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Loves Spring!

March 30th 2010
Spring has sprung

This is where I start to egg you on
For those of you who have never done a DragonFable egg hunt, here's your chance to get rare Spring-themed items, starting this Friday! Eggs are placed in the reward tables of quests throughout the game as rare drops. Once you find an egg, keep it in your inventory, because in a week or two, it will hatch into a rare item for your character to use!

This year's egg hunt will differ a bit from previous years. Instead of sending you on a blind hunt for them all over the game, we'll be providing a list of clues here in the Design Notes. That way, if you have limited time to hunt, you'll have a better idea of where to look for the egg drops (not egg drop soup, though, that wouldn't make a good reward at ALL. Too messy!)

And as usual, if you don't want to farm at all, the eggs will be purchaseable in Cysero's Superstore of Savings for a small egg-laying fee. *

Colored Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies! Who can resist the deliciousness?

The Chocolate Bunny is still available
Remember, until April 11th, if you use any Artix Entertainment Upgrade card (you can find a list of stores which carry them here), you'll receive an awesome item for whichever AE game you use the card in! DragonFable's item is Choko-Bun, the delicious and damaging cocoa pet! At 250 rarity, this is the rarest pet in the entire game!

News on this week's release
Friday is coming fast! TOO fast! (Then again, it always seems like that on Tuesday.) But we DO have a plan for this week's release, and I'm going to share it with you now!

First up is the next Water Orb quest! You've GOT to find that Orb before Sepulchure does, or the consequences will be dire! But... where could it be?! Better keep searching around The Locker. You've gotten some clues so far, try piecing them together!

We'll also be releasing the restructured Quest Log! Rolith and I worked this weekend and today on fixing the bugs our testers found last week, and it's looking like it will be released this Friday! New organization, some old features brought into play, a new look, and BADGES! (There's even a special one for owning DoomKnight Armor)!

The Egg Scavenger Hunt will also start this Friday! Six eggs will be available for you to collect, so make sure to come back to the Design Notes on Friday to see the clues we come up with!

We're packing things full of fun, so make sure to stop by this weekend and check the release out!

* Don't ask who lays the eggs in Cysero's shop.

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Needs a new set of dice.

March 26th 2010
Critical Failure!

Grab your dice and an energy drink
No, we're not talking about our Monday night tabletop gaming (even though we REALLY like twittering and posting about our adventures on Facebook*). This time all references to critical failures are talking about the quest! we're releasing this week!

And speaking of this week, it's Player Suggestion Week! We've got brand new content from:

  • Mephiles the Dark (Underworld weapon set)
  • Marth234 (Renaissance weapon set)
  • Zarcon (Mirror DragonLord Wings)
  • MANY players suggested the house item Travel Griffon
  • and the Critical Failure quest inspired by 15cman

The weapons and wings suggested by Mephiles the Dark, Marth234, and Zarcon can be found in the Player Suggestion Shop in Falconreach. The Travel Griffon can be found in the DC Shrubs shop by talking to your Real Estate Orb. The quest suggested by 15cman can be accessed by talking to Cysero in Falconreach!

In the Critical Failure quest, Cysero has decided that the people of Falconreach aren't having enough fun. He is determined to fix that, and what better way that by playing a game together? But, since this IS Cysero, it's not going to be just any game! It's a life-sized board game, and you and the other people of Falconreach are the pieces!

You'll need to roll a set of dice in order to advance, and you'll have monsters to battle on the way. If you can make it to the end and have freed all the townspeople, you'll win!

Quest Log delay
I know we said we'd release the Quest Log this weekend, and we really wanted to, but when it went into testing earlier today, there were a bunch of small bugs and some big bugs that need to be fixed around the game in order for things not to BREAK HORRIBLY!

While Rolith starts working on the Alchemy minigame ** (hopefully to release in a couple weeks), I'll finish up the fixing of the Quest Log. We know you guys are anxious for it, but we'd rather release one that works instead of one that doesn't.

