Monday, April 2, 2012


As you may have noticed, Falconreach has been taken over by EbilCorp. Cysero and Artix are in intense negotiations with The Chairman right now to regain control of Falconreach. The should have an agreement by Tuesday afternoon, hopefully, and then Falconreach will return to normal!

AQW Artist's Livestreaming!
For the next few weeks, every Wednesday at 4pm EST, an AQW artist will be livestreaming as they draw a player suggested item! Suggestions will be taken over twitter and each weapon will go into an in-game shop so players can purchase the item they've seen created!

The schedule is as follows:

Week 1, April 4th - J6
Week 2, April 11th - Mido
Week 3, April 18th - Thyton
Week 4 April 25th - Cereboz
Week 5 May 2nd - Dage