Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Cronix!

Today is the mighty Cronix's birthday and, in celebration, he has many magnificent and mighty items for you! Just click the "Cronix Birthday" button in your Book of Lore to get to the shop and to also see a preview of his NPC! There's a scythe, helm cape and pet for sale! (With another potential pet coming soon!)

Cronix Time Traveler DragonFable

So, I have learned several things this week.

First, the DF team is apparently linked somehow or has disturbed some ancient artifact that has given us all bad luck. I shall be sacrificing a rubber chicken to Zuester Zeuster* tomorrow in an attempt to fix this.

Secondly, I am terrible at making monsters. I should leave this to the professionals (/cough Tomix and Cronix).

Thirdly, walking is harder than it looks.

I tried very hard to get you guys an awesome, short and sweet Cysero's Apprentice quest this week, so that Tomix could recover from being sick, then I had to go and attempt to break my face and several bones (luckily, I didn't succeed there). At the end of the day, though, I wasn't happy with how some of it turned out, especially since I lost time on it after my losing bout with the pavement.

So, I'm going to recruit Cronix tomorrow and get him to make pretty and awesome things and we'll work hard to get that quest to you this coming week (along with Tomix's quest, as long as he's feeling better)! I do want to apologize for not getting it to you this weekend though!

Thank you all for all the well wishes on the forums! <3

*/facepalm, thanks for spotting that, jgamer!