Chocolate Bunny Pet from Upgrade Cards
The Chocolate Bunny Pet is now live! If you buy any Artix Entertainment Upgrade Card (find one at stores by looking here!), you can use it from now until Aprill 11th on any Artix Entertainment game to get a VERY awesome, very rare Chocolate Bunny item! DragonFable's item is Choko-Bun, the Chocolate Bunny pet!

And the Upgrade shop for the Choko-Bun pet is now live in Grams' Pet Shop in Falconreach! Just click on the Pet Upgrades button!

If you love rare items, or Dragon Coins, or Upgrades, you'll definitely want to purchase an Artix Entertainment Upgrade Card between now and April 11!

It's so pretty out!
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood (at least, in this one). Sing it with me! Go out and soak up the weekend after you enjoy the release! Go boating, take a walk, go on a picnic (maybe even bring some food specifically to give TO the ants. They' deserve a treat every now and then, too!)

If you like Player Suggestion releases, please let us know on the forum and we'll make more of them!


* Lim, Cysero, and Rolith made Artix and I started keeping a tally of our critical failures. We get WAY too many of them. It's statistically unpossible! Imconceivable! We really need to find dice that like us.
** We just got the Mana Alchemy interface from Ghost and it's gorgeous!

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Can't wait to take one home!

March 25th 2010
The Bunny is coming! (And it's TASTY)

Who doesn't like bunnies? Or chocolate?
Everyone likes bunnies, right? And just about everyone likes chocolate, yes? Yes! So when we combine the two, we get the most delectable and delicious pet in the entire game!

So sweet! And tasty! And dangerous to monsters!

And not only is Choco-bun the Chocolate Bunny pet cute, but it will measure up pound for pound against your other pets (even pets that don't use cooking measurements to specify intensity of damage)!

Now, you ask (if you haven't read Monday's Design Notes post), just how do I get a cuddly, nibble-worthy pet like this of my own? Here's how!

  • Available from March 26th through April 11 when you buy any Artix Entertainment upgrade card from one of the stores that stock them
  • For a list of stores which carry AE cards, check here
  • This RARE chocolate bunny pet will come with every card, but will only go towards the game you use the card to upgrade (or buy Dragon Coins) in
  • Choko-bun will be able to level up! Just go to the merge shop in Gram's Pet Store in Falconreach and click on the "Bunny Pet" button!

Remember, if you buy an Upgrade card tonight, you'll need to wait until TOMORROW to use it! The promotion starts Friday; make sure to make this adorable and rare bunny yours!

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Really likes your ideas!

March 24th* 2010
Player Suggestion Week is coming

You're making the release this time!
There have been pages and pages (and pages and pages) of suggestions in the DF Requested Suggestions board threads, and we've pulled some really nice ideas from them! We couldn't do ALL the ones we liked this week, but that just means we'll have more to put in the next time we do a round of player suggestions!

Coming with this release are two sets of weapons, one pair of wings, and a quest, all suggested by you guys!

The weapon set on the left is the Underworld Defender series, while the set on the right is from the Renaissance series! We'll announce whose suggestions have made it in-game on Friday!

The quest is still being worked on, but make sure to bring your gaming gear, you'll need it!

The quest will be playable by everyone. The Underworld Defender series requires a Dragon Amulet to equip while the Renaissance series is available to all players! The wings will be color customizable and will cost Dragon Coins to purchase.

I've got to get back to work on this week's quest. First I've got to put away all these dice. Imagine if someone were to step on a 4-sided die(the pyramid-shaped one). Cysero's done it before, and he says it HURTS!

And April Fool's Day is coming on Thursday next week! What would YOU like to see us do for it? So far we've had Chickencows invade the town, the DF NPCs switched with the MechQuest ones, and the town turned upside-down! Let us know hwat you think on the forum!

See you Friday!

* Thanks to Saojun for pointing out that the Time Travel Fairies snuck into my post!

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Thinks Choko-bun is adorable.

put a
Chocobunny pet in AQW, too!

March 22nd 2010
Chocobunny Pet coming with Upgrade Card!

