defenses and a MAX of 5 to your Dodge/Crit. Again, PoeLala can be found in the pet shop at Cysero's Superstore of Savings. Enjoy your new pet!


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November 17th 2009
Mid-Week Moglin Mania!

Moglins are small, furry, and VERY helpful. That's why we like them! If you look at the moglins in game, every moglin in the game has assisted you at some point, whether it's with healing or in a quest. They don't ask much, just a hug now and then and maybe some fish and ice cream if you're talking to Twig. (There IS actually a fish-flavored ice cream, available in Japan. Don't tell Twig, or he'll start charging you for all the time he stands there and looks cute.) So, to celebrate the awesomeness of moglins, we have some moglin-themed items to release this week.

Today we'll be releasing Clyde, the Stats Moglin! He will sell for 250 Dragon Coins and will go in your house. You can use him to train or untrain your stats! Look for him in your Cysero's Orb house DC Stuff shop now!

Tomorrow we will be releasing PoeLala! PoeLala has a long history in AdventureQuest as first a rare pet, and now as a guest which can be summoned by a spell. In AQ, PoeLala uses her magic to increase your Magic Damage, but in DragonFable she will increase your Crit, Dodge, Melee Defense, Magic Defense, or Ranged Defense depending on how many times you click on her. We'll announce when she goes on sale tomorrow in the Design Notes.


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November 16th 2009
DragonFable plans are taking off!

So earlier today Warlic, Korin, Lim, Rolith and I rode the elevator up to the ground floor of the building the Secret Underground Lab is in and trooped outside to watch the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis while everyone else was in meetings meetings or offices with closed doors(we DID call out "Shuttle time!" but they must not have heard us. Super Focus!)

So we stood outside and looked in the direction Warlic pointed ("up") and saw a teeny litle white shutle and a LONG white cloud of smoke. It went about halfway up the sky, getting smaller and smaller while the smoke cloud got thinner and thinner until all we could see was the cloud left. The shuttle had left the atmosphere.

This was the first time I'd ever seen a shuttle launch. After we passed the identity scanners and were able to board the elevator down to the Lab, I started thinking about this week's release and all the plans we have for the coming weeks and months.

DF is going to be taking off! We have a TON of things we're working on:

Zorbak's Legion- adorably bony baby dracoliches and Zorbak!

The Clashening- Magic and Science, which will YOU choose?

ArchKnight Saga - learn the identity of the girl Ash has been helping and see if he ever does realize his dream to become the ArchKnight!

The next Orb Saga - your quest to stop Sepulchure continues when you need to go after the Water Orb!

The DragonLord City is coming! We've begun planning the storyline and artwork for it! Look for this HUGE event to come next year!

And as a final note....

All around Lore, DragonLords gathered 'round.
They oooh'd and they aaaah'd at what they had found.
Four wrapped presents, as big as big could be.
Each asked, I wonder what the GMs* have given me!

Now's the time to start singing, You know the words.
On the first week of Frostval, the GMs gave to me...

* Gamemasters


Likes to break mirrors.

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November 13th 2009
Friday the 13th Design Notes Takeover

Mehehehehe, I'm back and I've managed to shove Alac off her computer! Friday the 13th is MY day and you'd better believe I am going to post on the Design Notes! It's a travesty that I haven't been allowed- ALLOWED- to post on them before now, but that is changing. Right now!

Aaaaand now I'm taking the computer back. I promised Zorbak I'd SHARE the computer. He can talk again at the end. Right now, I need to give you the Friday release run-down.

*shove* We shared, see? My turn again. Here's how it's going to be, heroes. I'm going to tell you what's what with this Friday's goings-on, then you're going to go try- and fail-to pit yourselves against my Mighty Minions of Mayhem. I've come to Falconreach to make my presence known this Friday the 13th. You can find me- if you're brave enough- keeping an eye on that bumbling hero-wannabe Ash by the Inn.

