Wednesday, July 18, 2018

War Reinforcements!

Hey there, Heroes!

I have some bad news. It turns out that Sinnocence was holding back on some reserve forces!

With his ominous form looming over the battlefield, something seems to have changed in the tide of war. Oaklore's catapults are finally up and running, but the enemies seem to be pressing harder in response!

Oaklore needs your help- and Sinnocence must be stopped at all costs!

Team up with Uaanta in-game and other heroes on the forums and push back the new invaders!


Developer Comment: You guys are wiping out these waves so fast! This was originally meant to be a 5 million wave war- but we convinced ourselves that that would be too many. We were wrong! We have to give ourselves a bit more time to finish things up- but please, don't stop, you're all doing outstanding! Thank you all so much for playing and enjoying DragonFable.


Timmy was living a happy, normal life, as a desk cactus for a Pactogonal Knight. The Knight's desk being, of course, an unused catapult.
When the catapults were requisitioned for the war effort, poor Timmy lost his home. Temporarily housed on a tavern table, Timmy needs YOU to win this war so he can return to his rightful home.

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