Friday, July 9, 2010

Crazy Day!

It's been a crazy Friday! (Well, when isn't it a crazy Friday?)

I talked with Ghost on Tuesday and, with it being a short and with Alina out for most of the week and with Rolith not feeling well and with me up in a hand-shaped state most of the week visiting the Mom-Opal and the Dad-Silicate, that we'd do a fun, short release.

Then Ghost went crazy and made tons of stuff.

He rocks!

(Seriously, he's awesome. No, I see you eyeing him Cysero... he's my artist!)

Up for tonight we have the next quest in the Vilmor saga. You're tasked with fighting your way through what's left of the Dragonsgrasp Prison to rescue the one lone guard, Reggie, who stayed behind to make sure that the prisoners couldn't escape. Make sure to check your temporary inventory often as some of the prisoners have ransacked Vilmor's cell to get mementos that were left behind by the famous DragonLord! And as you're exploring the prison... watch out for Jingles... :o

Hunter's Paradise
The next bounty is also availble from Karina in Hunter's Paradise. Venture out to sea in search of the dangerous Nautiloid. You'll have to fight your way through packs of Unicorals, Sea Monkees (maybe even the famous Aqua Monkee!), Eels, Bottom Feeders and more to recover the beautiful rainbow Nautiloid shells!

Even More!
There's more coming tomorrow as well! The path between Sunbreeze Grove and Oaklore will open tomorrow, and you're definately going to want to explore it. There's rumors of a cave along it....

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