Monday, February 23, 2015

Engine Version 14


Today we've got a really big update for you all. We're rolling out version 14.0.1 for DF! With this comes a lot of stuff so I'll try and explain it all.



Stat Update - We've adjusted the way some stats work. They were adjusted during 9.0 but there were a few things that still needed to be changed. The major ones are as follows.

- The damage formula for Str/Dex/Int was simplified so you can figure out how much extra damage you'll get at a glance.

- Cha now directly buffs the damage of ALL guests and pets!

- Bonus Mana from Wis has been reduced some.

- Dodge/Parry/Block now provide substantially more defense than before.

- The amount of Crit from items has been reduced.

To see a list of ALL the stat changes, and why they were made, you can look at this thread that I made. Click here! Please read that thread before you report anything as a bug. Something you may think is a bug may not be!



Brand new UI!

Tomix worked really hard to get as much of the artwork updated as he could. There's still some stuff that needs to be done but there's a lot that's now updated.

- New login screens. Both the backgrounds and the actual character select screen have recieved a major overhaul.

- Almost all of the interfaces around the game now have a new look and they should more accuratly reflect the "fantasy" style that the game was always meant to have.

- Minor updates. Things like DC text colors have been updated to let you better tell stuff apart.



Lots of bug fixes!

I used some of the free time after making sure the stat changes and the engine updates were working to fix several of the bugs that were buried deep inside the engine that we could get to. There are some small ones but these are the larger ones that I was able to nab.

- Ash Dragonblade / Alexander character slots now don't show the quest log. You shouldn't be able to escape with either of them THAT way now!

- You no longer can summon the guest version of your dragon during quests. People were abusing this to get infinate uses of the "Primal Fury" skill. That's not the intent of the guest so I fixed this.


There's plenty more that was done and a lot more planned! I already linked to the stats change part of the update above but there's a lot more info in that thread about what's planned for future updates! I suggest you check out the entire thread, click here! , to see. It IS a lot to read but it will give you some insight on what's still on its way! If you do find any issues you can let us know in that thread or report it as a bug if it actually is one. We'll get anything fixed as soon as we can!

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