Friday, February 24, 2017


Hey there heroes!

Elryn wrote this week's quest release and has some stuff to share about it:

Drinks a barrel.

Hello everyone! Tomix might still be taking a breather this week, but that is not stopping him from working on some fairly awesome stuff!

If you have not already, take a peek at the art for the next Time based Class being worked on:


So while Tomix was doing other things, I whipped up a little filler quest to give you all something to do before things resume as normal next week. With thanks to Dracelix, you not only have a revamped version of a classic weapon, but three revamped weapons, one to go with each Base Class, on top of a brand new scythe weapon to add to your arsenal!

All you have to do is help Teka with a small errand to be rewarded for your efforts. Teka has been busy turning the previously ignored halls of the Libraseum into a pretty impressively stocked repository of knowledge and scholarly or practical learning. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, she is still in need of more books to better shelve and complete the Libraseum’s collection.

She will definitely appreciate the help!

Verly has also been working hard to keep the game running as gremlin free as possible! Bug fixes and features this week:

  • Fixed some remaining bank typos
  • Fixed Male Mage color custom glitch
  • Added quest requirement to Judgement (Wheel) Day quest
  • Added mouse-over pop ups for book titles in the Libraseum
  • Other small misc fixes

Lastly, as the Hero and the people of Falconreach mourn and then accept Serenity’s final passing, let us take a moment in the New Year to recognize those past and gone (If all the snow has been melted and burned to smithereens, is it still Winter?).

Not every story has a perfectly happy ending, but as said from the mouth of the departed: it is important to keep going forwards.

Happy book hunting,


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