Monday, July 26, 2010

Nythera Journeys into the Underworld!

Yes yes, my loyal lab assistants in training! It is I, Lim, filling in for Alina on this fine Monday afternoon to bring you design notes. But don't worry about her; she's perfectly fine! Alina is merely preoccupied with one of the many super-top-secret projects that we have floating around the Underground Lab at any given time. So without further ado...


Void Magics, and the Mages that Wield Them!

Last week, we saw the fickle and ferocious Nythera go head-to-dripping mandible against a Decadere youngling. Quite the spectacle! Teeth gnashed, a spiked tail clashed, but ultimately the dragonmage proved too much for the grotesque little monster. Nythera then proceeded to…

… absorb the Decadere’s essence into herself?! What dire repercussions could this rash action hold?!

Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Nythera may have absorbed the power of the Void, but she is not yet fully aware of how to use it. This week, her journey to harness this new source of power will take her into the very Underworld itself, where she must seek out an ancestors who was once able to control the unbridled chaos of Void magic!

I hypothesize that we will see an epic (and potentially destructive) family reunion this Friday!


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