Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Sneak Peek!

Taking a vacation from my vacation to bring you news!
I couldn't stay away when I have such exciting, and unexpected, news to bring you in this Wednesday's Sneak Peek! Ghost has been arting away in secret to bring you a BRAND NEW walkaround path!

For all those of you who want more and more of the land of Lore to be connected with walking paths, get ready to get excited!

That's the new walking path connecting Oaklore and Sunbreeze Grove! Those dedicated Pactogonal Knights want to make sure that if anything happens to Lady Celestia or Elysia while they're in the Grove, that the knights can reach them quickly to provide assistance! It's a beautiful, night-time walking path, so be sure to take a midnight stroll this weekend!

And if you're excited about the upcoming Hunter's Paradise quest this week, here's a little teaser from Ghost just for you!

There's a whole host of noxious nautiloids for you to go chasing after, so grab a spear (or whatever you prefer to hunt nautiloids with....) and get ready to go on the hunt this weekend!

Chickencow T-shirt coming to an online store near you!
That's right, we're back with some brand- new swag! It's not on sale YET, but our absolutely cow-mazing ChickenCow tshirt is coming SOON! And once it DOES, you'll have a chance to get an adorable armored chickcalf pet in DragonFable if you buy a tshirt of your own! So all you chickencow cow-llectors get ready to get your gear on!

And that wraps up this week's Sneak Peek! For now, I'm going to go back to my vacationing ways! I've got friends and family to visit, books to read and games to play, but I'll be be in the game designing saddle next week with an all-new Nythera quest !

I hope you're all enjoying your summer breaks as much as I'm enjoying my short vacation!

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