*Yoink* Apparently Mom the Moglin never really explained the concept of SHARING, did she, Zorbak? He's right, though. If you're a DragonLord, talking to Zorbak in Falconreach will give you the opportunity to do the Zorbak's Legion quest chain, which has a special quest just for this Friday the 13th! You'll want to defend

*tosses a shiny thing into the other room* Look! Sparkly! Mehehehe! You'll want to defend my mini-minions, those Tiny Terrors, the baby dracoliches. Oh, the plans I have for them are diabolical! They'll grow into a mighty legion of trouble-makers. *daydreams*

And it wouldn't be Friday the 13th if there wasn't a Falconreach Invasion. Zorbak never has just ONE plan. It's always plots within plans within schemes. Click on the button in Falconreach to go to the Friday the 13th War! Oh! And Artix is REALLY eager to battle this Friday the 13th. In fact, I think he's vowed to take out as many of Zorbak's minions as he can in the war. Zorbak won't know what hit him! You should try to beat more war waves than Artix, or he might just decide to exorcise the final rewards right out of the war chest!

The Skull King helm series and Unlucky Doom Essences will drop from the Zorbak's Legion quest for Dragonlords. For war wave rewards we'll have Defender Medals, Unlucky Doom Essences, the Unlucky weapon series, the 13th weapon series, and the Skull Prince helm series as drops!

We also have TWO new levels of Doom weapons for you! You can upgrade your current Doom weapons by going to Yulgar's forge in BattleOn. The level 50 Necrotic Sword of Doom also got a SMALL buff just to make sure it's better than the Doom weapons.

*push* I know you always TRY to battle my army, but since you're defending my little babies, you'll be too busy to fight this year, right? At least, you will if you know what's good for you! *glare* And as for that paladin, hmmph! We'll see just what HE manages to do. Mehehehe!

Try not to break any mirrors tonight, and if you put a bowl of cream in front of any black cats you see, they'll be too busy drinking it to cross your path. Have a good weekend!

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November 6th 2009
On a collision course with CUTE! CRAZY!

Lore is powered by a mix of magic, science, and puns (what would a Pun Elemental look like anyways?), but up until now they have co-existed peacefully. Lim, Falconreach's newest Weaponsmith, is a fierce believer in the superiority of science* while Cysero, as you know, works with magic (and possibly tie-dyed bunny rabbits in tophats, I wouldn't be surprised).

Lim is determined to prove to you that science is superior and to do that, he asks for your help in building his latest experiment, the Lim's HAD-ron Collider ("Colliding the particles of the past, today!"). Cysero, wacky but usually pretty efficient, is keeping an eye on Lim and his work. Talk to Lim in his Falconreach shop to start The Clashening quest chain and learn more than you didn't know you didn't know about Lore's methods of magic and technology!

Cysero AND Lim will also be selling some brand new, VERY awesome weapons for Dragon Coins starting tonight! Each weapon has a special: Lim's weapons are dual-element, and can switch from Fire to Ice just by clicking on the weapon in-game. (THAT is the power of SCIENCE!) Cysero's weapons are powered by his hypothetical Hamtons. Hamster-powered weapons? Oh yes, yes we DID make them, and they have a special. What do you call a storm of hamsters flying at you? A HAMSTORM! There is also a crazy-awesome treat for hamster-lovers:


She'll be appearing in-game IF you buy one of Cysero's new weapons, but Rolith and Lim made me promise not to tell you where or when (except that it will be available as soon as you buy the weapon). You'll just have to see for yourself by using one.

But that's not ALL! We ALSO have a brand-new kind of quest for you tonight: a "Choose Your Own AdventureQuest" available from Cysero. If you've ever read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel, you can imagine what the quest will be like. If you HAVEN'T read a story like that, here's how it will work: You'll start playing the quest, and then you'll be faced with a decision. If you select the first option, something will happen. If you select the second option, something different will happen. One or both options may continue the story, or one could cause the story to end (there are MANY different endings in this quest, geopetal says. I saw one with explosions, but I won't tell you which option gets that. You'll have to see for yourself.) There are weapons as rewards in the quests. Different endings will have different shops with different weapons in them. The longer you can keep the story going (by choosing the right option), the better the choice of weapons you'll have!

