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Friday, January 19, 2024

Book 3: Convergence - At Fissure's Edge

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we return to the Fissure to continue Book 3's main story!

With The Rose encampment's defenses breached, the strike force of Amadeus, Alteon, and yourself must fight your way through in pursuit of Jaania and Akanthus.

But Jaania's most loyal followers bar your path...

Head over to Outpost Yeden to continue Book 3: Convergence with At Fissure's Edge!

Also this week, we have some Paladin adjustments!

Paladin is in a fairly strong place overall, and a bit overtuned compared to where we wanted it to be. As a result, Paladin's incredible sustainability is being reduced quite significantly. You may find yourself needing to use a potion or two if you make a few mistakes now! Seal effectiveness has been increased to reward good planning, however.

  • Prismatic Strike no longer reduces foe's Boost.
  • Radiant Armaments Bonus scaling reduced to 30/45/60, down from 60/90/120. (Other numbers unchanged)
  • Solemn Vow
    • Solemn Vow of Justice (>50%), no longer increases END.
    • Solemn Vow of Protection and the <25% heal have had their END scaling halved to (40 + 20R) END from +(80 + 40R) END.
  • Seal of Courage Boost scaling increased to -40 base, up from -30, with an additional +20R on the foe, up from +15R.
  • Seal of Celerity now additionally reduces Defenses (B/P/D) on self and foe.
  • Seal of Salvation Health resist scaling increased to +50 Health, up from +40, with an additional +25R on the foe, up from +20R.
  • Seal of Salvation MP cost increased to 200, up from 100.
  • Fixed a bug where Seal of Salvation would not properly update Inner Light's heal until the next turn.

As always, we'll see how things end up and make adjustments as needed!

Also, fixed a bug where Cysero's Hybrid Staff's on-demand special was not properly capped.

And that's all for this week!

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