Monday, July 29, 2013

DragonFable T-shirts!

Dragon Amulet Tee's are coming to HeroMart! Not just one but TWO!

DragonFable Dragon Amulet


DragonFable Dragon AmuletDistressed!

Two T-shirts means two in-game rewards too! Cronix has make two wicked Dragon Amulet inspired scythes! What elements do you guys think they should be?

DragonFable Dragon Amulet ScythesRed for Classic and Purple for Distressed!

It's a quest for Likes! We're going to try to be a looooooooooot more active on our official Facebook page which means we need likes! We're at 4,101 right now so, for every +5,000 likes we get during the month of August, we'll add +5% experience during the DragonCon weekend!