Coming THIS Friday!
Meet Choko-bun, the sweetest pet you'll find anywhere in DragonFable! Choko-bun is made of 100% pure Lorian Choko, a tasty treat that comes from a bean that grows in the Southern Marshes. Oishii, DragonFable's craftiest cook, took a bunch of the beans and a bit of colored sugar, then teamed up with Falconreach's Bakery yaga and by their powers combined, they are Chocolate Bunny! *cough* I mean, they MADE a Chocolate Bunny pet!

Starting this Friday, March 26th, and running through April 11, all our games will be offering a rare item attached to all Artix Entertainment upgrade card! These super-awesome items will be different according to which game you use the upgrade on. DragonFable's item will be Choko-bun, a Chocolate Bunny Pet (just in time for Grenwog, our Spring celebration!)!

Aww, isn't it CUTE?!

This rare pet will ONLY be available if you buy an Artix Entertainment updgrade card:

AE Cards!
Find a list of stores which stock them here!

Remember, if you buy an AE Upgrade card before this Friday (March 26th), you'll need to wait UNTIL Friday to activate it or you won't get the rare Choko-bun pet! This promotion will only run through April 11th, so the offer won't be here long! If you're not sure where to find Artix Entertainment upgrade cards in your area, check here!

The pet you'll get for DF with the upgrade card will be level one, but if you go to Gram's Pet shop in Falconreach, you'll be able to upgrade it to either level 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 for free! Choko-bun comes with two special attacks and does a nice amount of Nature damage! The pet will be available to ALL players, but will have the damage level of a rare item, so this is definitely a pet to pick up!

For our players who live in countries that don't carry the Upgrade Cards, Cysero said it best in the AQWorlds Design Notes:

To those of you in countries that do not sell the cards, I'm sorry. The company that prints and distrubutes the cards to stores for us decide what countries they want to distribute in (printing those things cost money and we can't afford to send them to every country on Earth... just the countries with the largest number of players!) and Artix Entertainment has very little control over that.

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Tried to beat the clock.

March 19th 2010
X-Boost is here! Get the advantage!

New item type!
DragonFable has sixty levels of puns and fun for everyone, but it takes some people longer than others to reach their goals in the game. This might be because they have limited time on the computer, or
because they're busy with school, work, or extracurricular activities. Because we want players in those situations to have a chance to level up and amass gold at a quick pace, we're implementing the X-Boost in DragonFable!

What does that mean? It means that Cysero's Superstore of Savings (talk to the Orb all the way to the left inside his shop) is going to stock a new type of item: expiring items! Two of the X-Boost items will expire: the 7 day X-Boost and the 30 day X-Boost. The permanent X-Boost will not expire! All three of the X-Boost items will give you 10% more gold and experience for each battle you fight!

More shiny gold and exp can be yours with the X-Boost!

This means you will gain gold and level up 10% faster, so if there's a weapon that you're not a high enough level to equip, or if you need just a bit more gold to buy that Doom weapon or color-customizable DragonLord armor (or whatever goals you've set for yourself in the game, I'm sure there are many!), then the X-Boost is the item for you!

You can buy them with Dragon Coins by going to this page OR by talking to Cysero in game, both options will take you to the same page.

Things should be going swimmingly, but...
Everyone likes sleeping, right? Laying under a soft blanket, head pillowed on a... pillow... visions of sugar plums dancing o'er your head (during Frostvale, that is). The point is, sleeping is NICE. Dreaming is even better! Except, of course, when you're having a nightmare.

This is part of your nightmare.

And what's worse than having a nightmare? Running a race IN your nightmare against a timer! The sense of dread that something really, really bad is going to happen if the timer runs out! But don't let THAT irrational fear stop you from logging in this weekend and playing the newest Water Orb quest, because Aquella still needs your help, so get going! Sweet dreams!

You blasted those monsters to golden smithereens!
Everyone pulled together in an AMAZING attempt to win the war before we got the bossfight quest finished, and it was incredibly close, but we managed to squeak by and you DID have a bossfight by the time you reached 100% (which happened at 9 P.M. last night)!

