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Friday, August 25, 2017

Destiny at the Edge of Time!

Hey there heroes!

In this week's release, travel back to the Inn at the Edge of Time for challenge fights, lore, and Destiny weapon upgrades!

Destiny and Time

You'll be fighting souped up versions of Siofra and Theano from the recent quests. Defeating them will reward you with components needed to reforge your Destiny weapons!

Lvl 50 -> Lvl 60 requires a Lvl 85 Royal Vault weapon of corresponding type (DC or drop versions)
Lvl 60 -> Lvl 70 requires Ultimate Flux, made by combining the drops from the Theano and Siofra challenges.
Lvl 70-> Lvl 85 requires an Elemental Vanquisher Badge, made by combining the drops from the Triple Trouble and Elemental Chaos challenges!

These upgrades are insanely powerful for their level, and the challenges needed to obtain them are not for the faint of heart!

The innkeeper version of you also has a slightly damp book that appeared on the shelves a couple weeks ago. Mysterious! The book is also available in the Libraseum should you wish to read it there.

In other news, some engine changes are going through this week:

Pets and guests will no longer do damage to enemies who have 100% All resist. (The CHA bonus damage was previously being calculated after resistances.)

In preparation for next week's defense update, critical hits now do 150% damage instead of 200% damage. I am open to feedback about this change- let me know how it feels on the forums or on Twitter!

Having trouble with the fights? Have strategies you want to share? Want to discuss lore? Want to discuss balance changes?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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