Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hunter's Paradise teaser

Hey, you got a letter from Karina at Hunter's Paradise Inn!**

"Hello, Adventurers! I just wanted to thank you all for helping New Dawn make Lore a safer place! The travelling merchants are finding it less hazardous to move between towns, and Swordhaven's patrols are finding it easier to protect the towns thanks to you! Dragesvard is rarely attacked by Rhoddhu anymore, and the economy has gone up. The towns and villages of the North-East mountains no longer fear venturing to and from neighbouring towns for trading. And the miners who harvest all the minerals we use in our daily lives are not under constant threat of attack!

Things are going well here, and we've been seeing a few new merchants and travellers about recently. Scribbles is so ecstatic with all the new stories he's hearing about, he might even run out of ink! Everyone here is talking about you and your bravery! Even Teral, and you know him.. he hardly ever leaves the bonfire.

Unfortunately, I'm also writing you to ask for your help. You've already done so much for New Dawn, but we are still receiving new monster threats almost daily. Recently, the sea-faring merchants have been under constant attack. Their ships have been ravaged by nautiloids, and they have turned to us to ask for help! We have lost many brave sailors to these beasts, and the towns need their supplies. We are sending out our best monster hunters, and so I plead for your help.

Teral said that he has dealt with nautiloids in the past, and that he can make you some sturdy equipment and also some very exotic gear out of the resources you bring back from your hunts!

I'm counting on you, heroes. Thank you."

~ Karina

* Note: not releasing this week. Teasers tease you about UPCOMING releases.
** Hunter's Paradise Inn is hidden inside of Doomwood. To get there, travel south from Valencia and follow the path South-East. Be careful in that forest though, Doomwood is a dangerous place.

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