Friday, January 27, 2012

Rift War Won!

You guys did an absolutely amazing job finishing the Friday the 13th Rift War! All of you guys fought together and went through an insane amount of waves in the last hour bringing home victory for the War Challenge with just ten minutes to spare!

You guys literally beat us to the boss fight, after us having a crazy week at the office*! The imp pets were awarded in a special mini-quest with the new Ashen Squire monsters. Now though... now it's time for the boss! Tomix did an amazing job animating it and Rolith did some very mean things programming it. Tomix also made a wicked looking helm for the boss fight rewards!

Just a quick note, Rolith has adjusted the xp for leveling from 60 to 70. I've also fixed several items that were unsellable/undestroyable if you're looking to clear some inventory space. 

*Rolith got bogged down with server work and poor Tomix was sick on Thursday. D: