Friday, July 22, 2011

The World Destroyer

Rolith has been working hard on the titan fight against Drakath. You'll get to team up with Sepulchure and, hopefully, take down the wrathful win this battle though, you really will have to work together and watch how Sepulchure's attacks affect Drakath.

This titan fight will be available to all players, so get your dragon and fight! If you can defeat Drakath the Draconis Tenebras can be yours....

Forged by True Mortal!

Stoneheart Fall
The first quests in the True Mortal saga have finally arrived! Eric Greydawn, True Mortal and Tomix have all been hard at work on this. The Key represents Tomix's first foray into full-length cutscenes and Inroad is Eric's first quest offering. The Ignis Gems that drop from the random quests will eventually be merged into powerful new weapons and items through True Mortal!