Click on the button in Falconreach to go to the Golden Clearing and fight Baron Au'Mydas! See what his punishment is for invading Falconreach with an army of gilded monsters! (Note: the Irismancer and his dark Master were NOT pleased.)

Gold Nuggets. Shiny!

Don't forget to turn your gold nuggets in to Lukkhi and merge them with the level 13 Tarnished Weapons! You'll gain a Golden version of the weapon (an axe, wand, or claw) in levels 13, 23, 33, 43, 53, or 60! Remember, if you're not a high enough to get your desired level NOW, hang on to the gold nuggets and you can merge them in the Defender Rares shop in the Mayor's Office once you've gotten to the required level!

Whoo, release!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the release! I'm going to go home and try to finish Portal. (I'm at level 15 of 19! I keep shooting the wrong color Portal, but I am getting faster and faster!)

P.S. : The Lucky Day shop in Falconreach will be leaving Monday, so get your Golden Tog while you still can! It's the shiniest pet in the game!

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Wishes you a Lucky Day!


March 17th 2010
Do you feel lucky?

I know I do!
Today is a very lucky day here in the Secret Underground Lab! Everyone is wearing something green (or getting a pinch on the arm) and Beleen just cried: "Irish you a lucky day!" because Beleen loves puns.

Know who else loves puns? The joke wave monsters in the Gild the World Gold War! (Where else would a monster tell you: "I need a hug. GOLD me!") And speaking of the war, you guys are just smelting those golden waves! Last time I checked,l the war meter was at 37% and progress was making it steadily climb higher. If you keep on like this, you'll weaken Baron Au'Mydas' forces enough for you to unlock the boss fight!


In other war news, sometime today we'll add in a new measure for fighting war waves: the Napalm Sponge Catapault minigame! Rolith is working on code for it now, then it will go into testing, and then we'll release it for you guys, so check the catapault in FalconsNest (south of Falconreach) later today!

Lucky Day surprises!
If you head to Falconreach, you'll see a Lucky Day shop offering Golden Tog pets from levels 10 through 50! They are stone pets (since gold is found in stone), and will cost a whopping 0 gold in celebration of the holiday! Also happening today is a Holiday Gold and EXP boost! 19% more of each for all!

Late Note: Just to let you guys know, we're still working on the Catapault minigame, I'm surprised at how hard it is to capture just how big of an explosion Cysero is capable of making.

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Can't wait for an X-boost!

March 16th 2010
X-Boost is coming to DragonFable

That's right, more EXP and Gold!
AdventureQuest has it, MechQuest has it, and now DragonFable will get it's own version of the X-Boost!

What is an X-Boost, you ask? That's a good question! It is an item you buy for Dragon Coins which will make monsters give you more gold and experience after each battle! 10% more!

The X-Boosts will come in three versions: 7 day, 30 day, and permanent. Prices for the different levels are:

  • 7 day X-Boost: 100 Dragon Coins
  • 30 day X-Boost: 380 Dragon Coins
  • Permanent X-Boost: 1000 Dragon Coins

They'll start being sold in Cysero's Superstore of Savings this Friday, so make sure you have enough Dragon Coins! (If you've run out, you can always talk to Cysero in-game to purchase them, or you can go here.)

This will make you level up and gain gold faster, so if there's a goal you've been striving towards, invest in an X-Boost and reach it 10 percent faster!

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Loves playing mages.

March 15th 2010
Are you feeling gilt-y yet?

Then make sure you're helping in the war!
The Gild the World Gold War is allowing a light (a golden one, of course) to shine on all the heroes of Lore who have chosen to battle the forces of greed-vil! Au'Mydas is holding strong; his leadership tactics have received glowing reviews from the Irismancer and the shadowy Master he is assisting.

We're expecting you to finish the War sometime this week, and really hoping you win! As we posted on the forum, you'll need 44 Golden Nuggets in order to upgrade your Tarnished weapons through all the ranks of the Golden weapons up to the level 60 version, so keep on collecting!

