Friday, July 27, 2018

Sail the Pasgur Ocean! Azaveyr awaits!

Hey there, Heroes!

The Pasgur Ocean wast of Pelekoa is finally accessible, now that some of the volcanic activity has died down. Make your way across the ocean, avoiding Magesterium Guardships and aggressive Sea Chickens to find your way to your first steps in Azaveyr!

This week, the Pasgur Ocean is fairly bare as our cartographers chart out new and interesting locations to drop anchor and explore.

Land in Azaveyr to play this week's Book 3 Main Story quest- Culture Shock!

Find your way to civilization, if you can... and try not to make a poor first impression! Meanwhile, King Alteon has woken up- and he has some decisions to make.

Head over to Helm Harbor in Book 3 (Now available from the Book of Lore), and sail to Pelekoa to resupply, before sailing onward to the Pasgur Ocean, and the shores of Azaveyr!

The Sinnocence War will also stick around for another week, so get your Defender Medals while you can!

The July DC shop with Dracelix's amazing Unity and North weapons will be leaving next week as well, so don't miss out on those!

Have feedback about sailing? See somewhere on the map that looks like it could be interesting to explore? Love/Hate of Sea Chickens? What do you think will happen to our Hero next? Let us know on the forums and/or Twitter!

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