Monday, November 4, 2013

Time to Hunt

The release is finally live!

Rolith, Verlyrus, Tomix and I worked all through the weekend to bring you the hunt for Valtrith! There's a new armor, with tons of combos to discover, new monsters, new skills for Valtrith and, last but definiately not least, a new way way to run and jump through the woods!

Rolith and Verlyrus have worked very hard to rewrite the walk engine so that your character can jump up on platforms as you move through the woods! This has gone through several iterations over the weekend in our attempt to add a platformer feel to Monstervania! The end effect is very cool and we hope you enjoy it!

Once you're set with the Forest Hunt and Storming the Castle, you'll be able to get started on the hunt for the remains of Valtrith's legions. Collect hearts from the fallen minions to get access to three new scythes and a new weapon set, as well as all eleven of the 2013 Mogloween Masks for the new badge in your Book of Lore!

The Shadow Hunter armor requires the permanent Bloody Hearts to unlock and level up, though. This is so, if you run short on time, you'll be able to level up the armor after the Mogloween Storybook leaves.

Next Week
Permanent Castle Valtrith ruins to jump around in where you can get Bloody Hearts... of DOOOOOM!

Tags: #geopetal