Wednesday, August 10, 2011

EbilCorp Jail?

...can someone send help? Or maybe undead?

Sorry for the late post today. My video game company was overthrown by a awesome fan who is known online only as Winnie. How did this happen? Good question! A few years back her parents arranged a phone interview with me for Winnie's Girl Scout troup assignment. Her and her sister are serious players that have been with us since DragonFable. I have been in touch with the family ever since. So as part of their family vacation, they arranged to stop by the Secret Underground Lab. Overjoyed at meeting them all in person, I said to Winnie, "Good! Now that you are here, you can take over." Next thing I know she says, "OK." and commands our ninja guards to take me away. A few hours later I woke up here. Not sure where "here" is. Sorta dark. Hope it is not an EbilCorp prison. At least someone left a laptop in here.... it is sorta small though. Pink. And smells like girl scout cookies. By the way... can someone send someone to rescue me please? Or Maybe some undead? Ooooh... I nearly forgot. Here is today's picture!

Twilly 3.0

Today's picture! Twilly Version 3.0

There have been 6 versions of Twilly. Starting with the tennis shoe wearing green bean with an afro version (You can see this hanging in Yulgar's Inn within AQWorlds) and moving onward to the adorable moglin that he is today. Here is the 3rd attempt at Twilly... back when he had the football shaped head that started all of the Moglin punting jokes! Check back tomorrow... and I post the actual, semi-playable, Chibi ArchKnight combat engine (built before we ever wrote a line of code for DragonFable) for you to laugh at. Then get ready... because it is almost time for FRIDAY RELEASE DAY!