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Friday, February 22, 2019

Bandit Bounties and Haircuts!

Hey there, heroes!

This week, a new quest has appeared on the Odd Jobs board in the Serene Inn in Book 3 Falconreach, and Cana the Barberian has awesome new hairstyles for Dragon Amulet holders!

The Book 3 version of the Bandit Bounties quest is now available! Head into the ancient ruins of the Demnian Labyrinth, on the southern border of Greenguard. There, a community of bandits has taken hold, and it's up to you to eliminate their leaders.

These foes will award you with anywhere from 150 to 2000 extra gold (as well as some bonus experience for defeating them)- but be warned, the bandit leaders aren't leaders for no reason, and may prove challenging for inexperienced heroes!

However, succeeding in your quest will reward you with tokens, sellable for extra gold, as well as a 20% chance to earn a Defender Medal!

For Dragon Amulet holders, Cana the Barberian in the Inn at the Edge of Time has a variety of awesome new hairstyles for you to try out!

New styles include Epoch styles, villains, and other npcs!

Next week, get ready for a new kind of Arena challenge- the beginning of something grand!

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