Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16th Release is Coming Soon!

Oh, huh, this is new!! I like it.  Feels official or something.

We're going live as you read this and this week is the first week we're back at full force after Geo, and Alina and I all took turns wandering off in various directions for time off.  But now we're back, and both the summer's big storylines are continuing, as we'll see new quests from Vilmor and Nythera this week!

Nythera journeys deeper into the void as Alina continues the storyline! The next quest sees the Purple Mage's powers continue to grow, but will it be enough?  Along with the quest there are a bunch of new weapons from Lim dropping from this quest!


Vilmor and the Great Ice Dragon crash-landed in the city of Bask, decimating the Tower there and dooming the village to ruin. Will you be able to catch up to LORE's most wanted outlaw or will Bask's packs of roaming dogs catch up to you first? What treasures, or traps... lie in ruined city? What secrets does Bask have in store for you, Dragonlord?

Remember, the Vilmor saga is exclusive to DragonLords, so you'll need a Dragon Amulet to get to experience one of the biggest storylines DragonFable’s ever seen!

The summer's already sweltering down here around the underground lab, but our storylines are just starting to heat up!

We're getting a new T-shirt!


Buy this and get a bonus non-member Armored Chickencalf Pet in AQW and one in DF too!  Where can you buy it?  Well, it'll soon be available online at HeroMart, but...


Oh, also, next weekend (the 23rd to 25th), we'll have a merch booth at Tampa, Florida's MetroCon!  Artix, Nythera, and a bunch of other AE Staffers will be around, manning the booth.  We'll be selling the Chicken Cow T-Shirt first there, before putting it on sale online!  Buying ANYTHING at the booth at MetroCon will get you an AQW free, non-member pet, the Samurai Moglin.  So if you're in the area, feel free to stop buy and say hello, And be one of the first to pick up our new Chicken Cow t-shirts!

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