Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Former King

A former King, Lord Frydae XIII has skulked in the shadows waiting, and watching, for the perfect descendant to pass along the gift of immortality... the gift of vampirism! Thursday is that descendant. She is the one who will became the face of his new class of elite vampires that will rule over the Doomwood!

As the years have passed, Frydae has become bolder. He’s begun to welcome vampires that he deems worthy to his court in his dark tower and he has forced even more vampiric ghouls and werewolves into his service. The more blood he gorges on, the younger and more vigorous he feels… the better to compete with the beautiful vampire that leads the other nest in Doomwood….

DragonFable Frydae Vampire Amityvale Doomwood
Concept sketch by Oishii


Monday, September 29, 2014

Blood and Roses

The Book3 Amityvale quest chain will continue this week!

Last time you helped Thursday, this time Magus Neron will need your help with patroling the perimeter.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Shear Destruction

The latest quest from Dracelix is now live! Head to the Shears and help the resistance make an example of the Oculus Tower!

DragonFable Shear Destruction


Friday, September 19, 2014

The Quest for More Booty

Yar, me hearties! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day! A day wherebe ev'ry pirate worth his salt celebrates a year of good winds, calm seas, 'n bountiful booty wit' a fresh smoothie wit' th' crew! Trouble be a a'brewin' in Osprey Cove tho'! Mazurek's Autumn Wind 'n Rhubarb's Red Betty both be in th' port... 'n th' Cap's's and th' crews be gettin' ready to brawl!

Fer this week, there be a Pirate Challenge t' complete! Choose yer side 'n help collect booty fer the Cap'n o' yer choosin'! Th' Cap'n wit' th' biggest pile o' booty by next week will be rewardin' ye a treasure fer yer help!

Lots o' new treasures be available fer DC, if yer wantin' gear now! Thar also be rumors o' a wicked edge that might be found wit' pirate booty!

DragonFable Pirate Challenge Rhubarb vs Mazurek

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Cutscene and a proper quest!

We have two quests for you this week!

For the first quest, visit Mritha and play a cutscene-quest featuring your character disguised as Edd, Vince and the rest of the Elite Patrol, as you're ready to venture into a very well guarded place...


Next, visit Verlyrus the boxcat in Book3 Amityvale and go on your first, proper quest!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The new map of Lore!

The cartography challenge ended, winners got their prizes and I'm posting a link to the HD version of the new DragonFable map of Lore!

>>>The Map<<<

The in-game version of the map will be coming out in a near future!

Also, Dracelix has prepared a little something for Geopetal's birthday.
A LQS with this awesome scythe!

It will go live this friday.


Monday, September 8, 2014

So many revamps!

I have a few words from Ashendal for you!


It's been a while since I've popped my head into the DN's to make an announcement, but it's time for one! As some of you are aware there's been a few revamps that have happened in the past few weeks. I wanted to give you all some information on what's out and what will be out soon.

The Master Soulweaver preview is now the "live" version you get from Tomix. The artifact update and some animation updates will be added when Tomix gets time.

The Technomancer preview is now the "live" version. You are able to save this one if you would like to. There are also various levels of weapons from Yix for Technomancer's created by Dracelix.

The weapon that I put in the shop for Necromancer is now a "scythe" type weapon so that everyone can use it. Since most of the revamps are going to have weapons for all base classes it wasn't fair to lock this one off like that only to mages without giving something to Warrior and Rogue base classes.

The next DA preview will be for DragonSlayer and it will be coming with this Friday's release. I had to make quite a few changes to it so hopefully you all will like it. I'm also going to be changing the Galanoth guest that you get in the quests and from the main Dragesvard screen once the preview is over. This should help those of you that still need to do the quests. He'll scale to your level and I'll be tinkering with his skills.

The next part is going to take longer but I'm going to be working on getting a quest made so you all can actually forge various DragonSlaying weapons. You Won't get to make the Dragonblade though, sorry. You'll be able to make other weapons, but not that one. The quest will have you going to collect Dragonbane and then forging it into a weapon. You'll need to have trained Blacksmithing from Yulgar to be able to do this so make sure you get around to that if you haven't. This won't happen exactly when DragonSlayer is out of the DA preview but I'll work on getting it in when I can. DF quests are a bit different than what I'm used to doing so it may take me a bit to get it all worked out.

