Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twisted Dreamscape

Fight your way through a twisted dreamscape tomorrow in the latest Chapter 2 quest! Just whose mind are you invading? Or defending?!

Will you be able to find your way... or will the discordant dreamscapes become your nightmare?

DragonLord Keep
The new house will go live tomorrow, complete with Dragon cave! The house will have five indoor rooms you can decorate, as well as an area that DragonLords will be able to interact and choose where to travel with their dragons in! You'll be able to get this house for 1000 DC in the House Shop in Dragongrasp.


Dracelix has also crafted the DragonCrest Scythe and Ghost has made a new version of the DragonLord helm! These will appear in Reni's Bluestar Weapon Shop in Dragonsgrasp as well.

Braughlmurk Cape
The ruined Cape Town will be added to the Falconreach travel map on Friday!