Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ChaosWeaver WIP sketch

I never know how to start Design Notes...

Lighthearted "Hello"?

Pompous "Salutations"?

Casual "Yo"?

Proffessional "Greetings"?

Verlyrus suggested "Saluyolotatings" and Geo "PAY ATTENTION MY ADORING FANS! ART BOMB IN YO FACE"

I suppose I'll go with Yo.

Anyway, I've started sketching ChaosWeaver class designs. I wanted it to give a "traveling attire, suited for fighting, but imitating SoulWeaver formal outfit" vibe. Including unhealthy amounts of belts and buckles, obviously.

At first I planned to just use SW as a base, swap the art and recolor the skill effects, but I came to a conclusion CW could use a new set of animations!

It will be a DC class after all and you deserve something new, not just a simple art swap!

Note that it is in early planning stages so far, so don't go expecting it to be released anytime soon!

Click here to view the early sketch.

Tags: #Tomix