Friday, July 30, 2010

This won't ruin your weekend, we promise!

But it WILL make you think!
This week we are giving your brains a workout! (Don't worry, we're pretty sure that Artix has slain all the zombies around, so your buffed-up brains should be PERFECTLY safe! /grin)

Yesterday Rolith released his Codemonkey Challenge for July and everyone on the forums was amazing as they pulled together and worked for over SEVEN hours to crack Rolith's code.  In the end, it was all thanks to one player (Rini) and her mother, who solved the riddle lightning quick once the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  Awesome job, guys! I love playing cheerleader in those threads!



But the puzzle-work isn't over just yet! The Ruins of the Bask Tower are waiting... for YOU. (Just be glad the Tower itself isn't sentient.  Hollywood has shown time and time again that NO GOOD comes from buildings that are alive.*) And scattered throughout it are the pieces of a vital message you will need to put together.  But this Tower is a tricky one!  The Ruins are dangerous, and the paths through it aren't much better.  You'll find traps and if you're unlucky, you'll find your way back blocked by falling rubble.  So watch out!  You remember what happened the LAST time you got hit on the head with a rock, right? RIGHT?!

If you start having trouble, why not head to the forums and see if anyone else has found clues to help you?   

New Nythera Wallpaper News!
Tomix and Randor the Red have worked together to produce two versions of the official Void Nythera wallpaper just for you! 

Both Nythera and I are using this one as our desktop backgrounds! SO pretty!

I talked to Ai No Miko and she says they are now up at our DF wallpaper site, so be sure to check back for them! 

Random Question of the Weekend
We are totally NOT going to use this in any future quest, no sir: What is your favorite Shakespeare play?  Tragedy, comedy, history play... you name it, if William Shakespeare wrote it, it's up for grabs as an answer!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I've got to go pack boxes and boxes and boxes or I'd stay and chat some more.  Moving is hard work! Second floor apartment ftl. /faint

* Inconspicuous window suddenly EATS YOUR FACE!