Tuesday, July 2, 2013

War Challenge!

Unfortunately, the War Challenge for Monday was not met so we need a new one! And this challenge is going to require you to fight like you've never fought before! We're juuuuust over halfway done and the release for this week is the boss fight, which means you need to win both sides by Sunday and things are NOT looking good for the clawkin....

So, your challenge is thus:

There must be at least 4,500,000 completed by Saturday at noon (you're at 3,156,489 at this writing) to get access to the Dragon's Eye items Cronix created.

I am also putting forth a secondary challenge: If you can get the Rose meter to 75% before I leave the Underground Lab on Friday*, I'll double the xp rewarded from all the war waves.

The end of the war will be Sunday midnight... whether you're ready or not!

Artix Entertainment Contest!
It's time for an all game contest challenge too! The Bad Guys and Good Battles Contest has been announced on! Head over and represent for DragonFable!

Dracelix has a Question!
"What classic Dragonfable monster do you think would benefit most from a revamp/redesign?"

*No specific time! You'll just have to hope I stay busy!

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