is still feeling full!

Monday, November 29, 2010

War, the Stores, and more Orbs (not in that order)

Happy post-turkey day food coma recovery period! (Wow, that's a mouthful. Much like Thanksgiving Day was for most Americans!)

If you experienced the great feasting that is Thanksgiving this past weekend, I hope yours was full of food and merriment with friends and family!  I had a great time visiting Rolith's family in rural Pennsylvania, the land where so many great coders come from!  (Note: that smell you smell when you're driving over there is probably a hog farm. Or mushrooms. You won't smell chocolate in the air unless you're near Hershey, Pennsylvania. We were not. I learned this quickly.) There was VERY much food thanks to some very nice grandmas and aunts and cousins who cooked all day. And then there was VERY much napping on couches as people slept off copious amounts of turkey and side dishes.

I went with some of his family out shopping on Black Friday. That was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, probably because we went at 4 PM instead of 4 AM. All the crazy shoppers were gone already. And so were all the great deals. Sadface!

But even if you didn't get nifty discounts on Black Friday, you aren't out of luck yet! Today is Cyber Monday so if you prefer online shopping (like I do) then get your mouse-button finger in gear and get clicking for some great deals!

Speaking of great deals, have you seen the NEW electronic gift certificates for BattleOn Points at HeroMart? (Electronic means no shipping!)

You can buy them in the following denominations:

  • 5,000 BP for 25.00 USD
  • 10,000 BP for 50.00 USD
  • 15,000 BP for 75.00 USD
  • 20,000 BP for 100.00 USD

They're REALLY convenient because you don't have to do anything but click a few buttons on your keyboard, then hit print on your printer! And if you don't want to involve your printer (hey, some of us are running low on toner!), then you can just email yourself or a friend the gift certificate! If you want something to wrap, though, you can have the snazzy gift card mailed to you or a friend! 

And that's not the ONLY deal we've got going on!

Get $10 FREE! in the biggest RIXTY Promotion of the Year!

Feeling the need for some bonus game currency? From now until December 31st, you’ll earn $10 FREE when you deposit $40 or more into your Rixty account using Coinstar machines or Rixty prepaid cards.  Spend your $10 bonus in any of our online games!

Got questions on how to use your Rixty card to get BattleOn Points?  Check out this nifty and helpful webpage! Rixty How-to

Our Black Friday shops will remain in-game until TOMORROW!  Why tomorrow? Because Tuesday has no shopping-related adjective attached to it.  I'm open to hearing ideas for Tuesday names that will convince us to extend the shop another day NEXT YEAR, though.

And if you've been fighting in the Thankstaking War, don't give up yet!  The war's at 41% and you're doing GREAT!  The boss should be unlocked in another couple of days, and with it a VERY pretty Fall-themed drop made by Lim.  Also, sometime today look for a button to allow you to access the Nitro-sponge catapault quest directly from inside the war camp.  That should make you explosion-happy warriors, well, happy!

But what's coming up THIS week, you ask?  That is a very good question! And one I am prepared to answer! 

If you look at the Design Notes entry below this one, you'll see that TODAY we've updated Hunter's Paradise, and in the next couple days, the war's boss fight should go live! But on Friday we'll have TWO more Orb quests for you!  We'll have the next Earth Orb quest as well as the conclusion to the Darkness Orb Recovery mini-chain! 

We've got a LOT of work to do this week, so I'd better get back to it!  Eat some more leftovers for me, I'm too full to eat for a few DAYS, at least! Later, taters! (Mmmmm, mashed potaters!)