will not judge you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Judgement Wheel replicas and more news on RavenLoss

Hi guys!

As I write this, the war meter for Greed's side is sitting pretty at roughly 99.5%! You guys are ALMOST done with the rest of the war! And to reward you for all your hard work, we're introducing scythe replicas of the Judgement Wheel halves as soon as the war meter on Greed's side hits 100%.

They'll be sold for Dragon Coins from the War Chest in RavenLoss. They are some of the absolute prettiest weapons we have in-game. DEFINITELY worth your time and DCs to pick up!

So... ready for a peek at the art? I thought so!

Here's the Judgement Wheel: Guilt and below it is the Judgement Wheel: Innocence! I'll be oooh-ing and aaaah-ing; feel free to join in. I won't tell if you do.




And now for some more news on RavenLoss. I've been posting and re-posting this information on the forum all weekend, but I want to share it here for those of you who are not readers of our forum:

We are hard at work getting the art and animation for the Soul-Ally guest, Pellow Village town, and SoulWeaver class done, finished, and put to bed so that we can release it to you with glad hands and a happy heart. (That saying never made any sense to me. What are glad hands?!)

It won't be done this week, but Tomix is pushing his thread-heavy hands to finish the art for you. Once he does, Khelios will code it and I'll put all the pieces together with some more bits of code and tweaking to make it ready for you all to play.

We are sorry that it's not ready for you. We wish it were, because we really, REALLY want to see your reactions to all of it! We will finish them as soon as humanly (or, in Tomix's case, robotically) possible.

In the meantime, please enjoy the Judgement Wheel scythes and have fun continuing to farm the war. The war will be up in its current state until we release SoulWeaver class, Pellow Village, and the Soul-Ally guest.

I got a book. And another book that's waiting for the first book to be finished. So I'm going to go read my book (that I've been waiting EIGHT years for) while Rolith plays with a new toy and makes plans for his newest secret project.

Happy Saturday night!