Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Unlikely Duo

Drakath's transformation has made him the most powerful darkness dragon in the history of Lore. Neither you or Sepulchure has been able to put a significant dent in him alone... but the enemy of your enemy is, well, still a really bad guy. He's your best chance at taking down Drakath though... but even with Sepulchure and the full power of your dragon in titan form, will you be able to take down Drakath?

Stoneheart Fall
True Mortal, one of the few Spirit Wardens left, has been guarding his Portal for ages. He has lost contact with the other Guardians and now, now he has sensed a disturbance in the elemental planes. Monsters are attcking in Dragesvard and the Sandsea and he needs your help to stop them. To find out what is threatening his portal and the others attached.

This week, the first two random quests will be available in Stoneheart Fall!

Tags: #geopetal