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Friday, February 4, 2011

The warstorm breaks over Ravenloss!

To war, heroes!

As you step out of the Gate and into Pellow Village, there is no sign of either Greed or the Greedling. Only the movements you see out of the corners of your eyes warns you before a phalanx of slavering and enraged monsters creeps, crawls, and floats into view.

To your left is a crowd of ChaosWeavers hungering to take you down.  To your right is a corps of minions dying to stop you from discovering in which direction Greed has gone. (And die they will, if you choose them as your opponents.)

The choice of battlefield is yours, hero.  Do you want to risk having a company of ChaosWeavers at your back while you search for Greed? Do you want to let Greed get further away while you take care of the enemies behind you?  Or... do you feel sorry for the ChaosWeaver Nation, broken and hungering for a leader and a purpose?

Your options are as follows:

  • Search for Greed as you fight your way through his mind-trapped minions
  • Eradicate the ChaosWeavers hungering for your death as they swarm into Pellow Village
  • Defend the ChaosWeavers and try to make recompense for the death of their Queen

There are two routes to the War Camp:

1) A button in the center of Falconreach
2) The quest map in Ravenloss town

All players will be able to fight in the war regardless of progress in the Ravenloss quest chain.  However, the Pre-War cutscene, 50% cutscene, and Boss battle will only be viewable if you've completed the entire Ravenloss Saga.

Now on to more rewarding things, like... well... war rewards!

Rewards available this weekend:

  • Ptolemy Sneevmole pet: this poor little guy helped Riadne while in captivity. Now he just wants a friend and to leave the dark, dank Undercity. Can you help him see the sun?
  • Spider Queen set: these Poison weapons come in levels 45, 60, and 62 and are trophy weapons from slaying the ChaosWeaver's Queen.
  • Energy Devourer set: Collect ChaosWeaver Baubles from the Catapault minigames and merge them in the Falconreach Defender's Rares shop for incredible Energy weapons in levels 28, 45, 60, and 62

Rewards available at the end of the war:

  • ??? pet: We've got a surprise pet coming, but you'll have to hunt for it in Pellow Village once the war ends!
  • Ravenloss WarMonger Scythe set: Made by merging quantities of Defender Medals
    1. Ravenloss Warrior Scythe (100)
    2. Ravenloss Captain Scythe (200)
    3. Ravenloss Major Scythe (300)
    4. Ravenloss Lt. Colonel Scythe (400)
    5. Ravenloss Colonel Scythe (500)
    6. Ravenloss Brig. General Scythe (600)
    7. Ravenloss Maj. General Scythe (700)
    8. Ravenloss Lt. General Scythe (800)
    9. Ravenloss General Scythe (900)
    10. Ravenloss WarMonger Scythe (1000)
  • ChaosWeaver Defender set: Made by merging quantities of ChaosWeaver Runes
    1. ChaosWeaver Beggar Scythe (25)
    2. ChaosWeaver Artisan Scythe (50)
    3. ChaosWeaver Guard Scythe (75)
    4. ChaosWeaver Soldier Scythe (100)
    5. ChaosWeaver Noble Scythe (125)
    6. ChaosWeaver Acolyte Scythe (150)
    7. ChaosWeaver Communicant Scythe (175)
    8. ChaosWeaver Defender Scythe (200)
  • An even MORE ??? pet: This pet can only be unlocked by viewing a cutscene which will only appear if you temper your rage and zeal to fight with mercy and compassion. There is no one true way, as fans of Lorian author Mercy-days Lackee know. What might be right for you is not right for another. This is a reward for looking at ALL sides of an argument.
  • The 100% ??? rewards: Most of you can guess what these are, as they've been mentioned on the Design Notes, forums, and Twitter over the last year.  But if you haven't guessed, we won't spoil the surprise!
  • Pellow Village opens up for exploration! You might find an old friend or two there ready to sell you some merch.  Explore the Village once it's been cleared of all enemies.
  • SoulWeaver class will be fully released to ALL players once the war ends!
  • Soul Allies will become available after viewing a cutscene once the war ends!

It's time to step onto the battlefield and battle fiends, no matter WHO you select as your opponent. So strap on your helms, tighten your belts, and raise your weapons high because it's time to charge into the fray!

BATTLE ON! For Ravenloss, Falconreach, and LORE!

P.S. -  We'll be opening a SuperBowl Shop on Sunday so you can cheer for your favorite team in style!

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