* All week we have been shouting SCIENCE! at random points throughout the day. The MechQuest team in the other room must be REALLY confused.


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November 4th 2009


I mean HI!

It's been a LONG time since i've posted on the DF DNs. I've been having a LOT of fun running (ruining?) AQW, but the DF DN's just smell different, ya know?

A lot of you are wondering what's going on between Lim and me and I guess it's time that I told you everything that I know.

I don't know anything.

I would have more to tell you but Lim doesn't seem to like talking to me, but he's a very good listener. He just stares and stares.

MY how he stares. He's staring at me right now, as a matter of fact.

He's working on a new toy. I think he's going to use it to try and compete with me which I think is adorable. I don't think he'd let me use it if I asked him... so I'd better not ask. I'll just use it when he's asleep or something.

But if i'm right he's putting together just the piece of equipment that I need to prove the existence of the Hamton. It's an elementary particle that, so far, has not been proven to exist. And I'm the only one who think that it does.

The math and magic all work to support their existence but I can't get Warlic to check my work for me. He says that hamsters have no place in magical research.

Did I mention that? Hamsters are the source of Hamtons... rather than being made of normal matter like most atoms, Hamsters are principally comprised of Hamtons and an assortment of trace elements... like "cute". If I can prove that hamtons exist, and they are magically powerful as I think that they are... then I can use them to power a whole new line of experimental weapons (which will, of course, go into my Superstore of Savings and be sold for Dragon Coins)!

This is a very exciting time!

Lim is still staring. And now he's smiling.

Or gritting his teeth.

If you have't seen them yet, the Mogloween masks are now in my shop and they're all pretty great!

Have a great (whatever is left of your day in your part of the world when you read this)!


Plays Clue.

November 2nd 2009
Black Monday! (Comes after Magenta Sunday)

If you're from the United States, you might be familiar with the term "Black Friday". It's the day after Thanksgiving, when there is a HUGE shopping explosion as people begin their Christmas shopping frenzies. Now, it's not time for Frostval (... YET!) but we're having our own Black Day-of-the-Week because Cysero bought up a bunch of Mogloween masks from heroes who no longer need them. He's got SO many, though, that he doesn't have room for the rest of his inventory. He's prepared to sell (for Dragon Coins) ANY of the Mogloween masks you want from any of the past Mogloween events! Just head to the Helms counter in Cysero's Superstore of Savings an there'll be a mask shop!

And in other post-Mogloween news, we've made it possible for you to upgrade the pets which hatched from the gourds. If you head to Grams' Pet Shop in Falconreach, you'll see a button which will let you upgrade both the gourd-pets you bought for DCs or the gourd-pets which you found as reward drops. You'll need either 3,5, or 6 Elemental essences depending on which pet you want. There is a level 30 Gourd-o-Lantern, a level 40 Mr. Manges, and a level 45 Triks the Moglin now!

And as a last post-Mogloween note, here's one of my favorite things to do with leftover Halloween candy. If you can't GIVE it all away, and you can't eat more than, say, two or three pounds pieces in a sitting, then try freezing it. This works REALLY well with things like the bite-size candy bars. Do you have any tricks, treats, or traditions you do after Halloween?

Congratulations to ALL the Codemonkey Day questers! You guys just keep solving Rolith's puzzles! And this one was REALLY hard! Rolith keeps trying to be eviller and eviller and you keep thwarting him. Muahahaha! Keep it up! It's good to challenge the Codemonkey. It keeps him on his coding-toes. (No, he cannot code with his feet. But maybe if he puts points into dexterity the next time he levels up...)

This week we'll have an ArchKnight quest, the first in The Clashening saga (Magic versus Science! The age-old debate resolved!), and both Cysero and Lim will have brand new awesometastic weapons on sale in their shops for Dragon Coins.

This is an inconspicuous clue. You won't know for what until Friday.

Not a Clue