And speaking of collecting, if you're a pet collector, listen (read?) up! I just talked to Lim today about adding a new reward to release on Wednesday for St Patrick's Day no matter where the War Meter is at, so we will have something for you to celebrate the luckiest day of the year with!

Also coming this week:
We will have another Water Orb quest for you this week from Geopetal! We left the quest chain with events pretty crazy last week with Captain Davey and Aquella. Lets see if things calm down THIS week! (Since it's DragonFable, that's not very likely!)

Monday means it's time for D&D!
Lim is running our seventh game of Dungeons and Dragons tonight! Our adventures so far have seen some amazing successes (we killed a green dragon!) and some awful(ly funny) failures! (Who knew you could roll a 1 four times in a row?!) And almost just as good as the fun has been the food!

This is the second week we've made a new AdventureRecipe!

Last week Lim made AdventureStew in Rolith's crockpot, and hooboy was it tasty! We devoured that! THIS week Rolith is making AdventureChili and, from the smell of it, I can tell things are going to start heating up!

We're planning on starting to host Lim's Campaign Notes on this site, so if you're interested in following along with our adventures (and snagging the recipes to our AdventureFood), keep an eye out for that! I'll provide a link once the page is ready to go.

Have a happy Monday and, since we're surrounded by war, I'll leave you with the inspiring words of Artix's D&D character's battlecry: Don't give up, we're just about to win!


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Likes shiny things.

March 12th 2010
Who likes shiny things? We do!

Gold is pretty shiny!
A "shiny thing" is anything that is cool or distracting that takes your attention away from what you SHOULD be doing. We really like shiny things here in the Secret Underground Lab. In the course of a normal week, nerf gun wars, invasions of the undead, and lunch are all shiny things.*

Don't worry, that doesn't mean we don't get releases done; to combine our love of putting out new content with shiny things, the releases this week are new AND shiny!

Gild the World Gold War
Sing it with me: gild the world, make it a shiny place, for you and for me and the entire Lorian race! Baron Au'Mydas is about to receive a visit from someone you haven't seen in quite a while. This minion of a darker villain enchants the Baron, giving him the power to turn anything to gold, and encourages him to cause a war to distract the heroes of Lore. Mainly... YOU!

Baron Au'Mydas LOVES his gold! The problem is, it's not his!

You'll be battling gold monsters in a gold world, and talk to Lukkhi the Sneevilchaun to learn just what rewards you can expect. The monsters will drop tarnished versions of an axe, wand, and claw along with Defender's Medals and Gold Nuggets. You'll also get higher gold rewards from each monster now that they're covered in shiny, shiny metal!

At the end of the war, you'll be able to merge the gold nuggets with the tarnished weapons to create GOLD versions of the weapons! So get out there and get your hands on some of that gold!

Teenage Terror
Next up is The Locker quest, where you'll be able to play AS Captain Davey! He's got two new attacks in which, as you'd expect a pirate to do, he manipulates the sea. Causing an underwater tsunami? A sign that you don't want to mess with Captain Davey!

Play as Captain Davey to use his Tsunami and Bubble skills!

But this week, you won't have to, because you'll BE him! Watch out for Aquella's teenage tricks and terrorizing as she tries to free herself from your (Davey's) clutches!

Walking under through Water!
Life is funny. Now that we've started our underwater zone, it seems like WE'VE been underwater, too! It's been raining very heavily for the past couple of days, and I'm starting to feel like Aquella must. I can't wait for that Florida sunshine to come back! Has Spring come yet where you live?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the release!

* The green plastic rabbit who screams for sugar and sits on the microwave is NOT a shiny thing. It is a thing that gets other things thrown at it.

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Can't wait to read your ideas!

March 10th 2010
A Sneak Peek-er is You

The Sneak Peek this week will be determined by YOU!
We are going to start another new thing! This time instead of us showing you things, YOU are going to show US things. And then we will make them!