After DragonSlayer we'll have the DA preview for Paladin. The weapons and items for Paladin *might* be delayed longer than what happened with Necromancer's mainly because of the preview right after it.

DEATHKNIGHT! Yes, that will be right after Paladin. It's what everyone keeps asking for, so it'll be coming very soon. During the DK preview I'll be working on getting all the weapons and items added for its "Empowered" skill. I'm going to make versions all the way up to 80 for Non-DA holders, DA holders, AND for DC's if you don't want to work for the materials. Yes you will have to earn the items, Sir Malifact isn't that nice and neither am I! Muahaha! I'll make sure to have a full breakdown of what you need and post it on the forums so that you all can get the items you need ahead of time.

(I haven't forgotten about Guardian though. That will happen when I can fit it in for Guardian verified players and DA players to preview.)

After that is October! With that comes Mogloween and revamps for the PumpkinLord and Evolved PumpkinLord classes. I'm going to talk to Geo and the rest of the staff and see about doing upgrades to some of the matching equipment (Weapons, Helms, and Capes) from older Mogloweens to have max level versions. That way you can have a nice set to use with the new skills!

Ninja, Pirate, GPS, FMA, and Dragonlord will be the last 5 I'm working on and they all should hopefully happen in November and early December. Then ALL the classes I'm working on that needed to be brought up to 9.0 will be. (Verly is working on Ranger and it will come out when he gets time amongst everything he's doing. No, it wasn't forgotten. That's his!)

One final thing is I have a question related to passives for everyone. (You can let me know on the forums what your answer is) Passives are cool, but the notification system for them can get annoying after a while. Necromancer is a good example of this. It has a pop-up on every turn letting you know it's still there.
- Do you like that set-up? Do you not like that set-up?
- Would you rather have one where it tells you that it's inflicted the passive and then one when it "caps" out and is doing the most it can do? (Skipping the "hey your passive effect got stronger!" notify on the inbetween turns)

If you have any thoughts on that let me know. I'll make changes to how it's displayed on Necro, Pally, and DeathKnight depending on the feedback I get.


Monday, September 8, 2014


So... by now, some of you might know that there is a small puzzle cartography event going on on my twitter account.

Go ahead and join, if you'd like!

Here, have this DN-only exclusive puzzle piece!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Prison Brawl!

Sofist is not happy… Not happy at all.
For all he knows and cares, and that Private Bradley lets him know, there’s been a brawl in the cafeteria. A real brawl.
That’s unacceptable. It doesn’t matter who it is, the lowest weakling or the best soldier, the soldiers garrisoned at the Runed Fortress get into fights, outside of the training facilities, serious fights, under and only under the command of the Head Jailer. No exceptions. Those who do not respect that guideline… well, it bodes no good for them.
But you have to bear with that. Whatever happens, you need to get through that gate, the gate that leads to the Third Floor and the Elite Patrol is the key. It’s part of your mission. To rescue the Vind’s ally. In this week’s quest, you have to convince Sofist to get you onto the Patrol the hard way. Make it or break it.

And now, a message from... someone. Be warned, it contains some spoilers.  Don’t read if you haven’t completed the quest.
Are you sure?
All right.
Mysterious note
A breeze blows with the warmth not all to different of that of a smile.
Two weeks.
Both a long and short time, isn’t it? On one hand, two weeks can go by in flash, making one wonder where time went. Time flies when you are busy, especially when you are surrounded by the folks you know and love. On the flip side, if you are alone, if you are away and distant from those you love… Two weeks can be quite a bit longer, can’t it?
Quite possibly.
Two weeks during which Mritha goes from dreading her impromptu position of leadership to cementing and adapting her role to acting as the de facto leader of the Vind. Just in time as well as Seallah is not idle either. The defector Dragonriders have been gathering; it is only a matter of time before another attack occurs. The Vind has little choice: either wait for the drop to be gotten on them or take the initiative and take the fight to the defectors...
Without you. There is no time to wait. You have your mission and they have theirs...
Eukara will tell you more about what is to come though. Prison Brawl marks the end of the Espina Rosa series before the Third Level… or almost. There might be a small quest or cutscene that will serve as the prologue to the descent into the Third Floor. Possibly, however otherwise you have completed this part of the Espina Rosa chain. Eukara will have the pleasure to introduce the next quest in the Sulen’eska series. The Dragonrider War.
The warmth of the breeze fades.