Friday, July 5, 2013

The End of the War

The Dragon side of the war is won but there is still Rose to fight! You have until Sunday, midnight, to finish up the Rose side of the meter or else those poor clawkin will meet a terrible fate! The boss fight will go live on Sunday night, whether you're ready or not! And it will introduce a new worry for you....

Rose Side Bug
And now a word from Rolith:

After 2 weeks of hunting, I found the problem with the war meter for the rose side. We'll be fixing the counter for missing waves now.

There is a set of flags that gets set when you start a war, and because I had configured the settings for the rose side it was awarding some of the quests to the wrong counter.  I didn't notice because that counter has always existed but only been used once before.

We looked up the amount of waves that weren't counted toward the meter and added 1,398,254 to bring it up to the correct total. 

Since you guys are so close and have been fighting so diligently, even though the meter looked dismal, I'm going to give ya the (slightly more than) double xp boost for the war waves!

Tags: #geopetal