That's right, just like AdventureQuest Worlds, our massively multiplayer online game, has a player suggestion shop, we're going too, as well! The way it will work is on our forum, we'll have three different threads which you can post in! One for House Item suggestions, one for Weapon and Other Item suggestions, and one for standalone Quest suggestions!

Players who have their weapon or other item suggestions created will automatically receive the item in their inventory (even if you are unable to log in and purchase the item from the shop)!*

Suggestions Disclaimer
Remember, submitting ideas does not in any way mean your art, ideas, etc. will be used or included by Artix Entertainment (AE). However, any content freely submitted to AE for the purpose of inclusion in any format (such as in-game, homepage, forums, etc.) are free to be used by AE as desired.
Any ideas, art, works, or suggestions submitted to Artix Entertainment, LLC, or a member of, for the specific purpose of being used by AE becomes the property of Artix Entertainment, LLC.

* If you are a free player and you suggest an item that gets made, but is set to be Dragon Amulet only, you will still get the item automatically added to your inventry, but you will not be able to equip it unless you later purchase a Dragon Amulet.

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Needs to bribe the Luck God.

March 9th 2010
Luck is VERY important

Luck matters in real life AND gaming!
With the new 9.0 engine out, increasing your LUK stat will give you a better chance to crit or dodge, as well as some other nifty uses. It's a shame we can't put points into our Luck stats in REAL life, because last night's D&D session went.... well, I'm calling it the Night of the Critical Failures <inset horror movie scream>. EVERYONE was rolling 1s!

Rolith's character got a lance to the back of the head (he is REALLY unlucky) while Artix fell down some stairs in armor. But he redeemed himself by smacking a zombie in the face with his sword THROUGH an obstacle! It just goes to show you, the Luck Gods are persnickety.

Possibly the best part of the night was Lim's Critical Failure Dance! As our Dungeon Master, Lim gets to come up with creative ways to punish us every time we roll a critical failure. When someone rolls a 1 on their die, two things happen: 1) Lim prances around the room with his hands in the air and a look of intense and malicious glee on his face. 2) SOMEone has something really bad happen to them. When Ai No Miko rolled a critical failure on her attack using Lance of Faith, instead of the monster getting hit, Rolith's character did! BOOM, lance to the back of the head(shot).

Lim cooked up an AWESOME Adventure Stew in Rolith's crockpot, though, so it was all good. Lim is not just a Mad Scientist, he is also a Mad Chef!

Luck matters in releases, too!
And the DF team got pretty lucky this week! We're welcoming someone you might recognize from the forums, Personater, to the DF team! He'll be helping re-do old quests to make them conform to 9.0's new standards, which is a HUGE help! He's also working on something for this week's release that will be pretty awesome!

Speaking of releases, I bet you'd like to know what we have planned for this week, right? Me, too! (Just kidding!)

We will have the next quest in the Water Orb saga for you, with a slightly different type of quest structure. Wish Personater luck, because it's mostly going to depend on him! (But no pressure, right? Right.)

We will ALSO have the start of the 2010 Gold War! Goooooooooold! Talk to Lukkhi the Sneevilchaun to see why he's so upset. (Here's a hint: an oldnew villain is involved. And not the way you might think!). Gold weapons will be available as rewards!

The gold economy is serious business for sneevilchauns.

Taking engine 9.0 to the mechanic!
And that mechanicmonkey is Rolith! There was a typo in the code that dealt with guests and monster scaling, which many people discovered in the latest Ravenloss quest. Monsters with 2000+ HP was BAD! The typo made the game think you had twice as many guests as you really did!

Bad code, bad! Go compile in the corner!

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Is going to play videogames.

March 5th 2010
A Day without Nerfguns

But not without videogames!
Because it's Friday, and Friday is release day! And what a release we have for you today: the second quest in the Water Orb Saga and the third in the Ravenloss Saga!

Pirate Attack!
Talk to Aquella to start the next quest in the Water Orb Saga! But what's this? The Locker is deserted? Where did everyone go? Where's Aquella? There's no time to go hunting for them; you need to deal with Captain Davey's invading pirate forces! To arms! Go go go!!


