Monday, August 22, 2011

What's Next?

Only one quest remains in the Chapter One Finale arc. It's do or die time in Falconreach. With Cysero's help, we have our Deus Ex Baconia and it's time to face the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich. Will the power of breakfast be enough to defeat the darkness? Or will Lore be overcome....

What's Next?
The first few weeks after the final finale feature* will be dedicated to bug fixing. Several of us in the Underground Lab will be making brand new characters and playing through the game several sections at a time and fixing, buffing, nerfing (oh noes!) as we go. We'll have tagged threads on the forums as we play through. You guys are more then welcome to make new characters and join us too!

One of the big things we are considering is finally level tiering the main Orb sagas (it is a hotly debated topic in office though, so it's not definite). It would help to streamline the saga and finally give an actual "order" to go through them, even though there technically isn't one. Chapter Two would still be scaled though, so that new players and old would be able to play through all the new stuff that's coming. What do you guys think?

So What's After The Bug Fixing?
An interesting addition has been made to the character selection screen.... Wonder what's gonna go there?**

* Sorry.
** Runs!

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