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Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Orb storylines in one week!

Hello hello!  It's Monday again, and Autumn is falling all over itself to flood the land around the Secret Underground Lab with grey skies and chilly winds.  It's wonderful that Fall is finally here!  Time for apple cider and pumpkin pie!  What do YOU like to do in the Fall? Jump in leaf piles?  Drink Pumpkin Spice lattes?

What I'd like to do right now, though, is tell you about what's coming up in this week's release!  We're continuing TWO Orb sagas this week!

The Stone Orb starts rockin' again!

Geopetal is working on the next Stone Orb quest!  That was underway before we took a break for Mogloween, and we're excited to be getting back to it.  We've got a lot of plans up our sleeves for this one, so make sure you follow along and if you haven't been keeping up to date on the chain, head to Willowshire and have fun playing the previous quests!

Shedding light on the Darkness Orb!

I'll be working on beginning to finish up the captivating story of the luckless Vayle and the elusive Darkness Orb!  In the first part of this two-part mini quest chain, you'll need to gather some help from a VERY useful NPC nearby and then find clues to where Vayle is hiding! (You'd go to ground, too, if you'd been through everything she's lived through!) 

True Mortal is making some super-awesome helm and cape rewards for the quest, so you can look forward to those, too!  Again, if you aren't up-to-date on the Darkness Orb Saga, you'll definitely want to make time to go questing in Doomwood before this Friday!

Miscellany and odds and ends!

And here's some bits of news to keep in mind:

  • The DoomKnight bug where the double-hit is doing 400% damage WILL be fixed this week, so if you're lucky enough to have the armor, take advantage of this oversight on our parts while you can!
  • The Doom Phoenix helm will be put into the Mysterious Stranger's Doom Helm shop at some point this week, so if you'd like to purchase it, it'll be available from him!  His shop's motto: One for all and all for DOOOOOOOM!

HeroMart has all your merchandise needs!

Like music?  How about reading? What about stuffed animals? HeroMart has got all that and MORE and we're ready to deliver it straight to YOU! (For a list of the 41 countries we deliver to, see this list.)

This past Friday our very first full-length novel, The Dragon's Secret, went on sale! With 232 pages of action-packed fun, this is is definitely a read you won't want to miss out on!  (Bonus: Talk to your teacher and see if you can get extra-credit for reading outside of class!)

It comes with a special weapon in AQW, the baby kraken pet in DF, a weapon in MQ and a LOT of stuff in AQ classic!

The AE 2011 Year of the Moglin Calendar will go on PRE-SALE on HeroMart this Thursday, but probably won't be delivered until later November. We did have a few on hand at ShadoCon this weekend so if you're running around AQWorlds, you might just be lucky enough to see their version of it.  You can see a preview of DragonFable's crazy-insane version by taking a look at the banner on the homepage.

Not only do you get the Chronomancer class in AQWorlds and the Chronomancer class in DragonFable, but you get the Chronos Mech in MechQuest and a Chronomancer armor in AQ classic!  That's a HUGE amount of rewards for a calendar that only costs $12.00 USD!

ShadoCon totally not overshadowed!

This weekend some of the friendly staff at the Artix Entertainment Secret Underground Lab traveled a little ways away to ShadoCon!  We knew we'd be seeing our friends Kimberly and Junior from One-Eyed Doll there, and so we figured WE'D set up a merch booth there, too!

For tales from ShadoCon, take a look at Cysero's Design Notes over on the AQWorlds Design Notes page!



Have a great Monday and enjoy speculating on what the quests this week will contain!  You can always contact us on Twitter or the forums if you'd like to leave us comments or feedback, too!  We look forward to talking with you! :)