And you'll get a boatload of new weapon drops from this quest, too, so if you haven't gotten your feet wet with our newest quest chain, this weekend is the perfect time to unlock The Locker!

To Market, to Market, to buy a- wait. You're not buying anything!
Now that Tomix has decoded the next set of runes on the Equilibrium Gate in Ravenloss, he's off to the Market District, and you're going with him! It's a dark, rundown place full of rotting food and flies. Not to metion Underachnids, Undertogs, and Chaos Weaver Soldiers patrolling the grounds to keep them free of interlopers. Hey, wait. That's YOU!

There's a bevy of belts to be had as rewards, too, if you manage to complete the quest. If you need help with your health, look for the glowing bunch of bananas! Normally I wouldn't recommend eating anything that glows in a place like this, but hey, not all glowing fruit is bad, right? Right.

And as an added bonus, Tomix is now the first guest which scales to your level! He also has the same HP and MP as your character! This was done to address issues with the new 9.0 engine which makes quests harder if you have quests along with you. Let us know what you think!

Portal to fun!
Today Cysero, Rolith, and Lim learned that I've never played Portal before. Gasps and shock reverberated throughout the room. (It's a good thing no nerf guns were nearby!) I know about the cake confusion, the Glaados gossip, and how much of a triumph this was, but I've never actually played the game itself. Long story short, I'm being sat down in front of a computer this weekend, given a few energy drinks, and shown the intricacies of aperture science. Wish me luck!

Enjoy the release!

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Has some surprises!

March 3rd 2010
Sneak Peekaboo

It's Wednesday again!
And that means it's time for some semi-revealing looks at what will be coming up in DragonFable!

These weapons will be used as rewards in one of the Water Orb quests. That rogue weapon is really off the hook*!

In the Ravenloss Saga, you'll be questing for the Ember Key in the Market District. I'd suggest you bring along a shopping list, but... do you really want rotten bananas and fly-ridden meat?

Guess who!

This is the main villain of our next war. You've seen him in one of our other games, but not quite in this form. When will we be having our next war? Soon! Who is he and what will he do? This is a golden opportunity for speculation! **

* Bringing Beleen's outdated phrases back, one use at a time.
** Wars can be even MORE fun if you're a member of our forums! You'll be able to talk to other players by posting while you play. If you join one of the available Clans like the Beacons of Hope, the Lords of DragonFable, or Cysero's Defenders, you can battle with your clan-mates! It's a great way to enjoy playing DF!

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Is happy Spring is coming!

March 1st 2010
April Fools in February

That's right, if you've read our Twitter or the forum posts we made, you know that last week was a TRICK! But you also got a treat, so we were pretty sure you'd be alright with it. We did not actually take the week off (or even go to the beach, although those WERE real pictures from our cameras).

For those of you who might have been living in the real world (you know, that place with the burning daystar and all that delicious fresh air), and missed all the hype and the practical joking, here's what you'll want to check out in DragonFable:

Catching the Johnnyfish in either of our Fishing zones will catapult your character into the beginning of the Water Orb saga! Once you've caught it, you won't need to do it again; a button will appear that will take you to The Locker in the future.

Wish I was kidding
And in other water-related news, here's a public service announcement: Don't slip in the shower. Bruises, other less-fun injuries, and a couple hours at the doctor today have taught me the importance of non-stick pads in the shower. And now I'm passing that advice on to you: Save your hip (and ribs), don't slip!*

Rubber Ducky says: invest in non-slip shower sticky-pads

Not joking now
How about learning what's up this week release-wise? You'll continue on in your quest for the Water Orb, but watch out for Aquella; she didn't look that happy to see you last week! Better try to get on her good side in the future!

Also on the schedule for this week is the next installment of the Ravenloss chain! You'll be heading to a new District to find the Ember Key and along the way, you just might learn some enlightening things! (A really good trick in such a dark city!) Due to a small error on our part, though, you'll need to redo the second Ravenloss quest before you can unlock the one releasing this week. Sorry about that!

* Seriously. OW.