Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad Hare Day

From the Kensai’s Cave:

Coming this Friday: It’s a bad Hare day!  The Grenwog hare has been all over lore, seeking out the best hiding places for his eggs.  This year he’s decided that what would be fun is an egg hunt!  It’s a non traditional egg hunt this year as you must collect the eggs for a merge shop, allowing you to select the weapon or helm of your choice!  One problem; the Grenwog Hare can’t remember where he hid everything.  You will need to search all over lore for the places where he has hidden the eggs in order to complete this event! You will want to work together on the forums to find all the hiding places! Good Luck!

True Mortal has crafted a weapon set for you, including Staff, Sword, and Katar as well as a helm, Dracelix has created the Armored Bunny Helm, and Ghost is hard at work on the cutscenes and fight animations for this event!