Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Petty Squabbles...

Alexander and Warlic have been at odds ever since their apprenticeships started. Thier rivalry has been punctuated with flying books, summoned fire monsters and elaborate pranks... and it's not dying down anytime soon. This week Warlic pushes Alex too far!

DragonFable Birthday!
This weekend is DragonFable's 6th birthday! You guys have been bombarding twitter asking what this year's present is and.... well, could it be geopetal pets for everyone? Giant Rolith Hammer's sent to all the DragonLords in the mail? A Diamyo clone army to guard all your passwords? Real life dragons made in the Underground Lab's specially fire-retardant totally-not-real-wink-wink genetics lab? I'm sooooo not telling! Muahahaha, you'll have to wait and see what awesome gift we have for you this year!

Tags: #geopetal