Friday, July 1, 2011

The Ultimate Orb

The final, dark tower lies before you, with Sepulchure's spies waiting to fight! Can you make your way the top before Sepulchure creates the Ultimate Orb? If you can't stop Sepulchure... who will?

True Mortal and Eric Greydawn have created these wicked weapons as quest rewards this week... if you can make it through!

Limited Quantity Shop
In honor of Sepulchure's final plan being put into motion, a very special scythe has been crafted as well. Only 2000 of these will be available, starting at 6 pm EST, Saturday, July 2nd! For 400 DC, you will be able to purchase the level 30 darkness scythe and, it's rumored, the Black Market Moglin has Vertebral Columns in stock that will upgrade the scythe into level 50 and level 70 versions!


Tags: #geopetal