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Friday, February 11, 2011

For Greed, all nature is too little

The ChaosWeaver war meter is within 3% of the goal! That means in the next hour or two, you should unlock the Boss battle! And then, oh then, you'll see what has transpired due to your choices in the war.

May the Elemental Lords have mercy on you. But! Thanks to some of your fellow heroes (even possibly yourself) mercy WAS shown in this war, and that may make all the difference in the future. But I won't spoil plans any more than that for now.

Go, fight, win! The hour is upon you, and you will not be found wanting! Not if you're the hero I think you are.

Some news about the war:

Here are the war rewards we have ready for you!

  • ChaosWeaver Defender scythe series
  • RavenLoss WarMonger scythe series
  • The Equilibrium Gate Key scythe series
  • And if you chose to defend the ChaosWeavers, you'll get access to the ChaosWeaver Champion shop and cutscene. (The shop contains the BabyWeaver pet!)

Unfortunately, we were not able to finish everything in time. So the following will NOT be released when you finish the war tonight:

  • Pellow Village will NOT be ready to explore at the end of the War. We will work on that next week.
  • The ??? pet will be found INSIDE Pellow Village, so you'll get that once you are able to explore.
  • SoulWeaver class will NOT be unlocked for everyone because the SoulAlly cutscene is not ready. SoulWeaver testing for DragonLords will be left up in it's place. REALLY sorry about that! It should be ready in the next week or so.

We're really sorry about not having everything ready, but you guys just BLEW us away with how fast you did the war!


We ALSO have all previous years of Hero's Heart Day for you to play! So once you've beaten the war boss and sated your bloodlust, head on up to Falconreach and get your LOVE-GROOVE on! Deliver Snugglegrams, beat up a beating heart, meet Safiria, and help Ash get a girlfriend! What's the story for THIS year's Hero's Heart Day? You'll find out next Friday!



And don't forget about the Artix Entertainment Gametastic Game Challenge! For the past five days, most of the AE staff have been working on ten teams to get out TEN minigames for you to play! The challenge ended a half hour ago, and we are DONE!

Both Team Robot Unicorn (Rolith, Alina, Geopetal, and J6) as well as Team B055 Fight (Ghost and Artix) finished on time! Ai No Miko is working on the game pages now on the Game Challenge Portal site so that you can test them all!

And as a SPECIAL BONUS, J6 made 11 pets based on the characters in Team Robot Unicorn's game ("Gnome Man's Land") in AdventureQuest Worlds! Log in now and get yours! (I'm buying the airship. SQUEEEE!)