Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Necromancer!

Necromancer is finished! I've also remade the class' set items.

It will be available for testing today!

Also, I've got a note from Ash:

Greetings! Yesterday I did a whole bunch of item updates that some of you noticed already.

There's new versions of the DM and DDM items to even out the main damage stats. New levels of items in Cysero's weapon shop and his helm's and cape's shop. There's new level of the Grand Master PvP rewards if you've finished that. There's new levels of the Miasmal set, SpineRipper weapon, Skull Ripper items, "lucky" bones trinkets, and Zardbie Scythe. ALSO if you have any levels of the rare Frozen Claymore weapon you can upgrade it at Roblos in Book 3 Falconreach. (The merge item you need is in San Robin's shop there as well).

I've also taken on the task of revamping some of the older classes in the game. (Verly is taking care of Ranger. He's got some awesome ideas for it so stay tuned for that!) It's a somewhat large task but one I'm going to do my best to do properly for you all. The Tomix, Cronix and Dracelix, are all doing a lot of work to update the armors artwise so it's only fair they get new skills to go along with it.

Today we have a DA preview for one of the classes that's being revamped. (This way you can see how I'm re-doing the skills and what you can expect out of the others.) Since Necromancer was completed already you all get to play around with that!

Just a couple notes right off the bat. Make sure you've trained the original Necromancer armor! Secondly, please don't try to save the class. It's only a preview, and like the other DA previews, it'll break your game after the preview is over if you try.

Ok, enough of the warning labels! I went in and buffed and tinkered with all the skills. Some I completly changed and others I just altered a bit. You'll notice that almost all the skills have different names and a few have different icons. This is an almost brand new class skills wise so you'll probably have to relearn it.

One thing you'll notice as you start battle is the new pop-up for the DoT effect "Fear Aura." When I finished the skills I showed it to Verly and he liked it but thought it could use a little something else to really make it unique. He and I talked about it and came up with the passive DoT effect. It starts off small but grows over the course of battle. You won't really notice a huge amount of damage in short battles but in boss battles you'll really see the differnce as time goes on.

You can expect a passive effect on Paladin (which is almost done!) and DeathKnight will get a REALLY cool effect. I don't want to spoil those two so you'll have to wait and find out!

I hope you like what I've done to this class and will look forward to the rest that will be coming out! Some will be relatively soon and others will be over the next few months.

Let me know on the forums what you think! Enjoy!

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