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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hero's Heart Day-saster!

Where is my one romance? Where is my shiny stun? Where is my happy ending? Where have all the Cherubs go-o-one? 

(Aaaah, the Design Notes have been pinkified! Noooooo! This BETTER only be for today, or I'm going to have VERY stern words with Beleen!)

Big Daddy is missing! But that's not the only problem. And if THAT wasn't enough to get your heart pounding, Falconreach is over-run by PINK undead! It's bad enough when they're grey and green and slimey, wandering around going "Arrrrooo?" and trying to kill you.
But now they're pink and slimey, wandering around going "Arrrrooo?" and trying to HUG you. To death.

They might just be trying to squeeze a little extra affection out of you but... I don't think so. Not when something has obviously altered them! But for what purpose? WHO would turn perfectly dreary undead into these pink, affable, very CHEERY undead? It just doesn't make sense!

There has got to be a darker, definitely more nefarious purpose driving events. And it's up to YOU to figure out what's going on AND rescue Big Daddy! Because who is going to sell chocolates, flowers, and heart-shaped boxes to the heroes and heroines of Lore if not that angel-faced, gold-obsessed Cherub? Not Twig, that's for sure! We'd end up with fish-flavored truffles, though heart-shaped scoops of ice-cream would be pretty sweet.

So, for those of you just joining us (Hi! And welcome to DragonFable!) here's how the Hero's Heart Day event will play out:

  • Click on the button in Falconreach to go to the Hero's Heart Day storybook.
  • Do Chapters 1-3 of the story to unlock this year's chapter, Chapter 4 all while picking up the snazzy seasonal rares from the previous years' shops.
  • Once Chapter 4 is unlocked, head to Big Daddy's Pad by clicking on the Chapter 4 button and talk with the NPC you'll see there.
  • Give a great big dragon-tastic DragonFable welcome to Beleen, who is visiting from the side-future of AdventureQuest Worlds to help Lola and Missy help polish their FABULOUS knee-high pink boots.
  • Talk to the NPC, check out the shops, and make sure to do the quests!
  • All the quests in this year's Hero's Heart Day event have a chance to drop the SnuggleBear Helm. If you haven't seen that in action, you'll definitely want to do a couple runs in the hopes of getting it.  It's the only armor we have that DANCES!
  • While playing the last of the Hero's Heart Day quests, greet Liam-Liam, a very dedicated and vocal member of the DragonFable forums! He doesn't know he's got a part in this Hero's Heart Day! SURPRISE! :D
  • Enjoy the LOVE-liest event of the year!


I packed as many love song titles parodies into them as I could. I know the exact count. Can you find them all?

PS: Check the Hero's Heart Day 2011 Shop in the Storybook! It's got some FUN new items!

In other news:

The previously-announced Earth Orb Saga quest which was scheduled to release this week has been delayed until next week.  Sorry about that, guys!

Next week you should look for a teaser about a thing that someone on the team wants to do in the near future. It will be fun for you and hard work for them, but since we love doing what we do for you, it'll be fun for them, too! So EVERYONE wins!

From all of us to you:
You truly are the hero with a heart of gold and it fills OUR hearts with pride to know that you return each week to see what we have to offer you. So, from the bottom of our hearts (last one, last one, I promise!), Happy Hero's Heart Day! (Even if it IS slightly belated!)

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